SHAKER WOVEN STOOLS For Furnishing Utopia 

Inspired by the playful multi-color patterns on Shaker chair seats, our stool seeks to celebrate the inherent beauty of this basic technique by isolating it as a central design element.  By extending the pattern to adjacent faces, new color combinations emerged as a welcomed by-product that enhanced the effect of the pattern and colors.

This piece was designed for the Furnishing Utopia project, a week long workshop at Hancock Shaker Museum challenging 13 international design studios to conceive new works inspired by the American Shaker philosophy.  


Materials -  Red Oak, cotton webbing, 

Dimensions - 

Large: 12.5”W X 18.5” L X 16”H
Small: 8.5” W X 12.5” L X 10”

Leadtime -  10-12 weeks                                                                Price - from $650