"design is our creative platform to express our PLAYFUL exploratory spirit as it's very much part of WHO WE ARE , what we do, and how we experience the world."


Photos by Robin Stein

Our studio is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn in a quaint industrial neighborhood with a thriving creative design community. Our motto is to always stay curious and never stop exploring. Our ever-evolving approach allows us to continuously further expand our experiences and visions beyond the horizon to diverse creative avenues and design disciplines. 



This is where we collect and create visual stories from things that captivates us. We often frame things in new a way to create unexpected compositions by focusing on colors, patterns, and textures abstracting from nature,  architectures, our surroundings, process and beyond. 

We value the process of collaboration and making meaningful relationships with people we find inspiring. We collaborate with artists, designers & businesses of mixed disciplines as another way to further push ourselves to learn something new and work together to celebrating each other's work.

We believe that there's more to design than the products themselves. When we get the opportunity, we like to  do special projects / events / shows / special editions to inspire us and apply our sensibility into other creative realms.