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L&G Interview on Sight Unseen

We're so thrilled to be on Sight Unseen's UP & COMING column!! SU is hands down one of our fav design blogs! Bith Jill & Monica has such a keen eye in spotting the current & upcoing trends whether it be art, craft or design.  

For the column, Monica asked us quite a few hard hitting questions about L&G over the phone and patiently listened to us as Dylan & I struggled to sound like we know what we're doing. This is probably one of the most in-depth interviews we've done thus far and we learned more about oursevels more than ever! 

We shared all sorts of things about ourselves such as how we met & started, where we find our inspirations, who our design hero is, things we created as a kid, things we have around our house, and how somtimes people think we're an escort service....which in all honesty, we probably would be financially better off if we had taken that route. :P

We're so happy that we've came this far to be on Sight Unseen!

Also here are some photo outtake:

Our design hero, Enzo Mari. 

Inspirational findings whenever we go on nature walks.

Our collection of vintage houseware on our kitchen shelves.

Our collection of thrifted glass jars we've collected over the years.


Jean's collection of random office supplies in the office.


Some of our best thrifted finds in our living room: Knoll couch, Hans Wagner rocking chairs, unknown vintage woven rugs, and the jade plant.

Thanks Jill & Monica! XOXO  



Almost Finishing Touches



Finally! We're at the fun part of the kitchen process where we get to start accessorizing!

We gathered some existing thing we had, along with some material & color samples to compose this pallet.

One of the main element we're most excited about is the idea to integrate copper as an accent color & material which we felt would add the prefect amount of warmth to the overall feel.

We initially had these aluminum knobs...which are fine....but something about it just didn't feel very interesting...or special...


We wanted to use vintage knobs and ended up finding these simple standard 50's copper knobs from Second Use to go with our oak and whitened europly cabinet fronts. It's one of those things where we weren't totally sure if it was going to make everything look too dated or out of place....

But once we put them on, the whole kitchen instantly was totally the perfect thing that we we're looking for and everything felt 100 times more special and complete! Who would have thought that something as small as cabinet knobs can make such a big difference!

Here's the special nook for our collection of found glass jars with cork tops we've been collecting (I actually more than what's in the photos). I love how the onions even goes with the whole pallet!

I was especially happy to have found couple of these simple copper light sockets to hang above our island area! I was actually debating on whether to splurge on these brass ones from Restoration Hardware for almost $100 each for a simple light socket!! Good thing we waited, did more research, and ended up finding these similar ones from Grandbrass for only 1/10th of the price! I should take that extra cash I saved and buy some bottles of champagne to celebrate this triumphant score!

...we're getting SO close to the finishing line I can smell it! I'm picturing all our friends & family awaits for us at the end with warm towels &'s gonna be amazing.....




Block Party


I know I really should be banned from going to anymore estate sales...and you can see why! I somehow came back with a whole box of these vintage building blocks with amazing colors & shapes. 

Why did I get them?...I say, more like why NOT?! 

Wooden blocks is probably one of my favorite things in the world. 

It's simple, versatile,  and just an amazing medium that allows anyone at any age to tap into their creative process.

Even now as an adult playing with the blocks, I find that they're extremely useful for our design process where we can play with it to quickly create mini models,  explore forms, structures, and compositions. 

It's just amazing how entertaining they are for the fact that they're just bunch of pieces of wood...yes, I'm very easily entertained.


Although, I have yet come up with an idea on what to make with them...

Something will come of this I'm sure...but until then I'm just gonna have a party playing with these building blocks!



Back to the Land Homes (part two)


The much anticipated part two of my Back to the Land House post! The hardest part is not including every image of every interior of the book, but these are my top picks. These and more on Flickr.

Imagine a studio like this!

Or one of the many glorious geodesics.

Some inspiration for our kitchen!

I love the Japanese feeling of this space combined with the massive string art (the text caption is from the book...the way the whole thing is written...not sure what they're talking about most of the time)

These have me dreaming of an Adobe shack...

Circular windows!



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Back to the Land Homes (part one)

In the late seventies after a failed attempt to live out of a VW microbus, my Dad had the bright, romantic idea to drop the nomad lifestyle, move to the country, and live off the land. So he did the only sensible thing a twenty-something in that time period could think of, he bought a lone chicken coop on a couple of acres and decided to make it his home. So began years of trials and tribulations that are a prominent part of my family's folklore: a lost cow, brush fires, a roof-climbing goat named Jemima and the transformation of that chicken coop into a modest passive solar home worthy of his back to the land dream.

