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New Cake Servers on BHLDN & Terrain!


New Cake Servers on BHLDN & Terrain!

We've been hoping to get our products in Anthropologie for awhile now...but so far we've only had some loose email correspondence that've yet mound to anything....

But this last winter out of the blue, one of the the buyers from Terrain (with great home & garden goods) contacted us about making custom servers for them!  

Terrain_cake servers.jpg

Then a month later, another buyer from BHLDN (with beautiful wedding things of all sorts) contacted us about making more custom cake servers, too!

cake pic on BHLDN.jpg

Not only are both of these shops great, they're also under the same umbrella of Anthro & Urban Outfitters! 

We feel like we're just one step away from getting something in Anthropologie! Let's hope that next step will happen in the near future! 



Collective Collage


This season, L&G teamed up with some of our JOIN friends, Grain and Iacoli & McAllister to test this concept of putting together a a micro catalog of gift ideas. 

We were lucky to have our friend, Charlie Schuck photograph our products while I styled everything....which I'm starting to realize the whole process of styling products can really satisfy my natural OCD tendencies of arranging/rearranging things!

Check out the full catalog below.  Clicking on the actual products on the image in the catalog to get directly to the product page.  



VALUE SHOP: Design Pop-up Shop

.....This is happening in 8 days!

9/21- 12pm-8pm
9/22- 10am-8pm
9/23- 10am-6pm


On John street (between 9th &  Westlake) see MAP for exact location of Design Block


Go to our FB EVENT page for more info & invite everyone!

The Value Shop is a 3-day desing popup shop which will feature 17+ local Seattle studios. Our mission is to bring together all the great Seattle design studios by not only highlighting the products, but also share each a bit more about studio's approach, process, and way of designing.

Our shop will be amongst a group of large shipping containers that will be placed in South Lake Union neighborhood right by the Discover Center on John Street (between 9th ave N & Western)

Hopefully the weather will look just like this dream rendering!



Black Friday: 25% off on L&G items!

It's BlkFriday! and we gots some sales goin' up in here!
We're offering 25% off of $50+ total purchase starting now till NOV 28th sunday (ends 11:59pm PST) 1st. ENTER PROMO CODE: BLACKFRIDAY25
Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!



Aug 2011 NYIGF Wrap up!

Here's a recap of the JOIN at the NYIGF for the 3rd time!

This time with us being in the lobby outside of the Accent on Design area turned out to be a MUCH more pleasant of a space to be in...especially when the sun is out! Just look at how everything shines on the table!

Above: New server colors and cake servers from L&G, and colorful big Silicone ring by fruitsuper....and NO they're NOT eraser rings!

Here we got Chelsea H. from plainMADE getting a little sun tanning sesh at the Javits....

Photos above by Grain

New frame light colors from Iacoli & McAllister.

Also this time being next to AmDC made it 100 times more fun, too!

photo by Steph Mantis

Here are some highlights from AmDC's booth:

Bracelets made with mix marble cuts celebrating the colors & patterns of the various types of stone. By Chen Chen & Kai Tsien Williams.

Chika & I got to trade with Patrick Kim for one of his clever wooden tons and these lovely cutting boards with a simple rubber band at the end to keep it from slipping around.  Clever AND thoughtful...

Beautiful & sleek glass vessels from Felicia Ferrone based out of Chicago. 

Playful two-headed animal necklaces in various metals by Steph Mantis! (and yes... exclamation mark is required when referring to Steph!)

 ...and of course, we wouldn't feel complete at the NYIGF until we have some sort of birthday celebration! and this year is no exception...

Here's Chika with her doughnut birthday cake composed by me and Christa (of blkPINE bags). This is second time celebrating Chika's bday at the Javits and we went all out and made a doughnut tower with yummy doughnuts from Doughnut Plant....surrounded with coconut macaroons, strawberry Pocky sticks, and flower pom pom with napkins provided by the Javits.

Yes...I know...only a master mind & a true artist can create such master piece such as this. Christa and I took MAD pride in carefully piling the doughnuts up and sprucing it all up...and all the  grease spots on the box only shows how much thought went into this...



