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We're ON for NY Design Week May 18-22!!

We we're incredibility excited that on top of us being able to FINALLY go check out ICFF for the first time EVER, we'll get to be in NY during the best time of the year, AAAAAAAND we'll also be part of few extremely exciting satellite events happening during design week!!

Neither Dylan & I have gone and we've only been talking about it for like....8 years...and FINALLY this year we decided that we would go for realz!!! We were just hoping to go for fun and then few opportunities came along where places was doing open calls for we figured...why not?! We might as well make a worth while trip, right??

Well, lucky for us, we're able to be part of 3 awesome events!!

1. We're extra stoked (and still can't believe) that we'll be part of NOHO Design District!! NDD is organized by the talented ladies of Sight Unseen where they coordinate & curate shows to be shown all around shops and galleries in Noho.

When we got the email from Monica and Jill that our submissions got accepted and that they'll paired us with this amazing clothing brand, Zero+Maria Cornejo, I think I might have even screamed outloud for a long time....then absolute silent with me staring at my computer screen for like another hour....just in total shock.

We  just can't believe that we'll be part an all-star group and be featured along all our design crushes like Tom Dixon, Bec Brittain, Lindsey Adelmen, Jonah Takagi, Brenden Ravenhill, Tanya Aguiniga, Fort Standards, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, and companies like Roll & Hill, Areaware, The Future Perfect ...and whole a whole lot more!! I'm feeling high just thinking about all this....

So needless to say, we're MORE than ecstatic to be able to show our work at Zero+Maria Cornejo. Her work is absolutely stunning and I'm already eying up some pieces...SO TEMPTING!!!

The show will begin on MAY 18th at Zero+Maria Cornejo. More event info HERE.


2. Is another awesome show,  Raw+Unfiltered, organized by Kiel Mead and head of AmDC. Last year our Cane & Able was shown at the "USE ME" show, but we weren't able to party with all the amazing talents there.  So this year...we're definitely NOT going to miss out again!

Here's a sneak peak of what we're showing!

The show will open on SUNDAY MAY 21st at HELLER GALLERY. More event info HERE and to RSVP.


3. We'll be part of FAB's popup shop which will start on MAY 14th.  They requested a limited batch of custom red piggy banks! Aren't they cute?!

They FAB sale will beging online. More info TBA.

We're so excited for all this!!!!!EXCLAMATION MARKS FOREVER!!!!



Seriously...Shape Shop

We're SO excited to see photos of the Shape Shop popup on Sight Unseen they just posted!  Everything looks amazing and the range of works there is all pretty insane. They've selected works from bunch of great designers and artists, and we're just super happy to be included!

There's so much excitement that I wish I can integrate bunch of  explosive graphics like "AWESOME!" "WOW!" "AMAZING!" "NO WAY!" or "I REALLY LIKE THAT AND WOULD LIKE TO GET IT PLEASE!" are some photos of the popup:

Here's our BLOC necklaces!! yay~~

It was a total coincidence that our necklaces happened to be totally inline with the Shape Shop theme...using simple shapes and block, and even freaked me out a bit...but in the best way possible!! We hope to have these up on our site next month!

There are bunch of great things from some friendly AmDC folks ( Fort Standard, Patrick Kim, Brian Persico) and other awesome designers we've admired like, Shabd, Fredericks and Mae, Tanya Aguiniga, Fort Makers and tons MORE! See more HERE.

ON TOP of al this, Sight Unseen also released their new book!

Also, the popup will be up at Creatures of Comfort in NY until May 6th!



Wild Things


We went to a really fun opening for Stacy Rozich's show at Flatcolor Gallery yesterday.

All her colorful and intricate water-colored prints are filled with humorous and rich narratives of the strangest-looking folklore creatures doing random things and acting like ironic hipsters....standing around nonchalant....smoking, drinking Rainer, playing music, cards, or causing some sort of mischief.



They look wild and crazy and all the while incredibly endearing at the same time....each carrying their own personality.

I couldn't help but to create mini conversations (with different voices and all) in my head as I looked at every print.......

Rabbit guy: " I'm a little worried....I think fluffy is not feeling very well...."

Pipe guy: (playing music) " what?... you said something?"

Rabbit guy: "oh...nothing, I mean....I was just trying to say that fluffy looks a little looks like she's loosing a lot of weight...."

Pipe guy: (inhale pipe and puff out smoke) "uh...hmmm...its probably the dogs stealing her food or whatever"  

Rabbit guy: "ohmygawd...really??  you think they'd do that?!"

