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L&G at NYIGF Aug 19-Aug 22

L&G and JOIN returns to the New York International Gift Fair 2012 with home goods and personal accessories from ten independent West Coast based studios.

Among the new work featured will be porcelain axes and fortune cookies from Aleksandra Pollner, marbled ceramic vessels from Fleet Objects, picnic blankets and stackable snowmen from fruitsuper design, hemp wrapped hand mirrors from Grain, copper necklaces from Iacoli & McAllister, color stained stoneware bowls from Ladies &Gentlemen Studio, art pouches and camera straps from Little Paper Planes, totes and straps from Meet Me Here, hand-printed tea towels and trays from Piano Nobile, and key holders and wallets from Studio Gorm.

Find us in the JOIN booth next to the American Design Club at the Jacob K. Javits Center, Lobby Level 2, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm August 19 - 21; 2:00 - 6:00 pm on August 22.



Aug 2011 NYIGF Wrap up!

Here's a recap of the JOIN at the NYIGF for the 3rd time!

This time with us being in the lobby outside of the Accent on Design area turned out to be a MUCH more pleasant of a space to be in...especially when the sun is out! Just look at how everything shines on the table!

Above: New server colors and cake servers from L&G, and colorful big Silicone ring by fruitsuper....and NO they're NOT eraser rings!

Here we got Chelsea H. from plainMADE getting a little sun tanning sesh at the Javits....

Photos above by Grain

New frame light colors from Iacoli & McAllister.

Also this time being next to AmDC made it 100 times more fun, too!

photo by Steph Mantis

Here are some highlights from AmDC's booth:

Bracelets made with mix marble cuts celebrating the colors & patterns of the various types of stone. By Chen Chen & Kai Tsien Williams.

Chika & I got to trade with Patrick Kim for one of his clever wooden tons and these lovely cutting boards with a simple rubber band at the end to keep it from slipping around.  Clever AND thoughtful...

Beautiful & sleek glass vessels from Felicia Ferrone based out of Chicago. 

Playful two-headed animal necklaces in various metals by Steph Mantis! (and yes... exclamation mark is required when referring to Steph!)

 ...and of course, we wouldn't feel complete at the NYIGF until we have some sort of birthday celebration! and this year is no exception...

Here's Chika with her doughnut birthday cake composed by me and Christa (of blkPINE bags). This is second time celebrating Chika's bday at the Javits and we went all out and made a doughnut tower with yummy doughnuts from Doughnut Plant....surrounded with coconut macaroons, strawberry Pocky sticks, and flower pom pom with napkins provided by the Javits.

Yes...I know...only a master mind & a true artist can create such master piece such as this. Christa and I took MAD pride in carefully piling the doughnuts up and sprucing it all up...and all the  grease spots on the box only shows how much thought went into this...



L&G and JOIN friends at NYIGF Aug13-Aug18

We can't believe it's already been a WHOLE year since we debut our work at the NYIGF last year...the year went by super fast and we don't really remember what really happened...but all I can say is that this whole experience of having our own studio so far has been more than amazing, and it's been reassuring for us that we can actually make it work!  

...and in finding the need to give ourselves a little pat on our backs, we decided to celebrate a little by getting a cake! I love that I can write off things like this as an business expense!

We even used the cake to shoot along with our new items that we'll be bring to the NYIGF this August: New pastel Superior server colors, Vintage Superior cake servers, ceramic Salt & Pepper Pawz, and Terracotta Piggy banks!

So yeah...It's been a crazy year where it felt like so much has happened yet I can barely remember it all.  Does that make sense?....and is that normal?

I think perhaps it's the fact that we're still learning the art of juggling everything and learning how to be our own bosses...and do everything be a designer, product developer, maker, project manager, blogger, photographer, sales rep,  accountant, PR, creative director, packer, shipper, and the person to wash dishes, etc.

Less assure you that i'm NOT trying to brag....seriously...

Nonetheless, we're still totally psyched for this August NYIGF where 8 of us design studios under JOIN will  be next to other talented peeps from American Design Club and “A+: The Young Designers’ Platform.” We'll all going to join forces and showcase our work outside the entrance to Accent on Design in the lobby area. 

Yes...nothing like partying in the lobby at the Javits Convention Center!! Woot woot!

Check out what everyone gots to bring!

New print from  R&L goods.