L&G and JOIN friends at NYIGF Aug13-Aug18

We can't believe it's already been a WHOLE year since we debut our work at the NYIGF last year...the year went by super fast and we don't really remember what really happened...but all I can say is that this whole experience of having our own studio so far has been more than amazing, and it's been reassuring for us that we can actually make it work!  

...and in finding the need to give ourselves a little pat on our backs, we decided to celebrate a little by getting a cake! I love that I can write off things like this as an business expense!

We even used the cake to shoot along with our new items that we'll be bring to the NYIGF this August: New pastel Superior server colors, Vintage Superior cake servers, ceramic Salt & Pepper Pawz, and Terracotta Piggy banks!

So yeah...It's been a crazy year where it felt like so much has happened yet I can barely remember it all.  Does that make sense?....and is that normal?

I think perhaps it's the fact that we're still learning the art of juggling everything and learning how to be our own bosses...and do everything be a designer, product developer, maker, project manager, blogger, photographer, sales rep,  accountant, PR, creative director, packer, shipper, and the person to wash dishes, etc.

Less assure you that i'm NOT trying to brag....seriously...

Nonetheless, we're still totally psyched for this August NYIGF where 8 of us design studios under JOIN will  be next to other talented peeps from American Design Club and “A+: The Young Designers’ Platform.” We'll all going to join forces and showcase our work outside the entrance to Accent on Design in the lobby area. 

Yes...nothing like partying in the lobby at the Javits Convention Center!! Woot woot!

Check out what everyone gots to bring!

New print from  R&L goods.

Hex Opener by Iacoli & McAllister 


Hung by Grain 


Canoe Canvas Pack by Blk Pine Workshop


  Bows Scarf by PlainMADE

2012 Naturalist Almanac by Free Time Industries 

SBiR Rings by friutsuper designSBiR Rings by friutsuper design

More info:

The New York International Gift Fair ( is located at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, 655 W 34th Street in New York, and will be open 9:00 am - 6:00 pm August 14 - August 17, 2011 and Noon - 6:00 pm August 18, 2011.



Sssss(Blended) Plates

I love these splendid pieces by Amsterdam-based artist, Maxime Ansiau, reinterpreting traditional plates by simply conjoining & repeating the artwork of the plates.

Could be an interesting experience to eat out of the 6 blended plates as a group!




L&G Spring Vintage Sale this WKND!

Hey there Seattle area readers. Scoot your butts over to Ballard this weekend for our first ever L&G Studio Vintage Sale.

May 21st-22nd. At the L&G studio/homestead at 2430 NW 62nd st, Seattle

Our addiction to raiding thrift stores and estate sales has gotten the best of us and before we end up on the show "Hoarding: Buried Alive" we thought we'd do some much overdue spring purging.

Our wonderful assortment includes (see more pics):

  • Classic design brands (Dansk, Hornsea, Braun, Catherine Holm, Alessi, Stelton)
  • Antique Curiosities (globes, housewares, tchotchkes, handmade ceramics)
  • Obsolete technology (typewriters, reel to reel decks, film cameras)
  • Vintage design, craft, and kids books
  • L&G original seconds, samples, and one-offs

MAY 21st, SATURDAY: Come for the choice finds! MAY 22nd, SUNDAY: get 50% off (items will be discounted all day)!



It will be hard to see the treasures we fought so hard to find leave our hands, but we know they'll be going to appreciative new homes and that just makes us feel so warm and cozy.

Excited to see you there!





