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Piggies Going to Toronto!

We're sending out a small batch of Chalk Piggies to this adorable-looking kid design store in Toronto called KolKid. We wish that we're the ones going there since we've always heard great things about the city, the people...and the country in general.

I'm sure the piggies will be well taken care for once they're there and will most likely even get wonderful health care benefits.....I'm just happy to know that they'll have a wonderful life there.

Designing kiddy things has always been on our things-we-like-to-do-list....but that's opening another can of worms...but they'd at least be very cute worms.
Looking at the Kolkid webshop just make me want to start doing that! I just can't stand it!! It's all too freakin' cute!!
Perhaps someday more baby slippers...


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Muji + Lego

Dear Muji,

Why have you gone and achieved awesomeness yet again?  Give the rest of us a chance will ya'? 

Seriously though guys...just when I thought legos were about sold-out (star wars, sponge bob, Indiana Jones, etc) you, Muji had to come right along and inject some of that playful simplicity you so caringly distribute to everything you touch. 

The result:  a simple set of legos made spectacularly and invariably more interesting via a few sheets of colored paper, a hole punch, and a few basic suggestions.  You've managed to remind me exactly why legos were a childhood favorite of wasn't the razzle-dazzle space ships as much as the endless possibilities of our imaginations. 

Oh, but you have failed in one respect where you have also failed in the past:  making it easy for an American like me to get my hands on your best products.  While this product doesn't appear to be available on the US Muji site, it looks to be available on the Japanese one.  Check it out. 


via Design Boom


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Can You Handle This?

Video By Hine Mizushima, Titled "Can Camera camera case walk?"

Yet another post about CAMERAS...well not entirely. But even if you're not camera crazy like us, you will still fall in love with this incredibly adorable stop-motion video, by a talented Japanese plush artist and stop-motion animator, Hine Mizushima.
The word "adorable" doesn't even do justice in describing her work. Hine has the power to make Care Bears look like bunch of assholes, to make Strawberry Shortcake look like a whore, and can tell Hello Kitty to shut the hell up....well...not in those words exactly...It's almost as if she collected all the good & happy thoughts in the world....a child's laughter, some fairy dust, a bunch of hugs and kisses, tons of puppies and kittens, all the rainbows and sunshine, millions of baby pandas rolling around, and infinite amounts of delicious french macarons...she takes ALL of the above....compresses it... and spits out little happy creations of miniature felt puppets, plush dolls, and colorful stage sets...simply...just for fun.
The concentrated dose of all that goodness was so intense that I was literally having internal seizures from all the cuteness. I must warn can try to fight it, but you'll soon realize that you just have to succumb and surrender to these feelings...of...happiness...and joy.

So be prepared....

Video By Hine Mizushima, Titled "The Secret Life of Six?", Music by TMBG

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!

Hine's Flickr site is even more unbearable!! And if you want to get one the camera cases go to her Etsy shop!