Pipe guy: "uh, yeah. they're dogs....they'd eat anything."  (resume to playing his music)

Dogs: "grrrr...."


Tree guy: "gawd....why da hell did you make me steal this tree from your neighbor's yard?"

Gun guy: "cuz she always up in my biznezz and wouldn't shut up about everything I do"

Tree guy: " you steal her tree?...what's the point exactly?"

Gun guy: "I don't know...just so she'll learn to not F with...wait a minute....I didn't kidnap you so you can ask me all these damn questions!" (spit)

Tree guy: "all right...fine."

Bug: (in little voice) "heeey!! get back here! You guys have no rights to move the tree, I was living under there! It says here on my lease that I have every right to sue you guys! I'm a bug lawyer and I can get you guys thrown in jail!!...uh....guys..did you hear what i say!!"

Birds: "KAAAAH!"


Big guy: "WOOOO!!!!   NO HANDS MOTHERF*#%ER!!" 

Little green guys: (with tiny high voices from left to right) 

"heeeeeell yeeeeah...rager paarrrtaaaay!!"

"ah maaaan...think i'm out of beer..."


"damn it! give me back my cigarette!! stop hogging it!!"

"what, you mean this? what? you want it or something?? I thought you said you're quitting? really shouldn't smoke, you know...especially if you want kids and all"

"damn it, shut up, and just give me the damn cigarette!"

___________(The End)______________ a little carried a way....maybe I'm crazier than all those creatures combined...

anyways...moving on....

MUST SEE this amazing stop-motion illustrated by her for Fleet Fox that totally made my heart stop... I even teared up a bit at the end.

It's insanely beautiful and magical.... it's almost like the song and the animation were made for each other.



Defenders of America

Go check out THREAT (opening March 9th) by AmDC  that's all about weapon of defense in every shape & form.

Damn right this is a show about weapns! This is America we're talking about here!

All this is more about encouraging designers from all over America to all come together and have fun designing & create cool shiz.

Here's what we made....

Hit & Strangle Stick

Yup! You guessed it! You hit, then strangle! It's EASY!

This defense object is a sleek hitting stick made with the use aluminum and copper tubing and fishing rope inspired by dog catchers.

The simple telescoping action allows the defender to tighten the rope by pushing the aluminum tube forward and therefore can capture (and strangle) the invader from afar.


Now here's some REAL action!


That'll show you to never walk in the house with your shoes on!

More sneak peak of other works below:

(Photos of Kiel Mead, and other projects provided by NYTimes)

The show opens this FRIDAY, MARCH 9th (runs from March 9 to 15) At Present Company, 29 Wythe Street (North 13th Street), Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

 Also read this great interview on NYTimes with Kiel Mead  about the concept of the show....and other intense topics of discussions like, jail beating weapons, squirt guns with hydrochloric acid, and our dark sides.

Oh trust me...this is gonna be goooooood.



BLANC Rocked The House!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Seattle for making the BLANC pop up a success!

We had a great time this week and were so inspired by people's enthusiasm about design! With this and the OBJECT opening a week earlier, we're feeling some serious momentum for Design in the Northwest. FINALLY!

Here's a little summary of the weekend:

It all started Friday with a preview party at Sole Repair...

...A perfect evening of TOTAL wintery white festivities filled with inspiring work from 30+ designers from Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver.

Everything looked pefectly BLANC.....Wintery white but warm and cozy all at the same time. There was special BLANC themed cocktails and snacks and lots of people dressed for the theme.  It was exactly how I enviosned...perfectly BLANC! I couldn't have asked for more!


(photos above by Eric Becker)

On Saturday, we braved the wintery elements opening the big garage door at Caffe Vita's Bean Room for the BLANC pop up. Using bags of coffee beans, discarded pallets and crates Jean led the crew of willing volunteers in merchandising a beautiful display of BLANC and non-BLANC design items. 

The crowd was consistent and diverse from JOIN followers to coffee-sipping walk-ins. By the successful end of the first day, we knew there was no other option than to extend the hours three more hours on Saturday and open up again on Sunday!

And of course we had to treat ourselves to some hot coco with homemade marshmallows that totally hit the spot!

All and all,  it was just so great to so many people who came to support and celebrate design! It's resounding clear that Seattle is ready to embrace design more than ever! We say this is the turning point!! and that deserves a group hugs & high-fives all around!

Phew! I'm totally exhausted and need to go hibernate for the next 6 months now!!

