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L&G Talks at Western ID

L&G was lucky to be invited to give a talk/presentation about our work at the Western Industrial Design department in Bellingham,WA  couple weeks ago!

As flattered & honored as we felt...both Dylan & I got really stressed about it...

The last time I had to put together a presentation was 7 freakin' years ago when we were students!

We didn't want the entire 45 minute talk to be a show-and-tell of our work and wanted to share more about our process and how we think and work.  But going with this route, meant that we totally had to dig deep into our brains and souls about what we're about...why we do what we do....what defines us...and what drives us and keeps us going.

Of course...this always inevitably leads to us to ask even bigger questions like  "why do we exist?" and "what is the meaning of life?!" and "what's the point of it all!!"

But instead of asking questions that lead to nowhere and us feeling more lost...we ended up looking for for common threads that's been consistent in how we work and operate in general.

We realized it was the simple concept of being HANDS-ON that is a really valuable process in how we design, think, explore, and engage in the physical world around us.

For both of us, we found that being hands-on is been best way to get the most out of any experience....which probably explains why I don't ever like to read instructions and tend to just jump in and start doing and would rather figure things out by trial and error.  

There's really nothin that can compare to physically experiencing something and engage all our senses which actually creates muscle memories beyond our brains. It's about physically exploring and manipulating..seeing and touching...which all that enhances our memory in how we think, create, and operate.

I made this little wire hand as a little visual for the theme of the presentation.

We talked about...

how travelling really engages our sense by getting us out of our comfort zone to see & do thing differently.

how we have the tendencies to collect materials, natural or vintage findings as a way to play with physical things and figure out what to do with it.

how we use our live/work set up as a place to test our ideas and how 90% of our shelves/walls are our 3 dimensional inspirational board while trying to not make it look like we're just hoarders!

how we collaborate with people to get hands-on experiences that connect us in a different way and learn and gain new perspectives.

how our lifestyle is about using all our hands-on experiences to gather inspirations, design and make things, and figure out what works or doesn't work for us.....all through physical trial and error.

To add to the fun and to engage the students beyond just listening, we gave everyone a piece of 12" wire and ask that they play with it as if they're doodling with their hands while we give our talk.

...and secretly, it was my distraction tactic and I have to say this was the best idea ever! It took the pressure off a bit knowing they're less focused on us, but mostly I just loved all the delightful things the students end up making!

Going up to Bellingham to do the talk was a great exercise and experience for us that really forced us to get to know ourselves better. As painful as the process was... it was totally worth it to get a better understanding about what our strengths & weakness are....and embrace it all! :D

Thanks to the kids at Western for being such a good sport and listening to our nonsense!


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Best Golden Day EVER!

I'm still floating on clouds thinking about my epic golden day last Friday!!

Here's how the day went...

Dylan woke me up by bringing me breakfast in bed with some coffee and treats from Besalu pastries. Then I got kicked out for the rest of day, since Dylan had to take over the house to decorate. But I especially don't mind in cases like this. :)

I was excited to meet up with Ashley a bit to go over some new ideas we're collaborating's a SNEAK PEAK!

Then I met up with my sister and got some play time with my niece, Yvette! Awww....look at her adowable worry eyebrows!

Then it was time to put on my outfit for the evening with a gold rope necklace with materials I found at Joann's of all places!

Even the sun came out to say hello....

Then bunch of friends and I went to Belle Clementine for a delicious community coursed meal.

This was one of best dinner experience with good food, good drinks, good friends and people at the restaurant. (more details about the dinner later!)

Here's a teaser photo....a glass of Lillet, some lightly pickled green olives with orange zest,  and sheep's milk feta cheese over saute nettle forged from the Northwest.

Then after dinner, we went back for more partying at our house withe the whole place decked out in all sorts of gold decorations!

I also got this special giant gold gobblet to drink out of!

and then totally stuffed my face with more homemade treats & special cocktail drinks from everyone.

Thanks Dylan &  everyone that came out to celebrate with me on my special day! I had the most amazing time...and I really couldn't have asked for anything more!!


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The Golden Day!!!

So....this is sorta kinda a big deal....well, not as big of a deal compare to the golden year...BUT still...this year, 2012, this month, March, tomorrow, the gonna be my golden birthday!!!!