Hex Opener by Iacoli & McAllister 


Hung by Grain 


Canoe Canvas Pack by Blk Pine Workshop


  Bows Scarf by PlainMADE

2012 Naturalist Almanac by Free Time Industries 

SBiR Rings by friutsuper designSBiR Rings by friutsuper design

More info:

The New York International Gift Fair ( is located at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, 655 W 34th Street in New York, and will be open 9:00 am - 6:00 pm August 14 - August 17, 2011 and Noon - 6:00 pm August 18, 2011.



Setting High Standards

I met these guys from Fort Standards for the first time at the Feburary NYIGF in the AmDC booth, and was totally psyched that I got to trade for one of their charming merit badge necklaces.

...and since then...only being about 5 months later, they've designed & launched a BUNCH of new amazing products at this year's ICFF.

I was totally psyched to see these AMAZING Elevate tables made with crazy marble tops & white oak!! Mostly love the detail of the center notch and the clean construction of the triangle legs.
and of course me being a total sucker for terrariums...I have to love this: Terra-terrarium stand...that spins!
These classy Foundation tables are made with teak & stacked marble at the base. Clean, simple and cleverly constructed as well.
MAD Aluminum stool....just handsome.
I'm just so amazed by the scope of their work...and admire their sense for great details & general sensibility.
....Way to raise the bar on that one...and make all of us look bad!



JOIN at NYIGF 2011 Report

We were excited to see the friendly folks at the American Design Club (AmDC) and check out what new exciting works was at their booth.
Started by Kiel Mead around the same time as when Jamie started JOIN, AmDC is like the East coast version of JOIN; A grass root design collective with a common goal to promote and showcase emerging US design studios and designers. A wonderful collection of silver cast jewelery & accessories by Kiel Mead. I love his new "Pennant Flag" necklace where each flag is movable!
Simple & clever wooden tongs by Patrick Kim / Charming wooden "Merit Badge" necklaces by Fort Standard. Elegantly modern "Tool" pendant & rings by Silvia Bradhsaw / Faceted "Octagon Face" hanging lamp by Brendan Ravenhill.
Beautifully grotesque "Swell Vase" made with insulation foam & produce mesh by Chen Chen / Playful faceted wooden "Balancing Blocks" by Fort Standard / Flocked "Coatknob" by Brian Persico / "Tendril" lamps by Chen Chen. It's always so fun to connect with the delightful folks from AmDC and learning about them, what they do, and all that fun stuff. It made me realize that we actually have more in common than most people's perception about the east & the west coast...
As emerging designers, we have a lot in common in our situations, goals, values, and interest....and can totally geek out over tools, machines, materials, and other random topics like how the sound of falling wood blocks is oh so satisfying....

So really..we're not that different at all...we're all just people trying to make the best out of ourselves, pursue our creative dreams and live a fulfilling life...we're like a bunch of little fishies in the big ocean!...or in this particular the big Javits convention center with way over-priced mediocre food & at least, we can all bond over that....
Then on one of the days, we got to celebrate Chelsea from Grain's Birthday! ..or should I say...Happy Boozeday!
Hey...we all needed a little break for having to be at the Javits for 5 days straight!! This shall be a good bi-annual tradition from now on. :)
After a long day at the Javits...there's nothing like shoving good ol' greasy comfort food in our faces at the crazy Hill Country BBQ (This is as far to Texas as I'm willing to go....) along with the folks from AmDC.
and this was how it all went down.... greasy bbq ribs, cornbread, collard greens, and couple of sweet vodka with ginger ale...
....aaaaand I'm out.



Snow Covered New York City

Took these photos when we flew into NYC for the NYIGF......never flown to a city covered in snow like this...
How amazing...
As much as I dread walking around NYC in the snow....I still can't deny how pretty it is....



JOIN us at NYIGF 2011

For our second national show, JOIN has combined forces once again along with 6 other Northwest design studios to launch a series of new products and accessories at the New York International Gift Fair January 30th - February 3rd, 2011.

JOIN will be located in booth #3916 in Accent on Design.

We're stoked to see some exciting new things from our friends!R&L goods' new linen button scarves. (That's Dylan & I...ha ha)

Iacoli & McAllister's brass & suede adjustable necklaces,

Meet Me Here's recycled banner bag with a nice finishing touch of the leather handles.

plainMADE's perfect spring silk scarves

Grain's new hand mirror handbound with natural twine.

BLK Pine's new canvas bag line.



L&G's New Things!

We know that the winter holiday has just past...but this also means its time to launch some new items for 2011 Spring/Summer! I know I'm ready for it!

here's a quick intro of our new additions:

This little piggy has a twist!: A new, limited edition (of 100) Chalk-it-to-me Piggy Bank with a knotted leather tail.

