Upon discovering the simple, elegant tin kitchen tools at Hancock Shaker Village, Jean Lee of L&G found immediate parallels with the everyday utensils she grew up with in Taiwan. The objects from each culture show a remarkably straightforward approach to function, material, and process...elegantly employing the structure created by folding materials in deliberate ways to create a beautifully utilitarian object.

Fold Utensils are handmade from a simple sheet of metal creased at the handle, which can double as a funnel if turned the other way. The utensils can also easily nest amongst themselves for easy storage. The simple forms are optimized for sheet cutting with little waste and can be proportioned endlessly to create tools for various uses from desert spoons to dust pans.

Materials -  Brass, Copper, Aluminum 

Dimensions - 3"W x 11"L x 0.75"H  / Small utensils: 1"W x 4"L x 0.5"