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plainMADE for BLANC


I'm SOOOO stoked about these limited edition of 30 hand-painted and screen printed posters I had specially requested Chelsea Heffner of plainMADE to make for BLANC!!

I literally thought of the idea randomly while working on something else , texted Chelsea right away, she totally got on board with it, we bounced off some ideas over the phone, she painted and printed them, I got them in the mail,  and VOILA! we got ourselves some beautiful BLANC prints made! She's amazing.

It's been super fun art directing the event, especially it gave me a great reason to collaborate with talented people to do fun special projects like this! But the main intent in making these posters is meant to offer something (like a special souvenir) to further extend the concept of BLANC even after the event ends.

As I started thinking about ideas for the posters, I was thinking more of what the sense of white means and what that could look like. 

I started throwing out words to Chelsea and started thinking more about natural phenomenons like light, fog, cloud, fluffy, air, water, transparent, reflection....and gradually lead to other mood words like simple, pure, airy, austere, clean, calm, quiet, mysterious....

And final result is this...

Beautifully lightly washed watercolor in layers on slightly textured thick paper.

Looking directly from the front, you can only see the soft gray and light color hues over lapping each other.

and looking at the print from a different angle......

...The word "BLANC" printed in semi-transparent white paint appears as it catches the light.

....and changes from another angle.

I just REALLY love the subtlety and personally think the effect she did added a lot of depth.  It's simply magical...

All these prints was SO spot-on in conveying all those concepts that I had in mind...  It's as if Chelsea was able to read my mind better than I can!! creeepy~!

Each print is numbered and stamped by plainMADE.

These will all be for sale on both days of BLANC preview party (and if they don't sell out) will also be available at the BLANC popup the next day!

Sorry to say that I get first dibs! yes!



Blooming Origami

A simple concept of cutting and folding some paper....but when carefully placed on the water....the result is more than mesmerizing & simply beautiful to watch. Here's the video showing an array of shapes made by the artist, Etienne Cliquet:

Via Colossal



List Making

I'm still letting the new year sinking in a little....and still thinking about some plans & resolution for the new year!
My sister showed me this inspirational book "Lists: To-dos, Illustrated Inventories, Collected Thoughts, and Other Artists' Enumerations from the Collections of the Smithsonian Museum"
The long title says it's pretty much a beautiful visual documentation of all sorts of creative artists' various sketches/mind maps/lists/ideas.
It's so neat to see the various ways of how each person organizes their thoughts and ways of documenting that on paper.... all of which are works of art in itself.

I love this list by Adolf Konrad where he drew out all the things he was packing for a trip....including himself. How lovely...
By Oscar Bluemner: list of works of art.

Beautiful sketches, one of which by Alexander Calder on top left.
Some neat looking charts & visual lists
This got me looking at all the notebooks I have. And instead of keeping journals (which I'm never diligent about!), I always keep my handy dandy R&L notebook with me so I can always write down notes & sketch out ideas wherever. I've kept all my used Moleskine notebooks, and it works well for me as my journal since all the little notes, sketches, and scribbles is a direct documentation of my thought process at that moment in time.

Here are some of my lists from 2010:
Some tabs of keeping our servers

some sketches for styling our servers/ drawings of our chalk piggy bank

Sketches of product post cards for JOIN/ some ideas for our kitchen

You can call my old-fashioned...but I believe that even with the most high-tech electronic pads out there, there are none that can ever replace the satisfying tangible quality of a real paper notebook with the warmth of hand-drawn sketches, and the richness of coffee stained pages or the softly warn covers....
...and now....I need to get started on my 2011 list (s)!!



L&G Printe Materials for NYIGF

Finally got to whip out my original Gocco printer since when I first got it at the age of 8! It was one of things where I lugged all the way from Taiwan and to all the places I ever lived but can only remember using it a handful of times....if that many.

But I wanted to make original L&G cards made out of vintage fliers, and what better way to do this than with the Gocco printer!!I want my future family to look like this....
And here's our product line sheet packet to hand out at the gift fair.
I even bribed some friends with food & wine to help with the assembling them....thanks Lauren, Nathan, Christine & Nick!! I'm lucky to have friends who are always game for all the "work" parties that I host! :D



Paper or Plastic?...

Check out these great bags by Stefan Diez for Saskia Diez. They get my vote for the classiest use of Tyvex. The well-done forms and details make you forget all about the fact that these are made of the same material as fedex envelopes. Bravo!



Origami Magic

You know how obsessed I am with paper art from my Paper Goodness post and Books Sculptures By Nicholas Jones post. But this video is beyond amazing!
This is a commercial for Asics athletic shoes. It's a super neat video in stop motion with origami. ....and by the end, you'll totally want a pair of Asics, too. But I also want to hug the narrator, he's an adorable Japanese grandpa! :)

Have a good weekend!