Damn right.. I'll be turning 30 on the 30th!

But I'm WAAAAAAY more excited about the GOLDEN part than some silly insignificant number!

For anyone who knows me, I'm not the type of person to make a big deal out of my birthdays...(except when it involves kareoke) 

Dylan is being a TOTAL sweetheart and is planning the event, and all I know is that we'll be having an nice group community dinner at Belle Clementine, which I can't wait!!!

So all I have to worry about is how I can make myself look golden for my big day!

Yah... I know...I sound like I'm 16, but it's been awhile.  :)

(Gold image and tassels above from Confetti System)

I'm not one to go all out and cover myself gold from head to toe like getting some fancy gold evening gown, sexy gold heels, and flashy gold tooth (they all go hand in hand, right?)

...BUT I'm always up for some tasteful gold accessories!

I was looking for a button up shirt with gold accents of some sort and ended up finding THIS gold collar necklace!....that's not available anymore! Bummer!!

But I think I can make something up by sewing a gold collar to go on a simple white dress shirt to classy it up!

I also really want gold polka dots tights, but can't find it anywhere!...I guess that means I'll need to make my own polka dots on my black leggings!! :D

Of course....I would need some solid dancing like THIS pair of amazing gold & black stripped shoes from Totokaelo. DROOOOOL!

Also would love this classy Gold Cambridge Satchel (and the neon yellow,too!)

I've also been wanting a gold casio calculator watch for years now.....and I ended up finding THIS 70's vintage Casio on ebay going for about $600!'s unbelievably awesome....

Aaaaaand while we're at it, I might as well add THIS special edition Gold Hasselblad camera going for $5,000+ to the of all the things on my list on how to look golden. Why not?

Well...actually I can think of more than a doezon of reason why I shouldn't get all that! But hey...a girl can dream right?!

But, hopefully I'll be able to get at least one of those things before the NEXT golden birthday of 50!



Kitchen progress report

Alright, i know it's been a long time since we've updated on the progress of our kitchen. No, we're not done yet but yes we have made progress (unlike in the the past when we say we're doing but we're actually not). It's actually starting to get frighteningly close to a real kitchen...OH-EM-GEEE!




Snorting Drywall Dust Phase

As we got to the phase of putting up dry wall & mudding our kitchen,  we soon started to question why we even started this whole kitchen renovation project in the first place!

No one ever warned us about how awful this whole process is!  For only the size of our kitchen, it took us more than a week of hanging the walls, Dylan mudding the walls in the morning, and then me sanding the walls at  late through the night (repeat 3 times)....and on top of that having all the joint compound dust suck all the moisture out of our body.

I only have pictures of the kitchen before it got bad...and before I went crazy.

Then it was just dust....EVERYWHERE.....

...and then it was just me swearing like a sailor and looking like Peg-Pen from Charlie Brown the whole rest of the time...



Aug 2011 NYIGF Wrap up!

Here's a recap of the JOIN at the NYIGF for the 3rd time!

This time with us being in the lobby outside of the Accent on Design area turned out to be a MUCH more pleasant of a space to be in...especially when the sun is out! Just look at how everything shines on the table!

Above: New server colors and cake servers from L&G, and colorful big Silicone ring by fruitsuper....and NO they're NOT eraser rings!

Here we got Chelsea H. from plainMADE getting a little sun tanning sesh at the Javits....

Photos above by Grain

New frame light colors from Iacoli & McAllister.

Also this time being next to AmDC made it 100 times more fun, too!

photo by Steph Mantis

Here are some highlights from AmDC's booth:

Bracelets made with mix marble cuts celebrating the colors & patterns of the various types of stone. By Chen Chen & Kai Tsien Williams.

Chika & I got to trade with Patrick Kim for one of his clever wooden tons and these lovely cutting boards with a simple rubber band at the end to keep it from slipping around.  Clever AND thoughtful...

Beautiful & sleek glass vessels from Felicia Ferrone based out of Chicago. 

Playful two-headed animal necklaces in various metals by Steph Mantis! (and yes... exclamation mark is required when referring to Steph!)

 ...and of course, we wouldn't feel complete at the NYIGF until we have some sort of birthday celebration! and this year is no exception...

