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Douglas + Bec's New Store in Australia

One of our favorite store and stockist, Douglas + Bec , just recently opened their beautiful new store in Melbourne, Australia! This is the first store that has the most comprehensive representation of our work.  I nearly cried when I saw these photos of their amazing  store AND with all our pieces so well displayed amongst all these other coveted design pieces.

Its rare that we ourselves get to see that many pieces of our own work shown in such a nice context, so we feel extremely lucky that D+B is so supportive of our work and studio especially coming all the way from New Zeland & Australia! . 

Read more about D + B's new store opening on Design Files.



Ovis Lounge in LEATH-AH....

Finally! We made a special leather version of the Ovis Lounge Chair in untanned leather version for Tenoversix's new Dallas shop about a month ago and is really loving the look!

The best thing about the untanned leather is that it will get darker & shinier with use and I can only imagine the whole chair will age beautifully over time.  We also made a new pillow with industrial wool felt with some added little details. 

Here are some photos below. 

We shall soon add this to our Ovis line soon as well as a macramé sling version, oh my!