One Thing Clock is a conceptual clock designed for Furnishing Utopia. Inspired by the Shakers' philosophy & values on time and the idea of how to use time well. Shakers always viewed the through the lens of a single higher calling. To them, the more time spent working and worshipping, the closer they got to their goal of closeness to their God. This focus brought a great degree of clarity and purpose to the notion of time.
In contemporary times, our relationship with time is far more convoluted. Time is treated as a precious commodity while our attention towards it is ever more divided, unfocused, and contemptuous. All too often we find ourselves never finding time to do things important or meaningful to us - things that feed our souls, help others, simply feel more fulfilled.

The One Thing Clock seeks to subtly reframe how time is measured and perceived. Drawing on simplified references to traditional Shaker clock forms, an added diffused glass panel slightly ghosts the image of the clock face. A small, repositionable cut-out provides a clear window to a one hour/ ten minute period. This invites people to take that period to do the one thing that's most important to them personally. The open shelf space below provides a surface to store something reminiscent of that one thing - a book, a pen, or an object - acting as a functional shrine to the important task to be done.

Materials -  Whitened red oak, Glass, clock parts

Dimensions - 10"w x 26"h x 5"d