Like many similar utopian visions of that time, the romance inevitably wore off, practicality set in and we became city dwellers once again, but my Dad still shakes his head and says "I'm so glad I did that." I can't help but feel the same nostalgic romantic feeling from time to time myself. Should we drop everything and head for simple country life?? Could we cut it out in rural life? Scratch that. We'd probably go crazy, but it's fun to think about the possibilities.

While I try to dig up the few photos that were taken of my Dad's own chicken coop transformation, I thought I would share three amazing books that inspired him to take that plunge (and has got me thinking rustic myself). All Their Own, The Craftsman Builder, and Woodstock Handmade Houses

Below are some pic excerpts of some of the exteriors. Interiors (my fav) in part deux.

More scans on Flickr.

I'm just blown away by the creativity, thoughtfulness and resourcefulness that went into these homes. They were built over time and evolved organically with limited resources, but ultimate's authentic rustic charm...not the kind you read about in real estate's genuine character. Geodesic dome on top of a cedar-shaked double-wide character!

(abv) Love the gesture of this structure's roof was actually architect designed and built as his personal hippie home.

The above is built partially into the ground for heating/cooling. The slanted roof runs to the ground to head off the north winds another passive solar feature and one my Dad used on the chicken coop to ward off the Michigan winter winds.

Not exactly sure what's happening here, but I think this is his artist studio/workshop. I could definitely work there!

Sweet treehouse! Me want! The triangular window collage is such a cool feature. Not sure if that staircase is code...

Ok check out Flickr and stay tuned for Part Two.

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Sneak Peak of L&G SPRING SALE

More pics of our Spring Vintage Sale this weekend!!

We really letting go....

See? No joke.

But just to warn you, you might see us cry or fight you a bit on handing certain things over...but we promise we won't make a scene out of it...We'll try to stay strong...

SEE event details here and see more of what we gots here....But really, You need to just come HERE!

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L&G Spring Vintage Sale this WKND!

Hey there Seattle area readers. Scoot your butts over to Ballard this weekend for our first ever L&G Studio Vintage Sale.

May 21st-22nd. At the L&G studio/homestead at 2430 NW 62nd st, Seattle

Our addiction to raiding thrift stores and estate sales has gotten the best of us and before we end up on the show "Hoarding: Buried Alive" we thought we'd do some much overdue spring purging.

Our wonderful assortment includes (see more pics):

  • Classic design brands (Dansk, Hornsea, Braun, Catherine Holm, Alessi, Stelton)
  • Antique Curiosities (globes, housewares, tchotchkes, handmade ceramics)
  • Obsolete technology (typewriters, reel to reel decks, film cameras)
  • Vintage design, craft, and kids books
  • L&G original seconds, samples, and one-offs

MAY 21st, SATURDAY: Come for the choice finds! MAY 22nd, SUNDAY: get 50% off (items will be discounted all day)!



It will be hard to see the treasures we fought so hard to find leave our hands, but we know they'll be going to appreciative new homes and that just makes us feel so warm and cozy.

Excited to see you there!





L&G presents: Cane & Able

We're debuting Cane & Able at a satellite exhibit, USE ME, in conjunction with ICFF.
A simple whitened pine stool truncated by a vintage cane. A multi-purpose supportive, mobile, and hangable stool. While they typically act as a person's 3rd leg, its now acting as the 4th leg...or even 6th leg if you decide to use to take it out for a walk.

Two of em hanging out...
Detail of dowel leg construction:
Visit Cane & Able in person during ICFF week at the American Design Club's USE ME show.



Dream Closet

MUST check out this inspiring closet visit of Momoko Suzuki's space, wardrobe, and her stylish sensibility.
I first saw some pieces from her brand Black Crane at Mohawk General Store (my new fav shop in LA) and wished I had splurged on one of her beautiful Japanese dyed shirts. (below)...but mostly, I wish I can just have all her clothes..and everything she owns....



Japan blips

We're filling up our camera and memory banks of incredible experiences here in Japan! So much to blog, such limited internet access!

Just to assuage any readers' fears...we're safe and sound after experiencing the biggest earthquake in modern Japanese history. We were so lucky to be in Ichikawa at the Minatos' shop Depot/Lovelife. Just before the quake, we had just finished eating the most amazing Ramen ever and were in a ceramic workshop at Depot (more pics on that later). We felt the quake and our first instincts were to save all the poor beautiful shaking ceramics on the shelves, so we were frantically bracing everything. Maybe not the smartest tactical decision for our personal safety, but we can proudly say we're still alive along with all but one of the ceramic pieces in their shop! We've been saddened and shocked by all the devastation that took place just north of us and continue to hope for a quick, nuclear-meltdown-free recovery. We feel so lucky to be in a safe spot.

