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Meet L&G Maker's at the FRYE

This THURSDAY ( if you're in Seattle) come visit Dylan & I at the FRYE's  Meet the Makers happy hour this from 4pm-7pm!

Come hang out with us, enjoy some champagne & treats, and come see or make some special ornaments with us! 

If you haven't visited the Frye already, here's the perfect excuse to also come check out Frye's current exhibhit (FREE!) and their newly revamped museum OBJECT store cruated by our talented friend Charlie Scuck!

See you there!

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Collective Collage


This season, L&G teamed up with some of our JOIN friends, Grain and Iacoli & McAllister to test this concept of putting together a a micro catalog of gift ideas. 

We were lucky to have our friend, Charlie Schuck photograph our products while I styled everything....which I'm starting to realize the whole process of styling products can really satisfy my natural OCD tendencies of arranging/rearranging things!

Check out the full catalog below.  Clicking on the actual products on the image in the catalog to get directly to the product page.  



Anthology Winter Gift Guide



Anthology's winter gift guide is available online

It's a beautiful compilation of all the wonderful festive parts of the holidays.


Our special holiday server set is in there, so look for them and get a special discount!


Also this recipe video of making mulled cider by Tiger in  Jar is absolutely lovely and is totally making me even more excited about the holidays! And if you like it spiked, I recommend adding honey whiskey or bourbon!


Anthology 2011 Winter Gift Guide Preview from Anthology Magazine on Vimeo.


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Special BLANC Mailers

I'm excited to share these special mailers that Chelsea Heffner of plainMADE  and I collaborated on to reach out to some special museums / shops / press in Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, and NY!

Each card is unique and it's just a little something that we hope will entice them to come check us out and/or support the event!

....but mostly I just wanted an excuse to get Chelsea to do some beautiful hand-painted artwork! :)

Her free-hand color washes is totally perfect for what I had envisioned for BLANC. She even got these beautiful slightly textured thick water-color paper to paint on. Then I did the layout for the text and printed it with just my printer!

I was more than surprised and happy to find that my ghetto Canon MP470 printer did SUCH a stellar print job, didn't chew up the paper or die!

 I really hope people will get them and keep these for awhile....I know I totally would!

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Home Sweet Homestead

Instroducing a new L&G item...Homestead Candlesticks!

We've heard that there's no place like home and got to thinking...does that apply to candles as well as people? Assuming this it does, we've created these sweet wood house-shaped candlesticks out of solid Hemlock and Copper tubing.

This is a combination of our love for wooden blocks, iconic houses, and copper!!

These Homstead candlesticks stems from some of the elements & pallet we're using for our kitchen re-design project (see below post). Even the shape of the candlessticks partially reflects the silhouette of our duplex as well!

 Presented as a set of two, these Homestead Candlesticks add the right mix of homey charm and modern simplicity. Available  HERE!




Fireworks Studies

This amazing book by Pierre Le Hors' 'Firework Studies' has pages after pages of beautiful black & white photos of varying moments of fireworks in the sky.

It's just amazing to look at even in a book.

I can never get sick of watching fireworks....which means that I can see myself never getting sick of looking at this book.
I suppose that's why people are willing to spend millions just for 30 minutes of entertainment....that's freedom for ya!

Happy America Weekend!!




Merry Holidays

We're REALLY getting into the last-minute holiday mood now...

I decided to put together some Cozy Peppermint Hot Coco kits with marshmallow popsicles as the holiday treats to give to people.

Here's the list of materials for each kit:
1/2 pt mason canning jar
2 Tablespoon hot coco mix
1 teaspoon ground up peppermint candy cane
1 mini peppermint candy cane
1 marshmallow
1 wooden Popsicle stick
1 plastic bag
decorative paper

Here's the instruction to make the ultimate cozy and foamy hot chocolate drink!
STEP 1: Add a bag of hot coco mix, add heated milk or heat milk with coco mix in microwave (without lid!!)
STEP 2: Close lid tightly and shake vigrously for 30 seconds.
STEP 3: Open lid and enjoy with treats!



Feeling the Holiday Itch

Since I got such a late start in actually working on holiday things for ourselves, I felt like I still needed to do something fun for the holiday
...and with the little time that's left to send out already late holiday cards, wrapping presents and making treats, I decided to cheat a little by cutting up these SUPER addicting Stroop waffle cookies to make them more festive & cute lookin'!! I get to eat the offcuts. :)
Just perfect!