Drooling Over These Wood Bowls by Mute

Drooling over this whole line of wooden bowls & containers by Mute from Japan....
God! I wish people in Japan would start making some ugly lame stuff one of these days... If only god would grant me a wish...that's totally what I'd wish for....
For once I like to see things aren't as beautiful and lovely as these...
I just love the simple form and how they celebrate the wood material so well and with a little playful touch with the bold red color makes it that much more special!via Roger Allen


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I'd like to Tap That...White Cottage

Juli & John, a Toronto based design couple from Kitka Design blog (also runs an incredible design shop, Mjölk) made an 180 degree transformation of a family cottage from a drab and cluttered place and turned it into an incredible open modern and charming cottage with fantastic vintage finds through out.
Looking at this place made me decide that the next house we live in shall be painted all white, open spaced with high ceilings...and right next to the water!
Wait...let me rephrase. The next house we live in shall be THIS place!  Sorry to break the news to you guys, Juli & John, we're gonna have to evict you both.... 
But seriously though...I love everything about this adorable cabin.  I just like how they stayed true to the concept of having a vacation cabin where its a place to getaway from the usual clutter, chaos, and distractions. It's about just having the old books, listen to old records, play board games, watch the sea, wander around, and not think about anything besides figuring out what to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I much rather think about that kind of things than about all the errands I need to do, when I should avoid traffic, or wondering why the person driving in front has their signal light on when they're not actually turning!
It seem so rare to find ourselves doing actual relaxing activities with all the distractions in the city and our daily routine...and then there's always the need to do computer work at night, too. How did we ever convince ourselves that emailing or blogging in the middle of the night is relaxing?!?  The curse of the interweb!
OOH! OOH! My favorite game! I spy...Kaj Frank enamel bowls, Copco pans and fondue pot, Dansk Jens Quistgaard pepper mill and bowl, Erik Magnussens's red pitcher, Jasper Morrison's coffee maker...oh my!! Ahh..what lovely minimal rooms with just the right amount of simplicity and coziness.
Another reason to have a cabin like this is so I can have cute shoes and take pictures like this.....
Doesn't this make you want to just go and get a cabin somewhere?

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So Far and Yet So Close

Not sure about you, but I'm always a little behind on knowing what's new and awesome in Seattle...and for the fact that I don't hang out in Downtown Seattle nearly enough, I was REALLY behind in discovering this AMAZING shop/gallery called {far4}....a total hidden gem!

We first came across the shop when Jamie of Iacoli & McAllister mentioned it to us when she invited them to one of our JOIN shows. With the luck of such great exposure at the show, Jenny Klimenkoff who runs the store contacted us wanting to carry some of our Chalk figures! (there's our Mr. Rabbit in the window!)
We were incredibly honored and excited to be in their shop, since they boast an amazing collection of the highest quality handmade housewares, art, antiques, and designs from all around the world. While it seems like a shop from NY, they're actually located in downtown Seattle with an open space and beautifully exposed brick wall that houses {far4}'s shop and gallery showcasing carefully curated selection of ceramic ware and art. (lucky us!)

With an unexpected mixture of objects of both great elegance and humor, I find myself mesmerized by every detail of every single item while feeling unsure if I should even be allowed to handle them!

Here's Jenny & Yelena behind the platter of hard-to-resist French Macarons from local Seattle bakery, Honore.A fabulous porcelain sculptures of a life-size monkey that reminds us a little bit of Jeff Koon's Monkey!
Check out these realistic looking pea pods and flowers with paper thin petals from Klimenkoff Studio!! Holy
wow.....Ceramic doll heads on top of Iacoli&McAllister's Pedestals. Love the arrangements together!
The patterns on the cups are made using only colors of the clay by Yusuke Aida....just incredible.



They try to make me go to BROOKLYNrehab...

...and I say, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know, I know...bad joke....I apologize, but I just had to do it.
I want to share some neat-o purchases I made recently from one of my favorite Etsy BROOKLYNrehab!
Alyssa creates wonderful objects from jewelery, to decorative figurines, and housewares. With her product design & fashion background, her modern take on traditional inspired creations are cute, but not too childish...elegant, but not too girly...simple,but not too boring.
Kind of like me!...well... actually I'm pretty childish. I make fart jokes and throw fits if I can't get the kind of candy or ice cream I want. And...I'm pretty boring, too...since I make the same jokes all the time...same fart jokes. :PI TOTALLY excited to share these custom eggcups she makes! I had her make custom ones for "Ladies" and "Gentlemen"! Mind you that I get excited about eggcups and soft boiled eggs. Remember when I had my FIRST soft egg in an egg cup just last year?? Well, it's that time's 100, because now both Dylan and I get our own special eggcups to eat soft eggs now!
I also got the faceted metal necklace, which I absolutely love and wear all the time now. It's that kind of simple elegance that I love so much. It's perfect!
Alyssa also sent those lovely little treasures of a shell, a feather, and a porcelain slip-cast wing! It was an unexpected pleasant surprise, and so thoughtful.
I will treasure it all....and promise to never make the rehab joke again. :D
Thank you Alyssa!


