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L&G Lights in The Cedars Residence by Michael Yarinsky

Originally built in 1883, The Cedars sits between the bay and the sound, at the entrance to the quiet town of Orient, New York. Michael Yarinsky Studio worked with their client to create a beautiful and playfully decorated home, referencing the natural environment surrounding the property. L&G’s lighting is featured throughout, including the Myrna Pendant, Maru, Shape Up 3 Piece, Shape Up Globe, Spun Pendant and Aura.

Photography: Charlie Schuck



Launching Iso Swing Arm Lights

We’re really excited to share a new lighting series, name Iso. Iso began with consideration towards a common problem: how to create impactful, functional overhead lighting without a ceiling electrical box.

Addressing this challenge with three simple elements, Iso's single rotating armature elegantly cantilevers from the wall by the lamp's cord to strategically place a globe light source right where it needs to be. The result is an elemental sculpture of functionality in which each of the lamp's elements work together to define its use as well as its form.

Iso installs directly into a wall by two screw points and plugs directly into a wall outlet - eliminating the need for a dedicated junction box or need for an electrician. The arm's adjustable pivot allows the lamp to be positioned and repositioned as the use of a space evolves.

Available in two sizes, 60" and 30", Iso is suitable for installation over dining tables, sofas, or bedside.

A special selection of materials range from brass to tonal texture powder coats accented by a new selection of color-washed glass globes in a subtle yet elegant pearl-like finish.

Glass Globes.jpg

Get more information on Large Iso, and Small iso Swing arm lights for your next project!



(L&G) + (NYC x Design) = NEW EXCITEMENT!

L&G is proud to introduce two entirely new collections debuting at the upcoming NYC x Design week starting May 17-20th.

MIRAGE- A collection of optic-bending furniture from shelves to tables.

MARU- A collection of lighting and accessories that explores the functional and aesthetic versatility of mix materials in all types of circular forms.  

Check out the collection HERE.

For the past month, we've been practically running on non-stop adrenaline straddling between excitement, caffeine,  and sleep deprivation while gearing up to launch 2 collections, 7 new products, at 5 venues during NYC x Design 2013!  

For the past month, we've been practically running on non-stop adrenaline straddling between excitement, caffeine,  and sleep deprivation while gearing up to launch 2 collections, 7 new products, at 5 venues during NYC x Design 2013!  

Here are the list of events that we'll be part of!

1. NOHO NEXT 2013 (we will be there, so come say hello!) @ Subculture, 45 Bleecker Street; May 17–20, 12pm to 7pm. Dylan & I will be there in person while exhibiting our brand new collections Mirage & Maru- a series of work from furniture, lighting, to small home accessories.

2. AmDC’s TROPHY  @ Underground at The Standard, East Village Hotel, 25 Cooper Square; May 17–20 / 12pm to 7pm. We'll be exhibiting our special mirage shelves.

3. RECLAIM x 2  @ 446 Broadway, 3rd Floor; Thursday, May 16, 2013 / 7pm- 11pm. We've donated special one-off editions of L&G wind chimes made in collaboration with artist Nicholas Nyland for Reclaim's second charity sale. 

4. STDARD SOCKET @ Wanted Design- 269 11th Avenue; May 18th-20th / 10am-7pm. Our ‘Full Turn’ lighting will be displayed as part of Standard Socket’s inaugural lighting collection.

5. STORY @ 144 10th Ave; May 1st-May 30th / 11-7pm. We're part of STORY's ever changing retail concept store offering some small gift & home goods at their current [DESIGN] theme popup shop.




Here's the second half list of the participating studios!

13. Ladies & Gentlemen Studio:  That's us... Jean & Dylan (also co-organizer of the popup, Brite Collective, and JOIN)  like to keep a diverse array of things from chalkable piggy banks, to servers, to jewelery, to serving trays, and even lights.  Some might call it lack of commitment, but they prefer to call it diversification!

14. Material Good:  Founded on a vision that a company can include working for a cause in it's core vision, material good donates a portion of all sales to causes that promote curing and preventing cancer.  Their "Little Shirley" vases are an homage to founder Lauren Burman's grandmother, who inspired the idea for Material Good.

