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"Best Tray Ever" For reals?!

We're more the elated when we saw a recent post of our Brass & White Perimeter trays not only mentioned but also used  in one of Emily Henderson's home makeovers.  

perimeter tray on emilyhenderson20130404.jpeg
perimeter tray on EmilyHenderson1.jpeg

You'd think I'm joking if I said this in person, BUT I have the link to prove it, and honest to god this is a quote from Em Hen herself....

"...the tray is from Ladies and Gentlemen Studio and it’s probably the best tray that has ever been made."  

We couldn't believe it ourselves either and had to go "WHAAAA??? for reals?! no way!!"  But it really didn't take long for us to snap into reality and  accept the truth on this one..... ;)



L&G in Monocole Magazine!!!!!

Sorry to have to play favorites , BUT this one deserves a few EXTRA exclamation mark!!!! 


We LOVE this awesome UK magazine and was more than stoked to have BOTH our Chalk Piggy bank AND Perimeter Tray be featured in the April issue!!

Reading this magazine is like having THE BEST worldly European friend with phenomenal taste to hang out with you.....I just automatically feel a bit more awesome and well-informed about all the current events around the world. 

On top of all that, I get to meet the most amazing people, see the most incredible spaces and places, AND learn about  the best places to eat & shop!!! 

Now if ONLY that friend was REAL.....

BUT since I don't have a real friend like that,  that's where Monocle comes in! 

Hurray! my life is saved again!  Monocle, you're the BEST!! We're gonna be BFFs for, like, ever.