L&G Sneak Preview for UCU!

L&G is gearing up for this weekend's UCU show. We're totally excited (and delirious from lack of sleep) since this will be our first time showing all our own things. We've been having fun figuring out our displays and and playing shop!

Besides our staple Chalk Piggy Bank & Superior Servers, we're also preparing lots of other exciting things! Some vintage finds, some holiday goods, and one-offs that we'll all be debuting this weekend!
We're taking this opportunity to try new things by making limited runs and see how they go!

Here are some photos of what we'll have

We're playing around with some small slip cast things....
like these ceramic gems...and these salt & pepper creature paws.
Vintage MINI Superior Servers....which is pretty much regular flatware...calling it mini just sounds cuter.

Vintage repurposed Daily Affirmation Mirrors.
And remember this?? I did a guest post on Poppytalk back in 2008. Besides this "Booh-Yah!" doilie, there will be other ones, too!
Vintage wallpaper ornaments & gift tags on wood.
Phew!! Didn't expect the list to be this long!!
I think that's it?.....oh how can I forget....there will be some treats, too at our booth if you come by!!



L&G on Sunset Magazine!

We're stoked that Sunset features our goods from L&G!Beside the fact that we're in a special Holiday Hot List section, they decided to feature BOTH our chalk piggy bank AND servers!!This little piggy is making its way up!
We're excited to see our Superior server next to the adorable teal cupcake mini-pedestals from Jamie & Brian of Iacoli & Mcallister!

Yay! How exciting!
....but of course, with all the excitement comes consequences...this mean that I'll be doing some work over the Thanksgiving weekend!!

Here's to Happy turkey workey day!! I'm pumped!



Brite Terrarium Wonderland Workshop, 11/20 this Saturday!

Brite & SOIL Artist, Nicholas Nyland is excited to present:


WHEN: This SATURDAY, 11/20th, 12-3pm.

WHAT: You will learn to make lovely terrariums ornaments for the holidays and also make terrariums from found containers!

WHERE: Brite Social Studio- 676 S. Jackson Street,

HOW: Pay $15/person, which will include:Terrarium ornament kit/ tools to use/ instructions/ Vita coffee, Tea, or Dry Soda/ Treats/ and good times!

Bring your own containers and make more terrariums or donate to the group!

 There's a limit of 20 people for this workshop. So please RSVP by

photo by Land-Rich



JOIN's Winter Event: DESIGN SHOP Nov. 28th, SATURDAY

JOIN proudly presents:

11. 28. 09' SATURDAY

WHAT: ONE NIGHT ONLY pop-up shop featuring design objects by local artists and designers. Also a silent auction of AMAZING design items to benefit JOIN and Nest Seattle.
WHERE: Vermillion 1508 11th Ave (between E. Pike & E. Pine)
WHEN: 7-9pm Silent Auction
9:15 Auction Winners Announced
7-11pm Design Object Sale **Cash Only
WHO: Chikabird, Dinah Coops Design, fortyfive09, Fruit Super Design, Grain, Greg Bethel, Iacoli & McAllister, &c., Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, Meet Me Here, Piano Nobile, plainMADE,and urbancase.
WHY: To help
benefit JOIN and Nest....AND to burn off some of that excess turkey weight.
Now is
the time to start shopping for the holidays but also the time to start giving even for all the thanks you'll give over turkey & gravy.....we promise that you WILL be thanked...and maybe even receive a hug from one of us...if you want...your pick. Here's a sample of what will be at the sale & silent auction! DON'T MISS IT!! It's the SATURDAY after Thanksgiving!

More about JOIN: Design Seattle
JOIN Design Seattle promotes emerging independent American design by providing designers a forum to show work, get feedback, and share resources. By organizing design shows and events and by hosting an online design event calendar and blog, we strive to be the adhesive and a resource that binds a thriving, but fragmented, furniture and product design community in Seattle.

More about Nest:

Nest Seattle is a nonprofit organization that provides micro-finance loans and mentoring to female artists and artisans around the world. Nest instills pride of ownership, preserves ancient artistic traditions and successfully moves women from poverty to self-sufficiency.



Cafe Weekend Fun

If anyone is around in Seattle this weekend with no special plans what-so-ever like us! We got an idea for you!! Come hang out at this new adorable cafe my friend Christa&Nin had recently opened! It's called Cafe Weekend. They're doing a fun grand opening/cheap date Valentine's day/Presidents day celebration from February 13th-14th.