15. Meet Me Here: Jonas DeVerona creates simple well-constructed bags, accessories and clothes with quality materials and a keen eye for details.

16. Metrode: Caitlin collaborates with skilled small town hobbyist & crafters to create products in their craft with her creative vision and aesthetic.  The result is an elevation of traditional crafts beyond kitsch to the point of high design.

17. Object: Photographer Charlie Schuck is a man of many visions, but fortunately for us he has a soft spot for design.  Through the opening of Object, a Belltown design store and event space he champions good design with a minimally curated collection of furniture, lighting, home goods, jewelry, accessories, and vintage objects.

18. Paper Hammer: A paper studio/shop founded by Ed Marquand  (of Marquand Books - Seattle publishing company) that's all about bring back art of paper goods and book binding.  Their studio based in Tieton (a small Eastern Washington town recently revitalized as an artist town) creates their goods with the loving care that few care to give to papergoods these days.

19. Perhacs Studio: Founded by Brandon Perhacs and based on Bainbridge Island, the studio creates graphically playful products many of which can be customized by their users.

20. R&L goods:  Jean & Chika whip up a lovely collection of handmade wallets, notebooks, and other softgoods with prints in collaboration with Piano Nobile.

21. Studio Arno: A brand new company founded by Justin Lyle who makes sophisticated modern bolo ties using an array of exotic woods.

22. Ta+Ma:  We love Designer Tamae Satsu's eye for details and materials in her line of simple soft goods made from high quality leather and felt.

23. Urbancase:  Darin Montgomery of Urbancase is all about designing objects and spaces that contribute to a simpler, pared back lifestyle. 




On behalf of Brite Collective & JOIN, I'd like to just share what all this VALUE SHOP excitement is about!  We now have 20+ design studios which we'll feature at the VALUE (pop-up) SHOP for this coming weekend!!

We got some design "O.G."s, but also some new friends in the mix! Here's a sneak peak & a little something about each of the designers  alphebetaically ordered starting with the first half of the list....

1. Ample: Is a modern furniture & lighting studio founded by Andy Johnson.  The studio produces everything right here in Seattle, Washington with a strong preference for local materials and a deep conviction that furniture can and should be built to last a lifetime - or two 

2. Aleks Pollner: Ceramic porcelain artist who tests our perception of precoius porcelain objects and what it  means when things are just meant to be broken.

3. Ashley Helvey: the multi-talented textile artist, stylist, foodie, prolific blogger, and ultra-skilled thrifter. 

4. Blkpine Workshop: Christa Thomas & Nin Troung (also the co-organizers of this popup) have this amazing knack for juggling multiple creative businesses and roles at once. They are the founders/designers of Blkpine Workshop (Seattle-made bags),  Maiden Noir (menswear brand), Cafe Weekend (a delightful cafe), and on top of that Nin's a creative director for Stussy.  And we think we're busy with just one studio!

5. Brackish:  An up & coming furniture company founded by Forest Eckley & Andy Whitcomb.  Their thoughtful approach to design is based on a simple balance of carefully salvaged materials to create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are equal parts warm and industrial.

6. Erich Ginder: A PNW native who draws upon natural and traditional imagery from his youth to create fresh, playful remixes of classic forms.

7. fruitsuper: A seattle duo that puts the fun in fundamental with their simple, colorful, and functional products.

8. Glasswing: A collective founded by three roommates (Forest, also part of Brakish, Alisa, and Sean)who see eye-to-eye in all the little things that matter for living a quality life.  They have a shared interest which sent them on a mission to gather the best sources for delightful everyday essentials from scented homemade candles, honey from nearby farms, accessories, and more.

9. Grain:  Our Bainbridge Island-based friends whose thoughtful designs are dedicated to social and environmental responsibility.  Their goods are produced in small batches at their island studio or through special collaborations with expert artisans in the US and abroad.

10. Herman Yu:  A Seattle designer who creates beautiful printed cards and calendars featuring artfully manipulated natural images that are simultaneously graphic and ethereal.

11. Iacoli & McAllister:  A collaboration between Jamie Iacoli and Brian McAllister that yields an impressive line up of lighting, furniture, jewelry, and small products.  Their work never ceases to be an amazing intersection of materials and geometry.