Here's Chika with her doughnut birthday cake composed by me and Christa (of blkPINE bags). This is second time celebrating Chika's bday at the Javits and we went all out and made a doughnut tower with yummy doughnuts from Doughnut Plant....surrounded with coconut macaroons, strawberry Pocky sticks, and flower pom pom with napkins provided by the Javits.

Yes...I know...only a master mind & a true artist can create such master piece such as this. Christa and I took MAD pride in carefully piling the doughnuts up and sprucing it all up...and all the  grease spots on the box only shows how much thought went into this...



A Perfect day in NY

After 5 long grueling days of smiling, staring, smirking, standing, and more smiling at the NYIGF, I finally got some personal downtime right after the show ended.

and totally had myself the most perfect day....

First, I stopped at the closest Dean & Deluca and paid for an over priced iced latte and one of this amazing carrot cake doughnuts from  doughnut planet and "wrote" a card to Dylan with one of these Utility Cards by Grain. Each card is filled with words all of sorts for every occasion possible. It's more than brilliant!

It took me a while but composed my own phrase "WAHZZ....UP....MY....BOY....FRIEND....I....MISS....YOU....WAY....TOO....MUCH....YEA..."

Then I walked through Highline checking out the new addition, which is even more amazing than before!

I sat one of the the lounge benches and ate one of these deliciously handmade peach elderberry popsicle.

Then I actually got to soak up some sun for at least couple of hours... and as shameful as this sounds (but I'm not longer ashamed) I starting hearing Sheryl Crow's "soak up the sun" in my head out of nowhere!

Normally I'd freak out if that song were to pop in my head at any other moments, but instead I kept my cool...and just embraced it. 

I got to read a bit, stared at the clouds, did some people watching, and all the while still humming the was so refreshing.


Then what made it EVEN more perfect is that I met up with Chika & Jesse and got to enjoy THE most perfect dish at Joseph Leonard with all the simple ingredients I love the most....

Just look at that perfect egg sitting perfectly on top of a cute little piece of to a perfectly healthy bed of frisee salad topped with perfectly crisped bacon bits....

Can't say that I get to expereince a lot of days like this anymore, but whenever it happens...I just totally love every moment of it...even if Sheryl Crow comes into the picture.Can't say that I get to expereince a lot of days like this anymore, but whenever it happens...I just totally love every moment of it...even if Sheryl Crow comes into the picture.







Kitchen Progress Report

We decided to put things into high gear 2 weeks ago on our kitchen. I cutoff nearly all contact with the outside world and started calling in those favors from friends we knew we needed to get the job done.

First Jared and Nick helped me face my fear/lack of competence in electrical work and install all new electrical to the kitchen including the installation of recessed can lighting (so awesome to have now!)
Then my step dad Stan and I spent a day installing solid oak hardwood reclaimed from a friend of ours house. It was a total puzzle to put together but will look awesome and match the existing floor once it's all refinished.
Finally, Nick from Piano Nobile helped us cap off the week with the installation of our steel support frame, which looks and feels incredible in the space. We can really start to get a sense of how the kitchen will actually feel and it's such a huge improvement despite being a complete mess. So excited to get drywall in and start on the cabinets! Heres an overall glimpse of the space:



Instant Framing

This was the day we've been waiting for since we started designing a steel frame with Nick from Piano Nobile...we're gonna see the frame in our space for the first time!

I was especially excited to wake up this morning and see Nick pull in with his AWESOME Fuso in our drive way with the frame pieces. Seeing the size of the Fuso, I wished we had bigger pieces to move just so we can see the crane in action, too!!

So remember from our previous post with our Google sketchup of our kitchen with a steel frame?...the frame will act as a load bearing structure between our kitchen and living room so we can open the space up and have an island!

so here are some photos of Dylan & Nick dry fitting the pieces in the space for the first time to see how it all looks and fits....nervous?? I AM!!

Ta-da! Instant framing, done!

It was as simple as lining up the pieces, screw in the bolts and voila!  Totally exciting to see what it actually look like in our space!! I was hopping around like a 5 year old filled with excitement when they were doing all this.

Next on the list....we'll ride the Fuso and get the frame powder coated! Yesssss......