So, here are some visual "teasers" of some Japan posts to come! We are continuing our trip and will be heading south to Kyoto and Okayama tomorrow for the week. Hope to fill you all in soon.

Beautiful mossy wall in Tokyo

Stacked chairs at Aika and Yume Minato's school. We got to visit and had a wonderful Q&A sesh with 2nd and 4th graders.

A basket of wooden lids at a used restaurant supply store (SO COOL!)

Every wonder why you can't find Red Wings or other cool vintage brands in US thrift stores? They send them all here to this giant vintage reseller...aisles and aisles of classic American and Japanese brands for lower than new, but still high prices.

Sakura Mochi and tea...the first thing we had right after we landed...

"Stations are city gateways. Never an ashtray." and other subway warnings.

In case you were wondering where to stand at the's right here.



Japan Sight / Taste / Find: 3/9

Day 4: Full day of visual stimulation

SIGHT: Seiya & Mami's took us to visit their kids, Aika & Yume's, elementary school to talk about the difference of school & lifestyle between the States & Japan.

Dinner at the Minatos and hand 手巻き寿司 Temakizushi with super delicious & fresh fish of all sorts.

A used restaurant supply store filled with fun things of all sorts that made us want to open a restaurant just for the fun of it.




I'm enthralled by these photos by Todd McLellan of various things taken apart. Now I feel tempted to start taking apart random things around the house.
Don't think that's a good idea, since most likely I won't be able to put them back together.
Via Anthology


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No rest for the Wary

I know some of these images and Wary Meyer's work has already made it's way around the blogosphere, but I just have to do a bit of reiterating here.

I love the way their spaces feel like the interiors of all the great '70s interior design books - an inspiration of theirs - the warmth, the patterns and textures, the mix-match of styles, old with new, etc. Just when we're starting to reach for the white paint threatening to turn our living room into a clean austere shrine of scandavian influence...Wary's got me thinkin' what if we did a 360 and busted out some wallpaper and pop art prints and went all Rhoda Morgenstein up in the joint?

I'm not really sure if we have the interior decor cojones to do either full-on, but it sure is reassuring that we can be inspired by either. We'll meet somewhere in the soon as we can figure out how to not make the living room our shipping room.

Check out Wary's blog too to see a sampling of the stuff they find inspiring (they're also one hell of a thrifty duo).

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L&G Sneak Preview for UCU!

L&G is gearing up for this weekend's UCU show. We're totally excited (and delirious from lack of sleep) since this will be our first time showing all our own things. We've been having fun figuring out our displays and and playing shop!

Besides our staple Chalk Piggy Bank & Superior Servers, we're also preparing lots of other exciting things! Some vintage finds, some holiday goods, and one-offs that we'll all be debuting this weekend!
We're taking this opportunity to try new things by making limited runs and see how they go!

Here are some photos of what we'll have

We're playing around with some small slip cast things....
like these ceramic gems...and these salt & pepper creature paws.
Vintage MINI Superior Servers....which is pretty much regular flatware...calling it mini just sounds cuter.

Vintage repurposed Daily Affirmation Mirrors.
And remember this?? I did a guest post on Poppytalk back in 2008. Besides this "Booh-Yah!" doilie, there will be other ones, too!
Vintage wallpaper ornaments & gift tags on wood.
Phew!! Didn't expect the list to be this long!!
I think that's it?.....oh how can I forget....there will be some treats, too at our booth if you come by!!



L&G at Seattle UCU show this Dec 4/5th

Along with R&L goods, L&G will be at the winter Urban Craft Uprising show in Seattle this weekend!

This will be L&G's first show where we'll get to display all our goods!! And boy are we excited about all the new one-off items we'll have! Like our Daily Affirmation vintage mirrors!!

Date: Dec. 4-5th, Saturday/Sunday
Time: 11am-5pm
Location: Seattle Exhibition hall

Please go to this post and leave a comment for a L&G givaway of this 7" x 7" "You Can Do This" Daily Affirmation mirrors!
Hope to see some of you there!

More sneaky peaks tomorrow!



L&G Printe Materials for NYIGF

Finally got to whip out my original Gocco printer since when I first got it at the age of 8! It was one of things where I lugged all the way from Taiwan and to all the places I ever lived but can only remember using it a handful of times....if that many.