12. Jessalin Beutler:  A collection of accessories and clothes that are feature bold geographic patterns HAND-painted by Jessalin herself!

So yah......quite a list already, eh? This is like rounding up all the super hereos with all their super making powers!

Well, guess what? we're only at the half way point! More designers to follow for part 2!


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Natural Selection Lookbook FINISHED!

We're SOOOOO very excited to share our very first lookbook!
We simply can't wait to share this 70 page lookbook with y'all through the magic of the world wide web!
click "EXPAND" to see it full screen! (This whole online publishing is freakin' amazing!)

Launching Natural Selection has been a total learning experience for us. It challenged us in so many great ways and also lead us to so many wonderful opportunities to collaborate with talented people we've admired.
Besides this being first attempt in creating a furniture & lighting product line, it was also our first collaborative project with an artist, Ashley Helvey, our first time having a professional photographer like Charlie Schuck help us take fantastic studio shots, our first time showing at Noho Design District during NY Design Week, which then lead to our first feature in Surface Magazine!
We couldn't be any happier with all the great responses we've been getting so far!
We really hope that this can lead to some more exciting opportunities down the line! 

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Natural Selection Lookbook Sneak Peek!

We've been working long and hard....(mostly long) on putting together a lookbook for our Natural Selection collection we launched back in May during NY Design Week!

We wanted to create a visual guide that communicates our vision & inspiration behind the collection.  More and more, we realized just how much of the PNW surrounding has influenced us and our work. Whenever we go on nature walks, we end up collecting random nature findings, taking a ton of photos of everything we see...colors, texture, shapes, materials, and scenery with the hope of capturing all the wonderful feelings we experience when being out in nature....

The Natural Selection collection is very much about how we reinterpret the humility and warmth that nature provides.

Here are just some of outdoor shots we took around our neighborhood in Seattle for the lookbook! (which we'll soon share!)     








L&G Sale at Remodelista Market

Dylan & I will be part of next weekend's Remodelista Market at Dwell on Design in LA, June 22-24th. Along with our other JOIN friends (Blk Pine Workshop, Grain, Fleet Objects, fruitsuper, Iacoli & McAllister, R&L goods), we'll all be selling our goods there!

We will be bringing an array of goods such as our classic chalk piggy bank, homestead candlesticks,  Salt & Pepper Pawz, our new Aura lights, and some brand new Perimeter Tray color this one!

We love how fresh and bold it looks & feels!

We're also excited to be showing some Bloc necklaces! We're especially excited about these photos for our Bloc necklace lookbook (coming soon!)

We're so thankful that we got the help from our multi-talented friends!  Charlie Schuck who took the photos, and Ashley who styled the shoot! 

So lots of exciting things will be happening around Dwell on Dwell! We're totally stoked! So if you happened to be in LA, come say hello and see our new work in person!!




NDD Report on Sight Unseen

Check out everything that Monica & Jill (from Sight Unseen) did for Noho Design District including our Ovis Chair & Aura light at Zero + Maria Cornejo.

See the full post HERE!

It was seriously amazing to see all the shows, spaces, and works they coordinate and organized for the entire neighborhood of Noho during New York Design week. I don't know how they did it all...but my suspicion is that they just don't ever sleep. Yup.


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Getting ready for NY Design Week!

We've been feeling like Super Mario Brothers for the past week and a half trying to pass every level of finishing our products, taking photos of our work, editing the photos, sending out a newsletter & press releases,  pack & shipping our furniture & lights so it'll get to NY in time, remembering to pack our clothes (and underwear), making sure our water bottle doesn't have any water in them when going through security,  and remembering to put our shampoo, contact solution, utility knife, hammers, drill bits & screws in the checked luggage and NOT in our carry on.... 

It's usually stressful leading up to catching the flight, but once we're on the plane we feel we can at least relax a little being so far away from work...and instead be able to enjoy a view like this....the high altitude sunset and little itty bitty frost crystals that forms on the neat.

Then we land in NY....and then it's back to frantic town all over again!! So now we're on to the next challenging level of dealing with all the logistics in New York to set up our work up in time for Noho Design District!! And this level is all about doing errands in middle of Manhattan....WITH A MINI VAN! And boy did we let loose on the horn.