It's a fun cheap date with friends, loved ones, kids, pets, and whoever and whatever. They're doing lots of special offers and fun activities that's fun for everyone!Also come get some super adorable Chikabird iron-on patches for your shirt, jackets, pants (if you do mind taking it off...) pillow cases, towels...anywhere you like! There will be an ironing station, so you can do your last minute love patch application there, too!
Still don't think it's fun enough? Well, you can also take fun photos using USNAPS photo booth for free!! Doesn't that sound like it's going to be a fun, fun, fun, the number one place for fun? :)

Read below for details of time & location. Don't forget to mark your calender! Hope to see you there!!

café weekend
851 Hiawatha Place South
Seattle, WA 98144

Grand Opening Schedule

Date: February 13th, 2009
Time: Friday 8AM-6PM

Date: February 14th, 2009
Time: Saturday 8AM-3PM

Special Weekend Offerings-
• Caffé Vita coffee neighborhood special buy one coffee get second coffee for free.
• Locally handmade treats
• Traditional Japanese sweets- February only menu from Tokara
• Caramels & Confections- Theo Chocolate local organic bean-to-bar chocolate factory
• Little Rae's Bakery/ free Valentine cookies for kids
• Sweetheart Patch Kit- from Chikabird /Ladies & Gentleman vintage
• Photo-booth provided by USNAPS/ free valentine photos to all customers



Sweet DIY Valentine Treats By Twig&Thistle

Kathleen from Twig&Thistle blog made these darling DIY treats with lovely packing designs she made for anyone to download (printable straight from your printer!) It's super cute and I'm totally gonna try making them!!Kathleen has a wonderful blog where she shares lots of her own delightful DIY projects and designs as well as things she likes such as graphic design, packaging design, weddings, kid's design and everything lovely and sweet!! We were delighted when she included Chikabird's new Animal Love Patch Kits on her blog! Thanks Kathleen!




Happy Lunar New Year!

It's the first day of Lunar New Year starting today until February 13th. Dylan and I did a special guest blog for Poppytalk on some fun photos & findings we got in Chinatown. Check out Poppytalk to read more!
If you're in Seattle, there will be outdoor new year celebration this Sunday, January 31st. Click here for details. A good excuse to get some dim sum before hand!




Guest Blog on Poppytalk for the New Year!

This week Jan from Poppytalk invited L&G to be a guest blogger!! Hurray! Dylan and I are super excited about this one where it's about celebrating the new year. It's a instructional post about creating an easy and impressive mix-your-own cocktail bar. What is this about?? summarize it, it's about expanding your New Years drinking options that's beyond cheap champagne. It's about making the guests feel like they're participating in something fun while in reality, it's about you doing less work and having more fun at your own party for once. And even with you putting all your guests to'll still be rewarded by the praises from your guests. You can say BOOH-YAY! to that my friend.

Read all the details on Poppytalk about how to make this into your reality!Here are some drink recipes to jump-start your ultimate New Year celebration party!
Irish Coffee (via Drinks Mixer)
15 oz Irish whiskey or Irish Cream
10 tsp brown sugar

60 oz hot coffee
Heavy whipping cream
Cocoa powder

Make the coffee (stronger the coffee the better), add sugar and mix Irish cream or whiskey (or both!). Mix. Whip the whipping cream. Put whipping cream and cocoa powder in separate bowls on the side.

Oolong Infused Ginger Plum Wine (L&G Recipe)
1/2 cup of Loose Oolong tea leaves

10 cups of water

1 bottle(750ml) of Plum Wine
1-2 inch chunk of fresh ginger based on preference

ginger ale on the side (My favorite is the Organic Santa Cruz Ginger Ale…it has real ginger! It makes 10 times better.)

Prep the tea the day before. But if you don't have time, cut the water amount in half and add the other half with ice instead. Brew the loose tea leaves with hot boiling water. Let it steep for 3 minutes. Strain the tea leaves, Simply add the plum wine, chop/shred the ginger. Mix it all it in a pitcher and there's your mix. Put the ginger ale on the side in an ice bowl to keep it cold.

Lemon Mint Sparkling Mimosa (L&G Recipe)
1 750ml Bottle Champagne
16 oz Lemonade (blood orange or grapefruit juice are also fantastic)
½ of fresh mint
2-3 Lime or Lemon
1 pomegranate

Tonic water

Mix Champagne and lemonade in a pitcher. Chop and crush the mint and add it to the mix. Put the lemons or limes and pomegranate in separate bowls on the side. Put tonic water on the side in an ice bowl to keep it cold.