But I wanted to make original L&G cards made out of vintage fliers, and what better way to do this than with the Gocco printer!!I want my future family to look like this....
And here's our product line sheet packet to hand out at the gift fair.
I even bribed some friends with food & wine to help with the assembling them....thanks Lauren, Nathan, Christine & Nick!! I'm lucky to have friends who are always game for all the "work" parties that I host! :D



Magical Sommer

I've been a fan of Meghann Sommer's work ( of Etcetera Jewelry ) since I first saw her work from last winter's Design Shoppe event. I totally kicked myself for not getting anything from her!
So it's about damn time that I get some of her wonderfully, well-composed, one-of-a-kind pieces!
Luckily we live in the same city where we can run into each other and then arrange a meet up for me to check out all her stuff in person. I'd like to think that it was a sign from some higher being telling me that I MUST get something from her by making me run into her...

I love how Meghann's sensibility and aesthetic where uses such a wonderful mix of semi-precious stones, crystals, geometric metal parts, and vintage finds such as old watch bands, monocles, and even a bird's leg! (hands down my all time favorite!!)She puts everything together in such an expected way turning everything into such unique, mystical & magical jewelry pieces.If I can have it my way, I'd take all and everything that she makes......
But I decided to get this lovely necklace composed of mix matched chains, hex stone, vintage rings, & links...
....and this awesome crystal bracelet with old metal watch bands. Check out her shop, here!



L&G Vintage Postcards

Despite the fact that the products we're planning on showing at the NYIGF aren't even fully flushed out yet, I've decided to jump ahead anyways designing our handouts & postcards. Even though there are other WAY more higher priority things that I should be doing...But I just can't help I need my instant gratification with small projects like this to feel more accomplished....

These are just some iterations....I'd like to silkscreen or Gocoo print over all these one of a kind vintage postcards.  I just love the quality of how they feel, look, and....oh how I even love the slight dusty old basement smell!  I know spending time to print them individually for these postcards isn't the best solution in terms of saving time or money. But it's more satisfying this way to make something fun (at least for now!), plus it's all the small details that counts, right?

It's especially funny since I recently read this post from Chelsea of plainMADE doing the same thing where she's also printing her own postcards (they're beautiful though!)....and the idea of "impractical" labor.

I like that I'm not the only one being "impractical" and "ineffecient" :D

But really, there's no right or wrong about how to go about things like this. I think if ultimately someone grabs one of our postcards and feel the NEED to keep it because it feels more special, then all the work & time is well worth it!

I like the idea that whoever takes it will want to keep it for whatever reason and put our card on their fridge or inspirations board...or even if someone is moving and is going through their things that they'll look at our card and decides to put it in the keep pile amongst other valuable & inspirational photos/cards/letters and takes it with them.

Wouldn't that be nice?....I think so.



Trailer Trash Revival

With Seattle's moody PMS weather these days, it's making me wanna take off on a road trip and go somewhere where you see bright blue skies and the sun...even if I have to go Texas for it....
Now that we're on the topic of Texas (which never happens)..... I'd just have to share this great-looking trailer camp site in Marfa, TX, called El Cosmico. The owners refurbished all these vintage trailers to its original condition with few updated details.
Staying in a mobile home has never looked this good.
Great mid-century style interiors where it still seems authentic to what it used to be.
I'd love to stay in these adorable tepee as well!That bed is calling for me....
I'd love to stay in every one of them if I could...

But apparently there IS something similar in Washington!
Our friend told us about a similar place called Sou'Wester Lodge in Seaview, WA (I've never heard of this place!) ..although not nearly as polished or glamorous as El Cosmico, this place seems to have more of a charming-quirky-bohemian-hippy-vibe to it.
The owners started collecting vintage mobile homes and decided to turn it into a lodge (read their story)....or as they like to call it a B&(MYOD)B as in ‘Bed and Make Your Own Damn Breakfast!!’
Ho ho gotta love them hippies and their tirades! 
What a great mash of all the awesomeness from all the different got the 50s wood paneled walls, 60's floral curtains, 70's landscape curtain, 80's pastel couch & chair, and 90's paisley patterned carpet....all harmoniously integrated into one room...just incredible.
Besides collecting mobile homes, they also collects these creepy Cabbage Patch Dolls.....Luckily this collection isn't in any of the trailers or rooms...but you might want to check under the bed...

Photos by Lyndsay Taryn