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Tea Towel & Mug Time

I got this set of mugs at a thrift store for L&G Shop recently, and realized that they look very similar to one of the mugs on Skinny La Minx's tea towel print!! It's the ear handled mug with lantern looking shapes. All the mugs on the towel are from her beautiful mug collection.
I'm a huge fan of her work and have the mug towel in gooseberry. I just love how Heather Moore uses all the various forms and graphics of the mugs to create such a striking overall print.On a side note, recently Heather has been experimenting with incorporating her beautiful designs on dinner plates and I can't wait 'til she starts selling them. I know people are going to go nuts over them...I know I will!! In fact, I'm already going nuts just looking at all the ones she's made...she's just too darn good!!


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Finally!! Glazed pieces!

Finally! here they are, all glazed and done! As you can see we didn't take too many risks in terms of experimenting with glazes. So we played it safe and went with white, black, yellow, and some oranges. All the white pieces are my miniature form studies. I threw them all on a hump of clay and each are about 2.5"-3" tall. It was great way to practice making various forms in a short amount of time. This was the extent of my experimentation using underglaze. Black bubbles.
This is the yellow and white combo by Dylan. My first piece in use....and you guessed it! It's a planter! If it's not a vase or a bowl, it's going to be a planter. The color and shape reminds me of an orange...with a crazy stem.
This is one of the letter stamp piece with a clear glaze. I made some coasters some with letters and some with numbers. All the pieces can be seen here on Flickr.
After taking the ceramics class, it made me really want to have my own ceramics studio and just make things all day. It's so gratifying to see and feel the finished piece in your hand. Hopefully I can make this happen before I retire!




Best finds of the month

I found this adorable Hornsea mug at a Value Village the other day and was totally psyched! I was by myself and was literally freaking out in my head....I got a high from finding this. Unfortunately I'm not going to keep it. Instead I'm giving it to my friend, Chika, who had recently developed an obsession for Hornsea mugs and housewares. She's been on a bidding rampage to collect a bunch of them. The animal ones goes for quite a bit on she better have to find something good for me in return.
The Hornsea mugs are made in England, designed in the early 70's by John Clappison for Hornsea Pottery. Each character is made from newsprint with words all over them. They're quite delightful and it's pretty rare to see them in the states, let alone Seattle...So that's why I got so excited!!
This is a collection of Hornsea mugs from H is for Home. Such a striking photo to see them all together like that!

Another great find of the month are these colorful and fun vintage tea towels that I got from the antique store with all the oil cans. There were all in a pile and I was literally picking them up and was going "Keep, keep, keep.....oh yeah, that's also a keep...keep, and keep!!!" I've been looking for cute vintage tea towels and haven't had much luck, and then now all of sudden I find 7 of them all at once!? what a lucky day!
I love all the color combination, the subject and the illustration style.....penguins with hearts and playing piano?? I mean...COME ON! The four on the bottom with bunch of housewares illustrated have the same graphic, but all are in such lovely color combinations that are super inspiring.



Our Color Coded Collection


What happens to the stuff we get for the store that's so awesome that we don't want to part with it? That's right, it stays right here to get packed into the few unoccupied corners of the apartment. Jean got a little overzealous this morning and started arranging things from our personal collection into color-coded still-lifes. It's a damn good thing she did 'cause look at these gorgeous shots. Taking the starring role is our recently acquired set of Kathrine Holm enamel pots and an enamel Finel bowl by Kaj Franck (the b&w one with mushroom motif). Yummo!


Pictures speak louder than words, so check out this small selection of pics from the shoot then head on over to our flickr site for more