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Seattle Remodelista Market, April 30th!

We were excited when we first heard about Remodelista coming to Seattle to organize a local design market, and will be at the Henrybuilt production/office space in Georgetown!
But then got even MORE excited when they contacted us asking if L&G would be interested in being part of the sale....we replied them with a "YES! TOTALLY!!" and way too many exclamation points after that.
Event detail:

Remodelista readers of the Northwest take note: on April 30, we're hosting our second Local Market in Seattle at henrybuilt's Georgetown location. On offer will be an array of goods from some of our favorite Seattle artisans, with an emphasis on wares for the home (as well as a dash of fashion); for good measure, we've imported a few of our favorite Northern California vendors. 

Date & Time: April 30, 11 am to 4 pm.
Location: Henrybuilt in Georgetown, 4634 Ohio Avenue South, Seattle, 98134

List of participating vendors: Bitters Co., Bainbridge Blues, Goods from the Hood, Gallant & Jones, glassybaby, Hattie Bird, Heidi Swanson, Iacoli & McAllister, Ladies & Gentlemen, Mato Creative, Marie Veronique Organics, Paper Hammer, Red Ticking, Rough Linen, Studio Patro, Sefte Living, Seabold Vintage Market, Twiggypop Ranch, Urbancase,.....

Exciting, right?!
We can't wait to see everything, get Heidi Swanson's autograph on her new book, and hopefully sell lots of L&G goods!



Henrybuilt...Perhaps the Best?

Remember back in October when we voted for Henrybuilt and Viola Park for the 2009 Interior Design magazine's Best of Year Awards?

Well, guess what?! Both Henrybuilt and Viola Park are one of the 3 nominee under two separate categories!! This is SUPER exciting...actually BEYOND exciting!
So, today is a big day for Dylan, since he has left (don't worry, he's not leaving me forever...I hope not) and is on the way to the Big Apple to attend tonight's Best of Year 2009 award ceremony at the Guggenheim!!
So let's all keep our fingers crossed and hope that Dylan will bring home both awards!
Man! It sure it's hard to type with my fingers crossed....It's all worth it.....fingers....getting cramped...