See the rest of the event HERE!



OBJECT Opening 11.11.11

This is a super exciting news for Seattle.

Charlie Schuck, the mastermind behind OBJECT, which first started off more as  concept popup shops is now becoming a real brick and mortar store in Charlies' new studio in Belletown neighborhood (next to Suyama!)

The opening is today, Novemeber, 11, 2011. Starting at 630pm. L&G will have some selective items in there as well!

..and here's the first OBJECT newsletter!

 Check out full event details HERE!



L&G Spring Vintage Sale this WKND!

Hey there Seattle area readers. Scoot your butts over to Ballard this weekend for our first ever L&G Studio Vintage Sale.

May 21st-22nd. At the L&G studio/homestead at 2430 NW 62nd st, Seattle

Our addiction to raiding thrift stores and estate sales has gotten the best of us and before we end up on the show "Hoarding: Buried Alive" we thought we'd do some much overdue spring purging.

Our wonderful assortment includes (see more pics):

  • Classic design brands (Dansk, Hornsea, Braun, Catherine Holm, Alessi, Stelton)
  • Antique Curiosities (globes, housewares, tchotchkes, handmade ceramics)
  • Obsolete technology (typewriters, reel to reel decks, film cameras)
  • Vintage design, craft, and kids books
  • L&G original seconds, samples, and one-offs

MAY 21st, SATURDAY: Come for the choice finds! MAY 22nd, SUNDAY: get 50% off (items will be discounted all day)!



It will be hard to see the treasures we fought so hard to find leave our hands, but we know they'll be going to appreciative new homes and that just makes us feel so warm and cozy.

Excited to see you there!





Brite's Take Out Take Off

As we did ourselves out of a's a little glimpse at our very first official event in the new Brite space on Jackson and 7th here in Seattle.

Our goal was to introduce people to our new neighborhood in a fun, engaging way. Quick, what's the most fun, engaging thing you can think of?... If you said "FOOD!" you're 100% correct!

Here's how it worked:

Our lucky guests got to mingle and draw maps of the area from memory. Everyone's knowledge varied a lot...just what we were hoping for.

After mapping, we divided everyone into teams of 3-4 members and assigned them a two block section of the International District. People then each picked two adjectives from a hat.

The mission: go to your area and find a single dish that can be described by the two adjectives.

The stores in the area ranged from restaurants, grocery stores, medicine shops, to bakeries...

After finding their dishes, everyone brought their take-out back to the Brite space, where everyone shared stories from their part of the neighborhood and gorged on the buffet of delicious treats. What a way to kick off the Brite space?

For more, check out the Brite blog and flickr


See the rest of the photos of the event HERE!



Crafting a meaningful home book par-tay!!

I'm totally stoked about the opening book launch party this Thursday, Oct, 21st at Rare Device! And I was more than surprised to see the Mega Doily on their flyer!! Woo Hoo!!
I'll be there to show the projects that Chika & I did...the Mega-Doily rug from Ladies & Gentlemen and also a Coat of Arms project from R&L.

Bunch of other talanted contributers will be there in person and showing some of their projects! I'm super excited that I'll actually be there to meet everyone and also help Meg and Kate Pruitt (DIY editor at Design*Sponge) do some of the installation for this event! All I know is that we're doing something with cardboard....which I can only imagine between the Meg & Kate, the place is gonna look totally amazing!

Come check out the projects and see the book in person, and of course..come say hello!

Rare Device
1845 Market Street ( at Guererro)
San Francisco, CA, 94103
October 21st, 7-9 pm



SOIL Art Auction this Friday 10/15

Dylan & I have been volunteering for this event every year for the past 5 years now, and it's always an awesome event that we look forward in being be part of. This year is no exception!

All SOILS Day | 2010 Art Auction

Top ten reasons you'll should attend:

1. Fabulous art
2. Delicious food
3. Devilish drinks
4.Try your luck at our La Loteria stand to win one-of-a-kind prizes from Soil Members
5. Support SOIL and it's mission to bring experimental art and media to Seattle
6. Choose from a stellar lineup of auctioned pieces: Whiting Tennis, Gala Bent, Jeffry Mitchell, Kristen Ramirez, yours truly, and so many more.
7. Dress in your best Calaveras (skeleton) makeup and rub elbow bones with some of Seattle's best artists.
8. Free parking
9. I will love you for it (and I will too)
10. All for $10!!!
 If you buy your ticket at Brown Paper Tickets before 6 pm Thursday!

