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All set up at IDSwest

Calling all Vancouverites! L&G is spending the weekend posted up at the IDS West show at the Vancouver Convention Centre through Sunday. We'll be accompanied by Iacoli & Mcallister, Grain, and Urbancase to represent Join Design Seattle at the show.

Along with our normal cast of characters (our piggies, servers, salt & pepper pawz, and megadoily rug), we're also unveiling a super fresh, top secret prototype of Rise Over Run our new collapsable wall-hung step-stairs. More on that soon but if you're in Vancouver come visit and take an exclusive first peak.



Time for Fun: Hand-Making Models for New Ideas

Finally feel like we're getting around to do something fun & creative in the studio!

We'll be going up to Vancouver to be part of the Interior Design Show West (Sept 29th-Oct 3) along with JOIN. This will be L&G's first time showing some of our furniture pieces, but also it will be the first time for all of us to show in Vancouver! Very exciting...

I didn't realize how much I missed hand-making models with color pencils, chipboard, balsa wood, and all that. Totally felt like a kid again.   

More to come, but here's a lil' sneak peak...

Some sample look books

A prototype of our new concept...can you guess what will be?