Superior Server Blues: We added a handsome new spring color - Vintage Aqua - to the Superior Server family!

Porcelain Gem Necklaces: Hand-cast ceramic gem stone necklaces highlighted along with various type chains.
Some of these new items will be launched at this coming NYIGF with JOIN!
has combined forces once again along with 6 other Northwest design
studios to launch a series of new products and accessories at the
New York International Gift Fair January 30th - February 3rd, 2011.

Hurray for new things!


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AUG 2010 NYIGF Wrap Up

Alright, this is totally late...and we apologize, but here's a quick little photo montage of JOIN's premiere New York Gift Fair two weeks ago. We had a great time, the booth looked cowabunga, and there was great interest in JOIN and L&G's goods, so high five for all!

We're toting up to head on back to Seattle at last... Bye bye NY...for now. Before we jet-set, here's the brief run down of the show:

The good-looking JOIN crew in front of the booth, followed by some action shots throughout the fair:

The collage below is from the breakdown of the show, which was an amazing sight. Thousands of elaborate booths being broken down in 4-6 hours... complete pandemonium yet an amazing orchestration at the same time...just like the Big Apple itself! We'll miss it for sure as we settle back into sleepy little Ballard tonight.

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L&G Printe Materials for NYIGF

Finally got to whip out my original Gocco printer since when I first got it at the age of 8! It was one of things where I lugged all the way from Taiwan and to all the places I ever lived but can only remember using it a handful of times....if that many.

But I wanted to make original L&G cards made out of vintage fliers, and what better way to do this than with the Gocco printer!!I want my future family to look like this....
And here's our product line sheet packet to hand out at the gift fair.
I even bribed some friends with food & wine to help with the assembling them....thanks Lauren, Nathan, Christine & Nick!! I'm lucky to have friends who are always game for all the "work" parties that I host! :D



The Launch!

Those who have visited our site in the last day (you know you look like everyday...) may have noticed a much needed update has been executed to celebrate the release of our new products in time for the NYIGF this Aug 15-19th: Chalk it to me Piggy (v2.0) and Superior Servers.

We're very excited about these two labors of love.


You may have followed Jean's multi-part mini-series on the birth of our Chalk it to me Piggy...well he's finally almost all grown up and ready to take on the world. This proud parent has to say he's looking pretty handsome eh?

Superior servers is another vintage inspired line of brightly color coated serving ware. These dandy serving pieces will class up your dinner service than most parties at your grandma's. Each piece is available in 3 lovely colors that can be mixed and matched to your fancy.
You can go to our website to see it all!



Who's the (em)!

Ok....I've been pretty brain dead lately so forgive me on that title.

Yup still frantic getting ready for NYIGF but just had to share this little excitement that we'll be bringing with us!!
It's our own special L&G embosser!

We've always been wanting to use one of these babies whenever we find old notary this was a perfect frivolous to get, and we're already getting a good use out of it!!

I used it on envelops
vintage postcards...why gold stickers of course!
napkins... I mean..why not, right?! I can spend all day embossing a pile of these.
I might as will emboss a whole roll of toilet paper!
Yeah.... I'm all about doing things in the least time efficient & least economical way. Dylan asks why I do the things I spending too much time writing a blog posts, why we're spending more for vintage postcards and still have to print them and now...embossing several hundred individual business cards & stickers. He tries to suggest that we should focus more on bigger priority things and manage our time better, but I just ignore him when he says stuff like that and pretend that I didn't hear it. I'm sure he does the same thing sometimes, too.
So it's mutually acceptable. :) 




Ladies & Gentlemen Studio  (yup! that's us!) 

L&G is frantically gearing up to head over to NY for the upcoming New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF) this August 15-19th. Part of the main reason we're even able to do this is because JOIN:Design Seattle!
We'll be debuting our original items for the first time along with 9 other wonderful studios from the Northwest and represent! Woot! Woot!
Everyone's products will be in booth #3912 in Accent on Design section, and we'll be there looking pretty and excited to share our new stuff!

On top of all this, we were able to get our amazingly talented photographer friend Kyle Johnson to do wonderful portrait shots of each studio for the press release & JOIN catalogue.
Check them out! I just love seeing everyone's spaces and how Kyle really captured every personalities. Pat on the back for Kyle!

Iacoli & McAllister (and Mies!...that white furry ball of cuteness on Jamie's lap!)

Grain ( we're still jealous of their studio/home on Bainbridge!)
R&L Goods (aka randL/Chikabird....yay! no more name confusion! Chika & a clone of myself.)