It's easy to create your own concoction as long what your mixing all goes well together. You can add Mexican hot chocolate with coffee and coffee liquor, or use different fruit juice and fruit with vodka or gin.
But if anything, Martha always has tons of good cocktail recipes! And at Drinks Mixer you can find thousands of drink recipes...from the classic drinks to the really unheard of ones...anything you're looking for, they have it all.

We hope that this can come in handy for any celebrations! Happy New Year!



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Snow days!!

So it started snowing last Thursday, and it hasn't really stopped since then! I've yet to experience this much snow in the 8 years that I lived Seattle! It's so surreal....I don't feel like I'm in Seattle with this much snow around! There's at least 10-12inches of snow that has accumulated over 4 days now. It's so lovely and peaceful....
Despite the crazy cold snow blizzard we're experiencing, we're all making the best out of the oh-I-can't-get-to-work-cuz-there's-too-much-snow-so-I-guess-I-should-stay-home-and play-in-the-snow predicament...Since Dylan couldn't get to work or drive anywhere, we took some time to turn our home into a cozy festive holiday place!! (A little behind..I know. But it's never too late, I suppose)
We mostly walked & slipped around Ballard in the snow to do some of our holiday errands...and some playing, of course.

Here's what we accomplished during the snow days...Found some vintage ornaments at the Goodwill....check out those cool faceted ones!
Re-decorated some messed up L&G ornaments...Dylan drew the weird squirrel's inside... I drew the giraffe with a bow and plaid some other random fun doodling!Decorated our tree and window sill...ahh, so festive now.
Made some peppermint hot coco.... Just blended some candy canes with some warmed up milk and coco powder and voila! Super yummy holiday drink!
Took some photos to send with Christmas cards at a vintage photo booth....This was our backup plan since we couldn't make it to Sears to do the holiday photos. :D
Dylan, Chika, Jared, and I played in the snow at midnight...they threw snowballs at the tree and made a smiley face.

And I thought traveling to the east coast doing 3 shows in 2 days was, no, no...this is WAY harder. Being forced to walk around in the snow taking photos, decorating our tree and home, and drinking hot coco??.....yeah, life is hard.

Well, hope everyone is enjoying their holidays as much as we are!! :)


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Valentine's Day

So for Valentine's day I got inspired by some pre-made dessert packages from a Japanese store to bake some treats for Dylan as a Valentine's gift. I've always seen them, but never had a reason to buy them, so this was a great excuse to fulfill my urge to use these cute packaging kits!
I got a red & white poka-dot chocolate box with locking heart tabs. It came with 4 chocolate paper cups, and a divider. I also got this packaging kit that came with 2 paper baking molds, a paper container to hold the cooked muffins, ribbon, a tag, and a plastic bag to wrap everything in.

I found up a recipe from Martha to make these Brown Sugar Cherry Cakes, which were super easy to make. This cake recipe is a perfect blend between a muffin and coffee cake. It's got the fruity-ness of a muffin and the crispy top and the buttery-ness of a coffee cake. Two attributes that when combined together become something very dangerous that you won't be able to stop thinking about it.

ahem, anyways, so this recipe is easy to customize. You can make it whatever flavor you want. I made some cakes with cherry, and some with raspberry jam to add variety. All I did was instead of the cherry, I poured a little cake batter into the cups, scooped a little jam in the center and fill the rest of it with more cake batter....and then you get raspberry flavor cakes!
I want to try making more later with other flavors such as black sesame, ginger apricot, or green tea! The possibilities are endless!

I also made some truffles from Joy of Baking to put into the poka-dot heart box. Truffles are also easy to create your own flavors. The recipe gave easy ingredients such as espresso grounds, brandy, kahlua, Irish cream, raspberry jam, or orange peel, etc. (the possibilities are ALSO endless.....hmmm)

I decided to go with espresso flavor truffle covered in toasted almonds. Crunchy toasted flavored almonds with a little bitter coffee after taste...not bad of a combination. Quite tasty I must admit!

So that was a fun baking project. The packaging kits were great since I didn't try too hard to make the food look good. They look so cute as a whole that the actual food didn't even have to taste good.....Luckily the food wasn't too least that's what Dylan said. What a good boyfriend. :)