Tickets: $10 presale, $20 door

Click here to see a preview of the works in the auction.

Auction Date:
Friday, October 15 | 6-10 pm
Seattle Design Center
5701 6th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108
Enter on Orcas between 5th and 6th




Our friends from JOIN Design Seattle are gearing up for International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in NYC from May 15-18. We wish we could go to NYC just to check it out in person!! Unfortunately we're missing it again...sigh.
But lucky for us, these 7 design firms below have thoughtfully planned a preview party in Seattle TONIGHT for the less fortunate people like us who cannot attend the show. Woo Hoo!!

+Yuri Kinoshita
+ far4
+ Iacoli & Mcallister
+ 16th Workshop
+ urbancase
+ graypants

5813 AIRPORT WAY SOUTH in Georgetown 



You say Hello and I say Goodbye

This sounds like a fantastic print show!


OPENING NIGHT: Thursday, April 29, 2010, 7:00-8:30pm
Parnassus Cafe in the UW School of Art Basement

'Goodbye' Limited Edition Hello Posters will be on display in Parnassus Cafe through May 2010

Poster will be sold in person opening night for an incredible price of $10 each.
All proceeds will benefit local charities.  Full details, here.

Brought to you by the UW visual communication graduates, Ben Shown and Alanna MacGowan. They first initiated the "HELLO Poster Show" last year exhibiting over 30 silkscreened wonderful prints inspired by the greeting 'hello.' as a fundraising event.

Here are some of my favs from last year. You can see all HELLO prints here.



Some Fun Events This Saturday

There's couple of fun things going on this the weather is supposed to be nice!!

Champagne Truffle: Henry Gift Shop project #6 (the final project) Tea Party reception, March 27, 2-4:30pm, open now through April 11

Champagne Truffles with Maki Tamura, Nicholas Nyland, Jennifer Campbell, Ian Toms and me, Saya Moriyasu.  5  artists along with Matthew Offenbacher transformed the space with wallpaper, live webcam of a cat colony, videos and precious belongings.  Feel free to come and hang out in the space, eat lunch, watch the kitties and write in the journal.  

Henry Art Gallery:Unieversity of Washington
15th Ave NE and NE 41st
Seattle, WA, 98195

Spring Open House with 4 floors of resident artists, 3 bands and food & drinks to keep you happy! Open House, March 27, 2-8pm

peruse the Hiawatha Artists Lofts open studios 3pm-6pm
mingle with the 60+ residents & their neighborhood support the Hiawatha Artists in their first annual silent auction 3pm-6pm listen to one resident musician & two visiting bands from S. California & Portland 6:30pm-8:10pm
check out the little café that caffienates our residents....amongst our other neighboring specialty businesses enjoy the new neighborhood developments as we can walk freely down a beautiful new sidewalk share a yellow truck from Georgetown called  H A L L A V A....yes bring your cash, they will be here from 2pm until the food runs out!

Jackson Place Community, Hiawatha Artist Loft
843-855 Hiawatha Place South
Seattle, WA, 98144



Events: Urban Planning with Sieverts

There's a series of really interesting events happening in Seattle this week from July 1st-3rd concerning the idea of urban planning specifically in Seattle and Burien (interesting combo). Occasioned by Thomas Sieverts, there will be discussions, film showings, and exhibits surrounding this topic.

Suddenly Presents: Sieverts in Seattle and Burien, July 1-3, 2009

Our cities surprise and confound us by scrambling the categories we
use to plan and understand them. At once dense and sprawling, crowded
and empty, urban but centerless, dynamic and stalled, the landscape
where we live defies planning and leaves us with little grasp of its
meanings or pleasures. Yet it is the product of our choices,
individually and as a public: we live here now. So, what can we make
of it? Suddenly will bring art and food and public conversation to
bear on the common cause of making meaning and life in the landscape
where we live now — as it is, as we are, as best we can.

We're thinking of checking these events below:

Wednesday July 1
7:30 pm “Urban Aesthetics,” lecture by Thomas Sieverts (at Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave., Seattle, $5 suggested donation)

Friday July 3: (if you can splurge...this dinner sounds really amazing)
Corridor Project closing dinner at 6pm hosted by Michael Hebb,with Matthew Stadler and Thomas Sieverts in conversation, including a celebration of “suddenly: where we live now, the visual chronicle;” (see for details). It's $40 for the dinner
The documentation of the Corridor Project IIII: Habitat: will be on display. The opening of the Exhibition is open to the public and begins at 9pm in Occidental Plaza in Pioneer Square.
Corridor Project IIII is an exploration of the wilderness and landscape of the Interstate 5. Michael Hebb, Hannes Wingate and Michael McManus discovers what it means to live, eat, and create a habitat for 3 days in one of the freeways generous median areas. (crazy!!)


