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The Golden Day!!!

So....this is sorta kinda a big deal....well, not as big of a deal compare to the golden year...BUT still...this year, 2012, this month, March, tomorrow, the gonna be my golden birthday!!!!

Damn right.. I'll be turning 30 on the 30th!

But I'm WAAAAAAY more excited about the GOLDEN part than some silly insignificant number!

For anyone who knows me, I'm not the type of person to make a big deal out of my birthdays...(except when it involves kareoke) 

Dylan is being a TOTAL sweetheart and is planning the event, and all I know is that we'll be having an nice group community dinner at Belle Clementine, which I can't wait!!!

So all I have to worry about is how I can make myself look golden for my big day!

Yah... I know...I sound like I'm 16, but it's been awhile.  :)

(Gold image and tassels above from Confetti System)

I'm not one to go all out and cover myself gold from head to toe like getting some fancy gold evening gown, sexy gold heels, and flashy gold tooth (they all go hand in hand, right?)

...BUT I'm always up for some tasteful gold accessories!

I was looking for a button up shirt with gold accents of some sort and ended up finding THIS gold collar necklace!....that's not available anymore! Bummer!!

But I think I can make something up by sewing a gold collar to go on a simple white dress shirt to classy it up!

I also really want gold polka dots tights, but can't find it anywhere!...I guess that means I'll need to make my own polka dots on my black leggings!! :D

Of course....I would need some solid dancing like THIS pair of amazing gold & black stripped shoes from Totokaelo. DROOOOOL!

Also would love this classy Gold Cambridge Satchel (and the neon yellow,too!)

I've also been wanting a gold casio calculator watch for years now.....and I ended up finding THIS 70's vintage Casio on ebay going for about $600!'s unbelievably awesome....

Aaaaaand while we're at it, I might as well add THIS special edition Gold Hasselblad camera going for $5,000+ to the of all the things on my list on how to look golden. Why not?

Well...actually I can think of more than a doezon of reason why I shouldn't get all that! But hey...a girl can dream right?!

But, hopefully I'll be able to get at least one of those things before the NEXT golden birthday of 50!


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Born For Osborn

Ok...yeah I'm a little sad that summer will be ending soon, but I'm a total sucker for Fall clothes and is TOTALLY ready for some Fall shoes like these ones from Osborn!



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Sweet Leather Sheos & Bags

I've always secretly fantasized about making my own leather sandals or shoes...the closest shoe-making I've done so far are some simple fabric slippers and this felt baby slipper. But seeing these handmade leather shoes and bags by Alya B. Kazakevich of ABK makes me want to just make some awesome leather shoes...but most likely it will not ever look as good as these! I'd like to covet one of these beautifully made shoes or bags especially for how incredibly made they are! 



Drawings that are beyond awesome

I must share these super duper awesome drawings by our dear friend Emily Glaubinger (above)!
Check out all her amazing work at her blog, Drawing is Awesome.

Emily will be showing these amazing portraits at the Nooworks in SF this October 23rd. Looks like another great shop in the Mission district!I'm also totally obsessed with these Keds that she designed!!!
To make things even more difficult, all these Keds can be fully customized from the thread color, lace, sole & even down to the trim....just crazy.


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Walking on Sunshine

I'm obsessed with these shoes by Marais USA....
and these...
but honestly, I'd be happy with all this...
Founded by these two young 25 year old gals living in Brooklyn. Sort of makes me wonder what I did when I was 25. Even though it was only 3 years ago, but for some reason I don't even recall much...what did I do?....thinking...thinking....oh, yeah! I do remember that I didn't do any of this business making, New York living, and designing a whole line of awesome & versatile shoes. Now its all coming back...Yeah, being 25 was pretty awesome.

Now I just gotta get a pair (or several) of these to make myself feel better. I can't choose between these two styles...and the colors....all so nieeeece.....I want to wear them through the summer and beyond....

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Baby Felt Slippers In Use

I posted about the little felt slippers I made for little Clara (the new addition to Piano Nobile)....and I just like to show you some photos of adorable Clara wearing them!
Me holding her as Clara poses in her sleep...
I love how she was totally fine with us messing with her while she's sound a sleep. I was even tempted to draw some mustache on her, too...but we decided not to go there....she might grow up hating me. :P



Today's Forcast is Sunny with a Chance of Baby Shower...

Our friends from Piano Nobile just recently added wonderful new member to the group! They just had their baby girl, Clara!! Although she'll take some training to do some printing and welding for them, but soon enough she'll be able to do incredible work just like Isabelle and Nick!
For Isabelle's baby shower, I ended up making a felt baby gift similar to the needle felted pillow I made awhile back.
I wanted to make something for them that they can keep even if Clara gets older.
The stuffed cloud can be hung above the crib and also doubles as a rattle know so little Clara can play with it or drool on it or watch it float above her head!

And since I'm so felt obsessed anyways, I also made her a pair of high-top felt & leather booty...
with the top folded down...for a more casual look.
the leather bottom & lace
All wrapped up for little Clara!

I'll have more photos of the little one actually wearing the boots soon!