It's only been our first full day in NY and we're already exhausted from all the rush and trying to get everything set up!!! Luckily there was enough adrenalin going through both of us that kept us from just passing out....'s what we did and some photos of our first day

11am-1pm Arrived at Zero + Maria Cornejo to scope out the space and figure out a plan of attack on how we can set up our lights, hanging chair, floor chair, side tables and plant hangers.

Lovely window display of paper cranes in Z+MC

And me (Jean) getting distracted/tempted by all the amazing beautiful Z+MC shoes & clothes.....

1pm-2pm: Went over to Heller Gallery in Meatpacking district to deliver our Nyth bowls  for RAW+UNFILTERED show by AmDC.  We got a little sneak preview and is totally psyched to have our works be shown amongst some amazing works there. Here's our bowls next to our table buddies, Fort Standard, who made these cast bronze candelabras!

2-4pm  did some major driving around where we borrowed a 10ft ladder that we somehow fit in the mini van, then  got a bunch of light bulbs at a hardware store, and went to this awesome plant called Plantworks for plants for our plant hangers.... I got to look at some AMAZING giant plants and cacti I wish I needed. I love NY for all their little mom & pop shops with the best things.  

430pm We set up a mobile work station in our friend's classy mini van and illegally parked for an hour and a half just to claim a street parking spot by 6pm...yah....parking in Noho, that's the kind of fun logistics we love. I know I should be ashamed to even admit doing something as desperate as camping out in a van just to claim a parking spot...but it was TOTALLY worth it for the spot right outside the shop and that we didn't have to pay $12/hr. Wow...I'm totally starting to sound like a cheap old lady!  yay!

6pm-8pm: Then for 2hrs all we were able to do is hang some Aura lights before everyone at the shop had to leave!! Despite the little progress we had, I was really happy with how the lights look in front of the amazing large scale photo of Maria's clothes by Mark Borthwick,  an artist/photographer and also Maria Cornejo's husband.  Talk about a super couple....seeesh!

So now....we gotta get up in butt crack of dawn to head over there and do the rest of the set up. woo hoo!!

more & more for later!

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The Bestest Giveaway

Our friends from Iacoli & McAllister is giving away one of their frame light!

Not sure why they would do such a crazy (but awesome) thing....but I won't stop them or say no to this!!
All you gots to do is leave a comment on the post or their FB page!

It's been exciting to see how they evolved over the years since they first started. Jamie & Brian are such great designers and the hardest working people I know, so it's seriously awesome to see that all their efforts are really paying off with how much exposure & positive response they've gotten thus far.

I'm loving all their new stuff!
You guys rock!!

PS. J&B....I'm not saying all this just so so you'd pick me for the give away....but then again, I won't stop you from doing so. (wink. smiley face. )



I'd Like to Make This...Chandelier

Our friend, Herman Yu informed us about LIndsey Adelman's work and her beautiful molecular-esque chandeliers. The combination of the organic blown glass shades and the machine-like metal brackets creates such a wonderful contrast and a beautiful sculptural piece. They seem to fit so well in both traditional and modern interiors. But what's EVEN more amazing is that Lindsey also provides a whole how-to-instruction with all the parts needed on her site, so you can create one of these beauties yourself!!I really want to try it!! It seems a little involved, but with some time, patience, some skills in wiring, and tolerance for couple of electric shocks ...I'm sure I'll be able to make one of these!
It'd be TOTALLY worth it!


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Bonbon Lamps by Ana Kraš

Designer, Ana Kraš from Serbia designed these series of fantastic Bonbon lamps with various simple lamp frames and strings.  I love the warmth and the lightness of the strings and how Ana uses various colors in sections. I also love the retro feel of the styling. I love it all...
great detail of how the cord threads through the frame.
Via Blosem

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JOIN Design Show Update Part 1

