1.  László Moholy-Nagy. 'Am 7 (26)', 1926
  2. Detail of Half Lune Mobile by L&G
  3. Wire mesh & shadows piece by Ashley Helvey captured by L&G
  4. Architectural detail of Philip Johnson Glass House Library, New Canaan, CT captured by L&G
  5. László Moholy-Nagy, Untitled (Photogram), 1923-1925
  6. Detail of Point-Counter Point Mobile (A) by L&G
  7. Detail of Full Lune Mobile by L&G
  8. László Moholy-Nagy, Negative/Positive Photogram Pair, 1926
  9. Architectural detail of MARCO Museum designed by Ricoardo Legoretta in Monterrey, MX, captured  by L&G