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Ultimate 4th oF July Weekend

I'm totally looking forward to our action packed 4th of July weekend!!

On Saturday the 3rd, We're planning to go on a bike ride from Ballard-Woodinville and back for the first'll be a total of 48 mi. We've made couple of attempts before but always start too late and have yet made it all the way to the wineries. So this time we're gonna give a full day and actually accomplish our goal!!

It's should be a great bike ride since the Burke-Gillman trail follows Lake Washington for the most part with fantastic scenery of the lake, trees, and mountains.
I'm hoping we can see something like this along the way and have a picnic...
Then go do some wine tasting at this modern winery designed by Mithun...
This shall be the first & longest ride we'll let's hope we make it there and back and still be able to get off our bike and walk!!

On Sunday on the 4th...

Our friend is hosting this fun hand-built go-kart race event on Vashon Island for the first time:
It's a car race, potluck, bbq, and a nice excuse to hang out on a island farm. If anything it'll be pure entertainment to see all the cars people built and watch how they run!

Time: 1pm
Location: Pacific Crest Farm, 23720 Dockton Rd, Vashon, WA, 98070
It's open and free to everyone & anyone!

Then we'll end the day with some great fireworks in Fremont....that never gets old...Not a bad of an itinerary for the weekend, eh?

Happy Fourth Everyone!!