Summer Rides

I've been meaning to put together a road bike that I have...

I took it apart 3 years ago wanting to re-coat the frame, get color tires, leather handles & seats along with some vintage Cinelli & Campagnolo parts..and what do you know?...the frame is still there with all the parts are still in a box! Wah-wuh...

I was especially a bit discourage when I saw that I can get a custom single speed or track bike from Republic Bike for $399! You can customize the color from the frame, to the seat, the wheel, the tires, down to the chain and gears!! And it would take them less time to build a bike from scratch than me putting it back together and have it be not even rideable...what in the what was I thinking?

Just so convenient that they have a feature on their website where you can custom build a bike to see what you like...and of f course I HAD to start playing around with it!! 

Started our with something like this...

... classic/unisex feel with yellow, black, and white.

....then something soft and bold at the same time...

or it could be any of these....

..Too many options...I can't decide!!!

But then again...I hate to give up on my poor torn apart bike's SO tempting to want to just get something shiny and new!! But instead of surrendering to my irresponsible desire for compulsive consumption...I'm making a commitment to work on my bike!!

Because nothing can replace the sense of accomplishment of doing something from start to finish...even if it means that it'll take me 4+ years to complete it...right? God...I sure hope so....




Oh The FABulous Life...

There are so many great things about being our own bosses....yes...we get to design what we want, yes...we get to make our own decisions, yes...we have totally flexible work & vacation days, and yes...we get to have slow mornings with our Chemex coffee pot that takes infinite time to make a cup of coffee...

But... even with all those perks, there's still nothing that beats the awesomeness of packing & shipping orders! Heck Yeah!

I seriously can't wait to wake up in the morning JUST to do this!!


I don't even know why we design anything really...

I should just pack & ship people empty packages just for the fun of it!


Ahh...Life is....goooooooood....for now... 

Just please please tell me that we won't be doing this for the rest of our lives!!



Sailing Away

I lived in Seattle for 11 years and Dylan has been here for 20 years... and for the first time in both our lives, we got to go sailing on lake union!

We got to go with Charlie and Andrew on their classy Wino Country Safari sailboat.

What a way to start the summer!

Love the classy interior of Wino Country Safari.

Gearing up for a little patriotism before the Fourth.



Looking at Gasworks park from the water.

Moments like this reminds me why Seattle is so amazing....


Then summer in Seattle ended after the clouds came back... :P

It was fun while it lasted!! 




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Coffee Break...

Can't seem to live without coffee still...especially when its nice to have a little moment to break from the work day and enjoy a little ritual like this....

I love my ChemChem!


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A little progress & serenity in our space...

As we mentioned few weeks before...we've been doing some re-hauling & re-organizing of our space for ourselves and for L&G studio...

Slowly but surely we're making some progress and have moved our bedroom into what was previously our office (or more like our storage)...

It's a smaller space, but I've been loving the idea to downsize our bedroom....keeping it minimal, airy, and peaceful....We painted our room with stock white replace the previously dingy dirty off white paint....and just changing that, the room felt instantly bigger, brighter and 100 times better!

We kept one side of the wall with the chalk wall from when we painted it for the office....since it'll still be useful for those occasional late night brainstorming sessions we I didn't' have the heart to erase the adorable messages & drawings by our friends' kids from Japan during the time they stayed with us!!

Then Dylan boxed in the window with soft toned pine boards with a added function as a shallow we can incorporate some hanging plants & more plants!... LOVE!!

Then a little added color & pattern from a Ikea area rug for some warmth.Still got few more to add to the space...but overall we're gonna have it pretty paired down...with wood shelving made with cinder blocks and then have ropes & hanging rods to hang my accessories. I like the concept of "organized chaos" and love seeing selective pieces of clothes hung & displayed like makes me appreciate what I have and gets me excited about wearing the my new B&W sweater hanging on the mirror . A recent score at one of the vintage shops by Nationale & Stand Up Comedy in Portland.

This is a rare exception when I wished the whether is slightly colder so I can wear that more often! I've been practically living in it with it being so comfortable to wear!

still work in progress...can't wait to get it done!

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All In!

Dylan speaking here,

It's on. It's totally on.