BlkPine Workshop (also owners of Maiden Noir, Cafe Weekend, and too many other things)
Erich Ginder (and his new adorable little baby girl!)
 plainMADE (excited that I just ordered one her amazing silk scarves!)
Urbancase (Just look at them amazing wood he uses for his furniture...)

Free Time Industries (I just love the colors of this entire photo and their outfits!)

Can this get any more exciting?? Actually I think exciting doesn't quite cut it.....this is gonna be EPIC!



Slip Casting Fun: Part III

Here's our third update on our slip casting process!!
Last post was all about making the master form and the mold. I know....totally boring....but now the really fun part where we actually get to make real things!!

Here's how it goes:
The 2 part plaster molds are held together by couple of thick rubber bands. Once assembled, pour pre-mixed, pre-configured clay slip into the mold. Start timing! It's pretty amazing how primitive this whole process is, but it totally works!

So here's Heath pouring slip into one of his molds.
Here's my little gem shaped mold with slip poured in.
The slip sits in the mold and the plaster in the mold eventually absorbs the water from the clay. This will harden the clay body and create a wall thickness all around the shape inside. Once it achieves the ideal wall thickness, we pour out the rest of the slip and just let it sit for a bit!
Here we have Dylan trying to blow in the mold thinking it would speed up the drying process....but that's not proven to be very time efficient.... So do not follow his technique. :P
My slip cast gem taken out of the mold after the clay had hardened. You can see where the pour spout and the parting line is where the molds met. All that has to be trimmed and cleaned up afterward. This is the fun part for someone who's a little OCD like's a totally gratifying step to just use some tools to trim and clean everything up so it looks all nice and neat!
And here are some finished trimmed gems & critter paws!
.....and here's our first trimmed piggy!! YAY!!
OUR FIRST BABY!!I've never had a baby...but considering how much I had to go through to get this baby out, I'd imagine the feeling of accomplishment and love is similar to delivering an actual one.....I'm 95% positive...
Except this baby saves money....unlike a real human baby which in contrast would COST a lot of money...I hope this baby pig will be a good investment. :)

So here's our first batch of some fired pieces!! I can't explain how awesome it is to be able to start with some liquid clay and end up with finished products that we designed! It just totally makes me really appreciate the art of slip casting. Even though it's more of a production process, it still required so much time & care in every step of the process to make it nice. And finally....a finished & glazed piggy! WOO HOO!!
We didn't have the right type of black glaze for this first just glazed it white. So this one still isn't the real deal (Sorry for all the build up)
But I just feel the need to share this one because it is our first child!!  Yes..we'll totally be the type of parents to take a BUNCH of photos of their first child and then don't bother with the second child...

We designed it with simplicity of form and function in mind...we want as much smooth surfaces to maximize the chalkable surface, also designed it so the pour spout (where we pour the slip) is actually the piggy's snout! Eh? You like that??
But really...we just wanted to make a simple mold that we can easily do ourselves. :DGranted this little piggy have cost us more than we want to think about...we still believe that it'll all be worth it in the end. We really hope we'll get our return when we launch the real thing at the NYIGF!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!



L&G Vintage Postcards

Despite the fact that the products we're planning on showing at the NYIGF aren't even fully flushed out yet, I've decided to jump ahead anyways designing our handouts & postcards. Even though there are other WAY more higher priority things that I should be doing...But I just can't help I need my instant gratification with small projects like this to feel more accomplished....

These are just some iterations....I'd like to silkscreen or Gocoo print over all these one of a kind vintage postcards.  I just love the quality of how they feel, look, and....oh how I even love the slight dusty old basement smell!  I know spending time to print them individually for these postcards isn't the best solution in terms of saving time or money. But it's more satisfying this way to make something fun (at least for now!), plus it's all the small details that counts, right?

It's especially funny since I recently read this post from Chelsea of plainMADE doing the same thing where she's also printing her own postcards (they're beautiful though!)....and the idea of "impractical" labor.

I like that I'm not the only one being "impractical" and "ineffecient" :D

But really, there's no right or wrong about how to go about things like this. I think if ultimately someone grabs one of our postcards and feel the NEED to keep it because it feels more special, then all the work & time is well worth it!

I like the idea that whoever takes it will want to keep it for whatever reason and put our card on their fridge or inspirations board...or even if someone is moving and is going through their things that they'll look at our card and decides to put it in the keep pile amongst other valuable & inspirational photos/cards/letters and takes it with them.

Wouldn't that be nice?....I think so.