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Natural Refrigerator

Korean Designer, Jihyun Ryou redesigned this beautiful refrigeration system based on historical methods of keeping fruits & vegetables fresh just like the good ol' days...

 Check out the video below of her explaining the concept and how it works...:



Wild Things


We went to a really fun opening for Stacy Rozich's show at Flatcolor Gallery yesterday.

All her colorful and intricate water-colored prints are filled with humorous and rich narratives of the strangest-looking folklore creatures doing random things and acting like ironic hipsters....standing around nonchalant....smoking, drinking Rainer, playing music, cards, or causing some sort of mischief.



They look wild and crazy and all the while incredibly endearing at the same time....each carrying their own personality.

I couldn't help but to create mini conversations (with different voices and all) in my head as I looked at every print.......

Rabbit guy: " I'm a little worried....I think fluffy is not feeling very well...."

Pipe guy: (playing music) " what?... you said something?"

Rabbit guy: "oh...nothing, I mean....I was just trying to say that fluffy looks a little looks like she's loosing a lot of weight...."

Pipe guy: (inhale pipe and puff out smoke) "uh...hmmm...its probably the dogs stealing her food or whatever"  

Rabbit guy: "ohmygawd...really??  you think they'd do that?!"

Pipe guy: "uh, yeah. they're dogs....they'd eat anything."  (resume to playing his music)

Dogs: "grrrr...."


Tree guy: "gawd....why da hell did you make me steal this tree from your neighbor's yard?"

Gun guy: "cuz she always up in my biznezz and wouldn't shut up about everything I do"

Tree guy: " you steal her tree?...what's the point exactly?"

Gun guy: "I don't know...just so she'll learn to not F with...wait a minute....I didn't kidnap you so you can ask me all these damn questions!" (spit)

Tree guy: "all right...fine."

Bug: (in little voice) "heeey!! get back here! You guys have no rights to move the tree, I was living under there! It says here on my lease that I have every right to sue you guys! I'm a bug lawyer and I can get you guys thrown in jail!!...uh....guys..did you hear what i say!!"

Birds: "KAAAAH!"


Big guy: "WOOOO!!!!   NO HANDS MOTHERF*#%ER!!" 

Little green guys: (with tiny high voices from left to right) 

"heeeeeell yeeeeah...rager paarrrtaaaay!!"

"ah maaaan...think i'm out of beer..."


"damn it! give me back my cigarette!! stop hogging it!!"

"what, you mean this? what? you want it or something?? I thought you said you're quitting? really shouldn't smoke, you know...especially if you want kids and all"

"damn it, shut up, and just give me the damn cigarette!"

___________(The End)______________ a little carried a way....maybe I'm crazier than all those creatures combined...

anyways...moving on....

MUST SEE this amazing stop-motion illustrated by her for Fleet Fox that totally made my heart stop... I even teared up a bit at the end.

It's insanely beautiful and magical.... it's almost like the song and the animation were made for each other.



Golden Beats

All this awesome goldness in the air gots me thinking about how we'll need some party beats like a little Santigold....

A little Goldfrapp...

and a little Kanye's Gold Digger....
AND of course.....The Golden Girls!!
NOW LET'S PAR-TAY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Happy 2012!

This is what I want for 2012!!
Integrate this early century dance routine as a workout 3 times a week and of course, integrate more magic in general.
Uh...hell YAH I believe in MAGIC! Why would you even ask such a silly question?

Happy New Year!





Anthology Winter Gift Guide



Anthology's winter gift guide is available online

It's a beautiful compilation of all the wonderful festive parts of the holidays.


Our special holiday server set is in there, so look for them and get a special discount!


Also this recipe video of making mulled cider by Tiger in  Jar is absolutely lovely and is totally making me even more excited about the holidays! And if you like it spiked, I recommend adding honey whiskey or bourbon!


Anthology 2011 Winter Gift Guide Preview from Anthology Magazine on Vimeo.



T Time

A more epic time than your typical tea time...

Santigold and Spankrock....having hella of a good time in Alexander Wang's  T collection. Dang.



It's a Small Big World

Nothing gets me more than seeing tiny miniature this video filmed in real life but they made it like a living diorama!