One month ago, I left my job at Henrybuilt ready to dive into L&G full time. Foolish move, bold step forward, game changer?? Time will tell. All I know is that it was time. The days of enduring 10 stressful hours at HB beginning with 7:30am meetings every day followed afterward by another 6-8 hours casting pigs, masking servers, growing L&G are over. It's time to be all in and it feels good.

Don't get me wrong, the years at HB were really formative and I'm so glad I got to work on such amazing work with such amazing people. They're creating something special there everyday and it's been so exciting to grow with the company and learn the value of producing good work. Thanks HB!

We started my first full day on the job with a company-wide meeting (Jean and I) bright and early where among other things, we set the priorities for L&G for the summer. These included:

  • master plans establishing studio space in the dupe ("progress"),
  • improving our accounting methods,
  • exploring new markets,
  • better production methods, and

You know, real business stuff! There's nothing like making a list to make something feel official :)

I've also gotten to roll up my sleeves and dig into some grunt work with some time down in the studio making piggies. Our talented friend Heath Bultman (new stuff and website coming from him soon) has been helping us fine tune production process and work on piggy 4.0. So good to have some professional input:

And then making the Cane & Able prototypes for the AMDC's USE ME show. Real hands-on woodworking, YES!

We're particularly looking forward to working on new projects like this. We've got a bunch of ideas stewing and can't wait to get them out to you the gracious public. More soon including our inspiration and process, I promise. I'm all in after all... 



A Great Big Mess..For A Great New Start

We've been doing some MAJOR spring cleaning, purging, and re-organizing....and pretty much turning our house upside-down! This was the state of our house shuffling everything around before we had the L&G Spring Vintage Sale! EEEEK!!

Who would have thought that we had this much stuff! (...actually probably everyone else knew except US!) ....we were THIS close on becoming hoarders buried alive...So part of the reason...besides the fact that we had hoarding issues....we also decided to do this purge so we can create a designated working space for L&G!!
This is especially important since Dylan is now OFFICIALLY working on L&G FULL TIME!!
We're gonna take L&G to the next level...make & design more things full time without killing each other!
It's been totally liberating to let go of the things we had. But mostly we're SO excited for all the new changes & the things we'll get to do for ourselves and for L&G!!

Here's what we got planned:

Turn what was previously our bedroom to L&G office:
-Expand our Dansk desk so can be usable on both sides
-Closet will become shipping & supplies area.
-Put a WHOLE wall of shelving with these CHEAP Ikea shelving system.
-Have desk lamps!

Turn what was previously our office/storage to a minimal & cozy bedroom:
-Colors: white, black, natural
-Materials: cheap pine sheets & cynder blocks for shelving, ropes & metal tubes for open hanging racks.
-plants & hanging plants!

Our main source of inspiration for our new spaces...The House Book 1974 by Terence Conran:
This book is one of our favorite go-to book for ideas when we need inspirations for our space...

Love the feel of this photo for our bedroom!!
It would be a total dream come true to have just simple open shelves like this in our office for books, stereo and things...
ahh....more storage ideas...

yah...I'd be perfectly happy if I can just live in this book...



Sprout of a Great Idea

After a long day of work doing our L&G Spring Sale, we had the pleasure to go to one of the Sprout dinners! Sprout is a local Seattle non-profit organization where they organize dinners in support of local artists, designers, or performers and their creative endeavors through a voting process over a meal. The idea: Attendees pay $20 for a full deliciously homemade 3 course meal. A list of 4-6 Artists/designers presents their project to the audience as they dine. At the end of the meal, everyone votes for their favorite project. Then the winner gets the money collected from the event to pursue their dream!! I just love how simple and straight forward this format is in getting people from the community to participate and support something collectively. It was a totally enriching experience to see and hear about all the interesting projects and help support someone and their ideas...and all the while eating amazing food and drinking wine & local brewed beer....pretty amazing. What was served: Home made pickled beets & string beans. Toasted quinoa with goat cheese. Simple penne pasta dish with saute chard & fresh tomatoes. Rhubarb crisp with homemade caramel & ice cream....HEAVEN!! I like it when Seattle makes awesomeness like this. :) I already can't wait for the next event! Watch this great video about Sprout: