Brand Stewardship:

We believe in working with partners to reshape corporate values to focus more intentionally on community, purpose, and collaboration through design. By helping clients give tangibility to their driving principles, we provide conduit to elements essential to a brand’s core:

  • Exploration and expression of core company values (internal and external)

  • Celebration of brand heritage

  • brand’s storytelling and product direction.

  • Honest, impactful community engagement

  • Cross-promotional tie-ins with cultural institutions, brands, and public

  • Reduction of cost and waste by integrating marketing activities with product direction, and community engagement

L&G Vision:

We strive to create a dynamic interplay between value-driven companies, cultural institutions, and creative thinkers. By curating dynamic collaborative projects that involve a curated interchange between these disiplines, we believe that we can create results that are more meaningful and impactful uses of marketing and product development funds. In turn, we aspire to create connections that encourage the broader public to be more aware of the role of design and its ability to enable product that responsibly enrich life.


  • Spatial Design and installation

  • Events

  • Creative Direction

  • Cross-platform marketing

  • Product design

  • Research and development

  • Heritage marketing

Corporate Clients:

  • Muji

  • Herman Miller

  • Design Within Reach

  • Google

  • Sonos

  • Roll & Hill

  • Henrybuilt

  • SP01

  • Mud Australia

  • Dims

Institutional Clients:

  • Hancock Shaker Village

  • Norwegian Consulate

  • Finnish Cultural Council

  • Cooper Hewitt