This totally reminds me of the time when Dylan & I went to the Victoria Island's Miniature World museum after Chika totally raved about it. We were probably the only people there but it was probably one of the the most unexpectedly enchanting place I've been. I think I spent more time in there than in the Louvre! Hard to believe... but true...

Here's a little clip to see what the Miniature museum is all about!

Just the music tickles my heart! :)



Procesessing Max Lamb's Process



I'd like to do go to the beach and do something fun like what Max Lamb did....making this pewter stool right on the beach!








This one makes me nervous just watching it...the gigantic blade cutting a piece of lime stone and them running around it...





Blooming Origami

A simple concept of cutting and folding some paper....but when carefully placed on the water....the result is more than mesmerizing & simply beautiful to watch. Here's the video showing an array of shapes made by the artist, Etienne Cliquet:

Via Colossal



Wooden Automatons

Check out these amazing handmade automatons by by Japanese artist, Kazu Harada. Besides the fact that each one looks beautifully on its own, the mechanism & the action makes them even more wonderfully magical. I can play with these all day and never get tired it. Especially this Duck one!!
Also I love the sound of this Matryoshka.
How does this work?? It's KIIIIILING me!!
Hope you have a happy & unproductive weekend watching all of Kazu's videos!



A Little Lullatone to Start The Day

It's been

awhile since I've shared any new music or videos. This was a recent found when I was checking out eettcc's blog.

I like this band, Lullatone from Japan...adorable group, adorable music, adorable video....

The sound totally reminds me of Kamie Kharie (one of my favorite Japanese musician).
The way they sing in such light breathy voice over the catchy Bossa Nova's as if they're bunch of cute little kittens or puppies playing on the white sandy beach while wearing sun doesn't matter what they say or do.....they're just so captivating in every way....and yes....ridiculously cute and they simply make you happy. Smiley face.



L&G Servers on TV in Denver!

This is the first time yet!
L&G's Superior Servers actually got featured by Katie Woolsey (Marketing editor for Country Living Magazine) where she presented a holiday gift guide under $50 for local news channel in Denver!

It's our first time being on TV and boy are we glad that it was just the servers that go on TV and not us! :P





It's been a long time coming...but FINALLY....My new 13" Mac Book Pro baby!

To my previous powerbook that's been with me for 7.5 years...

Thank you for being there for me since college. Although you weren't always the most reliable or the fastest, you did always perform all the tasks I needed.
But I really didn't appreciate towards the end where you'd would only pick up the wireless signals whenever you feel like it....or when it got to the point where you just pinwheel like a little B as if  i have all the time in the world. :P
With that said..we did have a good run didn't we....
You'll always hold a special place in my heart....

Now come to mama my sweet Mac Book pro!
I'm stoked that I'll get things done twice as fast and will have as much fun as this lady...for another 7.5 years hopefully!



'I'm Here' By Spike Jonez

"I'm Here" is a lovely short film of two robots falling in love in an ordinary world...but beautifully sad and touching like "The Giving Tree." Great cinematography with a great soundtrack. I especially love how Spike Jonez integrates all the beat up recycled computer parts and bringing it to life...

Well done Spike..well done.
Watch it here!
via Opening Ceremony



Calder's Cirque

I got to go see the Alexander Calder exhibit the other day at the Seattle Art Museum.
Besides seeing his beautiful mobiles from small to large in person, I was most delighted to see a video of the Le Cirque puppet performance during his years in Paris using all the little handmade figures and props made with mostly found materials. I was totally entertained to see how he manipulates each charming figures and re-creates a circus performance that's more than impressive and entertaining than seeing the real thing!The perfectly orchestrated circus is made up of numerous elements of kinetically activated wire figures and animals, live sound effects, mini-stage props, and Calder himself performing in front of a live audience. There's a great mix of really impressive well-engineered performances of Calder using wire figures doing trapeze to some occasional humorous act of when Calder throws couple of peanuts on the floor by the circus lion as a signal that it pooped. Who would have thought that lion pooping can be so delightful?! But Calder pulled it off.
This is a 2 part video of his Le Cirque performance below... ( it's much better to see it at the museum on a big projection) But you can get a rough idea of Calder's sense of playfulness and how much pride he takes while doing the whole performance...just don't get creeped out by the way he laughs and talks....but hey, when you're Calder, you can get away with that and it's a-ok.

Part 1

Part 2