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Building Blocks to Die For

As you may know... I have a thing for Blocs, wood and leather.... when I saw these amazing bags from Building Block I could barely keep my compsure looking at everything this power sister team design & makes.  They would be the one reason that I'll end ever up become a crazy purse lady!

I want them all.....

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Homestead on Anthology

Thanks to our awesome friend Charlie (of OBJECT) our Homestead candlesticks got a nice little feature in the recent issue of Anthology!

anthology spring2012_1.JPG

It was a nice surprise since I got the issue literally the DAY after we had our photoshoot of our place for Anthology!! Our place is scheduled to be featured in the coming Fall issue!

anthology spring2012_2.JPG
anthology spring2012_3.JPG

I love how poetic Charlie makes them sound. :D



Home Sweet Homestead

Instroducing a new L&G item...Homestead Candlesticks!

We've heard that there's no place like home and got to thinking...does that apply to candles as well as people? Assuming this it does, we've created these sweet wood house-shaped candlesticks out of solid Hemlock and Copper tubing.

This is a combination of our love for wooden blocks, iconic houses, and copper!!

These Homstead candlesticks stems from some of the elements & pallet we're using for our kitchen re-design project (see below post). Even the shape of the candlessticks partially reflects the silhouette of our duplex as well!

 Presented as a set of two, these Homestead Candlesticks add the right mix of homey charm and modern simplicity. Available  HERE!




New L&G Item: Rise Over Run Stool

Our newest item, Rise Over Run hanging step stool we recently debut at the IDSwest show in Vancouver!

The idea to make this item came from the need that I (Jean) couldn't reach all the high and tall places...especially in our new kitchen with a floor-to-ceiling-pantry unit!...ooh la la! SO much storage!

And me being a storage maniac that I am, trying to reach to all the empty places to store things made me feel like a crazy 5 year old doing some risky business just to get to a cookie jar...and we all know how that usually ends...broken cookie jars, broken bones...or worst..a broken heart...

So to prevent me from pulling off some silly stunts just to reach the places I need, we came up with Rise Over Run!

This was inspired by the basic construction and elements of stairs in a home. We broke it down and turned it into a mini 3-step folding stool to then be transformed from the functional piece into an elemental abstract shape which can be displayed on the wall.

So the story ends with Jean being able to reach all the high places she needs to, no breaking anything, and a piece that we can appreciate on our wall.  Hurray!

And check THIS quick fun thing I did... BOOM. gif power!

My very first attempt at making a gif animation... oh boy! This is totally SO mundane that it's making some sort of ironic statement?

NO? not convinced?....ok. yeah, me neither...

Just wanted an excuse to make a quick amateur gif clip!

In any case, Rise Over Run will be available online soon! We promise!



Block Party


I know I really should be banned from going to anymore estate sales...and you can see why! I somehow came back with a whole box of these vintage building blocks with amazing colors & shapes. 

Why did I get them?...I say, more like why NOT?! 

Wooden blocks is probably one of my favorite things in the world. 

It's simple, versatile,  and just an amazing medium that allows anyone at any age to tap into their creative process.

Even now as an adult playing with the blocks, I find that they're extremely useful for our design process where we can play with it to quickly create mini models,  explore forms, structures, and compositions. 

It's just amazing how entertaining they are for the fact that they're just bunch of pieces of wood...yes, I'm very easily entertained.


Although, I have yet come up with an idea on what to make with them...

Something will come of this I'm sure...but until then I'm just gonna have a party playing with these building blocks!



Wooden Automatons

Check out these amazing handmade automatons by by Japanese artist, Kazu Harada. Besides the fact that each one looks beautifully on its own, the mechanism & the action makes them even more wonderfully magical. I can play with these all day and never get tired it. Especially this Duck one!!
Also I love the sound of this Matryoshka.
How does this work?? It's KIIIIILING me!!
Hope you have a happy & unproductive weekend watching all of Kazu's videos!



L&G presents: Cane & Able

We're debuting Cane & Able at a satellite exhibit, USE ME, in conjunction with ICFF.
A simple whitened pine stool truncated by a vintage cane. A multi-purpose supportive, mobile, and hangable stool. While they typically act as a person's 3rd leg, its now acting as the 4th leg...or even 6th leg if you decide to use to take it out for a walk.

Two of em hanging out...
Detail of dowel leg construction:
Visit Cane & Able in person during ICFF week at the American Design Club's USE ME show.



Drooling Over These Wood Bowls by Mute

Drooling over this whole line of wooden bowls & containers by Mute from Japan....
God! I wish people in Japan would start making some ugly lame stuff one of these days... If only god would grant me a wish...that's totally what I'd wish for....
For once I like to see things aren't as beautiful and lovely as these...
I just love the simple form and how they celebrate the wood material so well and with a little playful touch with the bold red color makes it that much more special!via Roger Allen



Spectacular Spectacles

Holly mother....I'm in dire need for a pair of frames...and I think I just found my dream glasses.
These gorgeous wooden frames are handcrafted by a Dutch company, Herrlicht, and each of these babies only cost about $1000....
There's no way that I can just get one pair...Its ALL or NOTHING!! That's just how I's really not because I can't afford it or something silly like that. That's just crazy talk...

via seesaw