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I'm SOOOO stoked about these limited edition of 30 hand-painted and screen printed posters I had specially requested Chelsea Heffner of plainMADE to make for BLANC!!

I literally thought of the idea randomly while working on something else , texted Chelsea right away, she totally got on board with it, we bounced off some ideas over the phone, she painted and printed them, I got them in the mail,  and VOILA! we got ourselves some beautiful BLANC prints made! She's amazing.

It's been super fun art directing the event, especially it gave me a great reason to collaborate with talented people to do fun special projects like this! But the main intent in making these posters is meant to offer something (like a special souvenir) to further extend the concept of BLANC even after the event ends.

As I started thinking about ideas for the posters, I was thinking more of what the sense of white means and what that could look like. 

I started throwing out words to Chelsea and started thinking more about natural phenomenons like light, fog, cloud, fluffy, air, water, transparent, reflection....and gradually lead to other mood words like simple, pure, airy, austere, clean, calm, quiet, mysterious....

And final result is this...

Beautifully lightly washed watercolor in layers on slightly textured thick paper.

Looking directly from the front, you can only see the soft gray and light color hues over lapping each other.

and looking at the print from a different angle......

...The word "BLANC" printed in semi-transparent white paint appears as it catches the light.

....and changes from another angle.

I just REALLY love the subtlety and personally think the effect she did added a lot of depth.  It's simply magical...

All these prints was SO spot-on in conveying all those concepts that I had in mind...  It's as if Chelsea was able to read my mind better than I can!! creeepy~!

Each print is numbered and stamped by plainMADE.

These will all be for sale on both days of BLANC preview party (and if they don't sell out) will also be available at the BLANC popup the next day!

Sorry to say that I get first dibs! yes!


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Special BLANC Mailers

I'm excited to share these special mailers that Chelsea Heffner of plainMADE  and I collaborated on to reach out to some special museums / shops / press in Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, and NY!

Each card is unique and it's just a little something that we hope will entice them to come check us out and/or support the event!

....but mostly I just wanted an excuse to get Chelsea to do some beautiful hand-painted artwork! :)

Her free-hand color washes is totally perfect for what I had envisioned for BLANC. She even got these beautiful slightly textured thick water-color paper to paint on. Then I did the layout for the text and printed it with just my printer!

I was more than surprised and happy to find that my ghetto Canon MP470 printer did SUCH a stellar print job, didn't chew up the paper or die!

 I really hope people will get them and keep these for awhile....I know I totally would!

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You say Hello and I say Goodbye

This sounds like a fantastic print show!


OPENING NIGHT: Thursday, April 29, 2010, 7:00-8:30pm
Parnassus Cafe in the UW School of Art Basement

'Goodbye' Limited Edition Hello Posters will be on display in Parnassus Cafe through May 2010

Poster will be sold in person opening night for an incredible price of $10 each.
All proceeds will benefit local charities.  Full details, here.

Brought to you by the UW visual communication graduates, Ben Shown and Alanna MacGowan. They first initiated the "HELLO Poster Show" last year exhibiting over 30 silkscreened wonderful prints inspired by the greeting 'hello.' as a fundraising event.

Here are some of my favs from last year. You can see all HELLO prints here.


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Chikabird + Piano Nobile (New Friends in Ballard!)

Through a series of events and connections this Spring, we've been lucky to meet some nearby and very talented neighbors! Isabelle and Nickolas, founders of Piano Nobile are a short bike ride away from us in Ballard - and Chikabird have some exciting things brewing with them.

If you're in Ballard this Friday or Saturday, stop by Piano Nobile's home/studio for a Summer Studio Sale. Part of the City Stimulus event running all week to encourage folks to shop local - it's a great opportunity to do a little shopping and check out a stellar transformation in the Ballard industrial zone. Prepare yourself to get incredibly jealous of PN's space, talent, resources, furnishings, dog, Vanagon, and Volvo. The sale features handmade goods by some fantastic local designers and we feel flattered to be included in such a group.
Chika and I met with Isabelle last Monday. Over coffee, berries, and coffee cake - we decided to do some collaborating! Isabelle has been printing her own textiles for home and personal accessories, so her scrap bin contains a lot of high quality fabrics. The following pictures feature the various patterns and pieces she gave us, and what we did with them.

Anyone want a silk dupioni notebook? Perhaps taffeta or linen is more your style? These beauties make their debut at the Piano Nobile Studio Sale and are just the teaser for what we have in store for the Fall!
Stop by, check out their amazing space, do a little shopping, enjoy some snacks and drinks, and meet some talented people!

Piano Nobile Studio Sale
Fri & Sat July 17th&18th
11am - 6pm

908 NW 50th St
Seattle WA 98107

Unfortunately, neither Chika & I will be there, and we sincerely apologize for the fact that we're unable to be there to support and see everyone....but don't let that get to you. We'll be there in spirit while we do the Renegade craft sale in San Francisco. :)

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Beautiful Victory!

Finally! This is a new beginning for a brand new America.....with our new elected president Obama!! Is this really real!? Is this a dream?? Am I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and realize McCain won, but then he dies and then Palin as the VP takes over America letting teen girls run around and get knocked up left and right, passing out bibles and guns to all the kids in school, while she spending hundred thousands of American tax dollars to dress herself up like a whore....a MILF whore that is. I admit...she is still a great American hockey mom. You Becha!
Luckily...this isn't a dream!! Palin isn't the VP, so all that won't happen to us...except in Alaska. PHEW!! sorry, people and animals in Alaska.:P
With all this anticipation and anxiety that I've been feeling for the longest period of my life, it totally went away when I saw Obama's number rising up beating McCain's with incredible speed...He even won states that we never thought it'd be possible! a true miracle.

When we watched Obama's victory speech intently and quietly as everyone absorbed every insightful word that came out of his mouth. Watching the TV screen as the camera switches between his face and the hopeful tearful faces of the people, it just filled me with joy, hope and love for America for the very first time. Honestly, for the fact that I wasn't born in the States, I never understood the meaning of America or felt any sort of patriotism what so ever....until now. I'm sure this goes for finally be able to be proud as an American....and it's beautiful. tear...(;_;)In memory of this amazing historical election I'm getting these fantastic pair of posters by Flora Fauna. It's $35 for the pair of prints. I love the colors and the composition of the mirrored image of the doves symbolizing peace, hope, and love. We ARE the United States of America!


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Little Faces

Just spotted these series of darling little photos of fall leaves with faces on it!! It was on Fine Little Day, by multi-talented illustrator/graphic artist, Elisabeth Dunker, based in Sweden. I love things with faces on you may have remembered from my last week's post about my coffee cup. I think everything should have faces on it! I wanna design a whole line objects with just faces... a pencil...a spoon...remote control...door knob...underwares...etc. The possiblities are endless...
Elisabeth had recently started a callaborative shop and blog with another artist, Camilla Engman, called Studio Violet with more adorableness! I'm VERY envious of their amazing looking loft studio...all the natural lighting, the cool mid-century chairs, and the simple stark white interior...sigh. Why does god tourture me like this? You can see lots of her other lovely work via Lula.

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