Dylan took out the memory card from the camera and I couldn't upload them today! AH!
But thanks to Tricia Martin...who did her homework already! I'm borrowing some of her photos for this post. Thanks Tricia. :D
The Ctlr+Alt+Design opening this Friday was AWE-SOME!! The show looked amazing, and it was a great turn out with more people than I expected. Well...I didn't know what to expect, but there were tons of support not only from friend & family, but also from local Seattle businesses as well as design professionals. We've met lots of interesting new people and found out how so many people are connected!
The show is at Ouch My Eye Gallery and will be up through July 12th. The gallery is this incredible loft space just north of SAFECO field. The show looked especially professional and stunning because of the space and what the guys had done at Ouch. I would love to work...or even live there!Here's the amazing progress of how the Seattle Bread Friend Map was growing! That was totally fun to have at the opening. It was interesting to see how people are connected! The bread was also DELECIOUS!! We even took a little bit home at the end of the night. :D
I made this little chalk piggy bank to accept donations. Although we didn't make a million, we did receive a whole $20 bill! Many thanks to the generous person! We will indeed HEART you very much. And the other person who put in 0.50 cents. We HEART you, too...AND everyone who showed up for support of course!

More photos to come soon!


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JOIN us at JOIN Design Show 6/12 FRIDAY

JOIN us for a celebration of 26+ fantastic designs from Seattle and across the states! Our next show, Ctrl+Alt+DESIGN will be opening on FRIDAY, JUNE, 12th from 7pm-Midnight.
Ouch My Eye Gallery is sponsoring the event by letting us use their awesome studio/gallery space with a bar and a new Cafe, Occhio. (Pronounced OH-KEE-OH)
This show is gonna be EPIC!! This is our first juried design show, and we were thrilled with the quality of work and design from the submissions.
There's a great selection of designers and design work from small accessories, jewelery, home decor, lighting, to furniture.

There will be music, all the designers and artists will be there, art installation by (knee shy), all of the BRITE lites, AND a one day only event at reception: Bread Friend Map by Tricia Martin. All I'm gonna say is, YOU+(2 x FOUR FOOT long loafs of bread)=AWESOME FRIEND MAP. If you wanna find out what all this is about, you just gotta come and check it out!! Here's a process shot of the homemade mega bread from Tricia....crazy.
Dylan and I are gonna have some smaller L&G designs there as well! ...Meet Mr. Rhino. Pleasure.
See you there!


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Hello! We apologize for the delay!! We held our first BRITE event on May, 16. We FINALLY went through the photos (I took 400+ photos!) and can now share with everyone what a fun event it was!


Just to backtrack a little, Dylan & I and Christa & Nin (from Cafe Weekend) teamed up to organize this design charrette (and a trial run) with a mission to start connecting people through interactive and spontaneous design activities. We're calling it the BRITE Collective.
For this first event: BRITE lite, LOCAL DESIGNERS & CRAFTERS teamed up to participate in a spontaneous 4 hour community scavenger hunt/design-build to create ready-made lamps from household and second hand materials.
There was a good turn out with 18 people (total of 9 teams) who participated that day. We asked people to bring materials to share with everyone and there were a great mix of lamps that came from it. We gave every team a BRITE lite kit...which I had a little too much fun with. :D
Everyone also got a special wooden BRITE badge! Our plan is to do that for every event! ...I mean , who wouldn't want to be rewarded for such accomplishments! A simple badge is a perfect item that says "HEY! I accomplished something today and that's a wonderful feeling! (blank stare and a giant stiff smile)" And THAT's pretty darn special, wouldn't you agree? We were all about making this event special. Christa even went and got some cheerful balloons!
It was a beautiful Seattle day so we were able to open the garage door at the Hiawatha community space and some people worked outside or walked to the nearby Goodwill Dearborn to hunt for interesting materials for their lights.
Nin and I were in charge of documentenging the event...we followed people around trying taking candid shots capturing their process at the Goodwill. And in the process of taking photos, I crept around like a creepy stalker trying not to get noticed....and also trying to stop myself from shopping. That was hard.Oh and look! Here's Steve with his new Friend! Apparently he decided to replace his hand with a rubber dinosaur head instead. Oh! all the wonderful things you can find!
It was so inspiring to creative energy in the room and see everyone brainstorming, sketching, playing ,and exploring with materials. It was just amazing to see everyone use ordinary things and turn it into something extraordinary!!
Okay I'll stop with the talking.. On with the results!
Here are some lights people made in 4 hours! Drum roll.....
Pair of hanging lights made with walnut edge banding and paper cups by Lindsay & Sena.
Table lamp made with stainless thermos and glass coffee pot by Joelle & Steve. Hanging shade made with wire ring, staples, and letter envelopes by Mat & Dylan. Table lamp wit braille paper and Stevie Wonder record at the base by Christine & Nick. Hanging chandelier made with mix match of magazine organizers by Chika & Cat.Come see TONS more photos here to see the entire process! The lights will also be exhibited at JOIN's Ctrl Alt Design show at Ouch My Eye, beginning June 12th, with the opening starting from 7-midnight.
If you like what you're seeing and would like to know about our future events, please join our BRITE facebook !


Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a very fun day and great way to kick off the BRITE Collective!!





Dylan & I are collaborating with Christa & Nin from Cafe Weekend on a new "arm" of JOIN design Seattle. It will provide a series of spontaneous and fun design events made to stimulate, inspire, and unite the Seattle design community. We're calling it Brite Collective.
Our first event, a charrette where small teams will create lamp designs from existing objects, will take place this coming Saturday at the Hiawatha Lofts in Seattle.

Here's a little preview from a trial run we did together couple Saturdays ago. The trial run was to help us go through the process in order to figure out the details when we host the actual was a's not us cheating! WE PROMISE YOU!
The challenge:
Design a lamp shade with pre-existing object as a team. Shop at Goodwill thrift store together and spend no more than $15 total for materials. Incorporate the color yellow.
Make a lamp in 3 hours.
The process: Went to Goodwill to scavenger hunt. Got some inspiration for forms and materials.We gathered everything and had it out on a table to narrow down our choice. In the mist of all this, random people were looking over our shoulders, and some people actually picked up the things we had and was going to take it! I had to tell them to back off! See that lady on the left?...yeah..can't trust her. She was probably thinking of taking some stuff when we weren't looking! :P Beware...people at Goodwill are very aggressive...I guess its survival of the fittest..or something like that. After spending 1.5 hours at the Goodwill and discussing what we liked and what we can do with each object, we ended up with these items that came to a total of $11.70. Roll of yellow stickers, 2 bags yellow basket stuffing, yellow jar beater, manila dividers, wire basket, and a tennis frame protector. We all liked the tennis frame since we all thought it looked like a 2D lamp shape. But somehow we convinced ourselves to make a paper mache lamp shade that would mold around the form of a light bulb...big mistake. We started doing that and by that point we were already at 3 hours! At that point, we weren't even close to being we FAILED....We didn't make it in the time line we made for ourselves...But we decided to just continue on, re-think, simplify, and finished the lamp despite our failure! We picked up the manila dividers and thought to just make that a lamp shade and clamp it in between the tennis frame. We played around folding and cutting the paper in various shapes.
So after two more hours of iterating....Voila! We made a simple light sconce made with only the tennis frame and one sheet of manila divider.
In conclusion: It was fun brainstorming and designing together, since we were able to inspire each other and explore new directions that we wouldn't do normally. And it was good that we did the trial run since when we do the REAL event, we won't want to keep everyone hostage for that long. :P

If you're interested in subjecting yourself to this kind of fun challenge email by Wednesday May 13th for more details on attending.




Urbancase Report

Dylan and I went and checked out Urbancase's ICFF preview show at Cairo last Thursday. It was a great space, great crowd, and a great show overall! It was fun chatting with Darin about his experiences showing at the ICFF. Since neither of us has been to ICFF, we picked his brain apart asking him about everything involving the process and the show itself.
It was great to see his work in person, since you can really see and appreciate the details and feel the quality of his work. I like how there's a mix of modern sleekness in his bigger pieces as well as the more humorous and playful small accessories, such as the 'Energie Lamp' that's inspired by the high voltage warning signs.
I especially love the new beeswax polaroid candles! Both Jamie & I ended up getting one for ourselves. And I happened to have the similar model camera! Now they're friends. :D
The smell of the besswax is AMAZING.......You can get one, here!On top of all the awesomeness, there were also a bunch of well decorated sugar cookies in the form of polaroid cameras and his voltage shocked guys. Super cute AND delicious!...and I ate too many of them... :P
Best of luck to Darin!