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Open Studio at Piano Nobile

This is another exciting Seattle based design/art studio opening, Piano Nobile. I was stoked to hear from Jamie (of Iacoli & McAllister) that their studio is right in Ballard! We're coming near to our anniversary of living in our new house in Ballard, and I'm excited to learn about all the new and fun things/places/people around the neighborhood.

Piano Nobile is having their studio opening TODAY, 4-6pm. Should be fun to check out their space and day dream about having a studio collective space.Check out their shop, too!

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JOIN Design Show Update Part 2

So Finally! Went through all the photos we took...all 200+ of them! Phew!!
You can see the crowd and the space at Ouch My Eye. The sun lit room made the space look even more amazing. Here's all the designs that were at the show. Remember, the show will be up through July, 12th, and the gallery will also be open late for First Thursday Art Walk on July 2nd.
Above: Graypants , Grain, Elisa WerblerAbove: Frame Lamp by Iacoli & McAllister, Paper Flower Shade by Lit, Peep Show Shade by Andrea Claire, Scrap by Graypants, Porcailine shade by Heath Bultman.Above: Pedestals by Iacoli & McAllister, Ceramic Cans by Jason Neufeld, Doily Clock by Stanley Ruiz, Hookup by Fruitsuper Design, "Pour"by Elisa Werbler, Recycled leather sculpture by Submaterial. Necklaces by Stanly Ruiz, Wood & Corian rings by Iacoli & McAllister, Cryon Rings by Timothy Liles, Cinder Block necklace by Kiel Mead.
Hairpiece, and mirror necklaces by FortyFive-09.Above are some of the figures I made for the Chalk-It-To-Me Series along with the Buddha figure and Piggy Bank. I provided bunch of various colored chalk and people went crazy on all the Chalk-It-To-Me figures. It was fun to see the progression of what people drew as the night went on. As you can see that what used to be the handsome black panther got turned into a drag queen panther.... Good times. :D
I especially enjoyed the art installations and art work by (knee shy). They have a wonderfully analytical, but humorous way of commenting about the audacity of our everyday behaviors and interactions. They didn't begin working on their piece until arriving in Seattle allowing their journey here to inspire them to document a movement of their own creation: O.N.W.A.R.D: Our Nation Want Airport Re-Design. Their installed piece mocked humanity's futile efforts to improve airports by adding things like bad art and crappy shopping to our air travel experiences. Pretty funny stuff.
Brite Collective has a section in the show with all the Brite Lites are displayed. It was fun to see them again in the gallery context and I think it got a lot of people curious and interested in it! Become a Brite Collective facebook fan and get all our updates plus other design-related Seattle happenings!
More of Tricia's Bread Friend Map. It was even more impressive to see the bread board that she had someone custom made for her. I love all the adorable playful doodles that people did through out the map, too!
There's seriously too many photos! You can see MORE on our Flickr!


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JOIN Design Show Update Part 1

Dylan took out the memory card from the camera and I couldn't upload them today! AH!
But thanks to Tricia Martin...who did her homework already! I'm borrowing some of her photos for this post. Thanks Tricia. :D
The Ctlr+Alt+Design opening this Friday was AWE-SOME!! The show looked amazing, and it was a great turn out with more people than I expected. Well...I didn't know what to expect, but there were tons of support not only from friend & family, but also from local Seattle businesses as well as design professionals. We've met lots of interesting new people and found out how so many people are connected!
The show is at Ouch My Eye Gallery and will be up through July 12th. The gallery is this incredible loft space just north of SAFECO field. The show looked especially professional and stunning because of the space and what the guys had done at Ouch. I would love to work...or even live there!Here's the amazing progress of how the Seattle Bread Friend Map was growing! That was totally fun to have at the opening. It was interesting to see how people are connected! The bread was also DELECIOUS!! We even took a little bit home at the end of the night. :D
I made this little chalk piggy bank to accept donations. Although we didn't make a million, we did receive a whole $20 bill! Many thanks to the generous person! We will indeed HEART you very much. And the other person who put in 0.50 cents. We HEART you, too...AND everyone who showed up for support of course!

More photos to come soon!


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