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L&G Trunk show at Velouria

This Saturday, JUNE 9th. L&G will be doing a little trunk show at our dear friends' Chika & Cat's shop, Velouria in our quaint Ballard neighborhood during artwalk.

We'll be showing some こけだま (kokedama moss ball)/ terrariums as well launching our new bloc necklaces and other L&G goods!

We will be serving refreshments and some yummy fun shaped shortbread cookies that will match our bloc necklaces! ...Why not, right? 

JUNE 9th, 6-9pm @ Velouria 2205 NW Market ST, Seattle, WA, 98107

See full event info HERE.



Getting Our Hunger On for Portland!

I'm hoping that with any downtime before & after the Remodelista Market that we'd just eat our way through Portland....

I just saw on Remodelista mentioning Olympic Provisions where they make homemade cured meat & etc all that goodness:
All this also got me thinking that I should really try Tasty n Sons. My friend have been telling me about this place since they opened last year...and every time she talks about the all the dishes she tried for dinner & brunch there, we both would start to get hungry again.... all the while we're talking about this over dinner....
And THEN there's Le Pigeon ... for the past 4 years since I saw this place, I've made several attempts where it all failed since they're either closed for vacation or we just went at the wrong time. :(
would love to try their amazing looking dishes one of these days!!!
On top of all this, even at the day of the Remodelista Market there will be food by Koi Fusion, Oregon Ice Works, coffee by Ristretto Roasters and Bakeshop by Kim Boyce!!

I'm getting a food coma just looking and thinking about all this food...
I'm thinking that I need to come up with some major plan to hit all these places, and perhaps even do back to back meals...
So don't be surprised if you see a person lying on the side of the road in Portland at some point this weekend...most likely that will be me passed out from all the food that I'll be consuming....and there's no need to call 911....just stay calm and walk away....simply walk away....



UCU Wrap Up

We had so much fun at Seattle UCU last weekend - L&G's first time at the event. Thanks to all that came by to say hello and shop!!

Here are some images of the show in review.

creature paws salt and pepper shakers. A little morbid...but I think a lot of people got a kick out of it. There were a lot of cute sound making whenever people picked it up... :)

Jean's new necklace collection with hand-casted ceramic gems.

Terrariums and terrarium ornaments. We're thrilled that the ornaments & the ornament kits sold out!! Tis the Season!
Daily affirmation mirrors - vintage mirror trays with positive expressions. "Go Get Him Tiger" was the run away favorite!
Superior servers including mixed vintage flatware and ladles not available online (yet!)

It was so great to plan our own little "store" out of (free) wood vegetable crates from the ID and craft paper.
We also really liked being able to include some new and old products for the first time and see people being excited about them! Thank you all for coming!!


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I'm also SUPER excited to have some terrarium ornaments & kits at UCU this weekend.
We did this for our Brite Terrarium Wonderland Workshop couple weeks ago, and figure this is also a good opportunity to share what we created!
These will be available at our L&G booth with ornaments already made, and also the kits for the DIY peeps out there.The workshop was a collaboration between our friend Nicholas Nyland where he did the lovely illustrations and I designed the kits!

Each kit comes with:
Instruction, ornament ball, ribbon, soil, activated charcoal, various moss types, and a surprise white animal figurine.
Once I started making them, I just couldn't stop!! It was like putting together a miniature world...or more like a miniature WONDERLAND...
The great things about these ornaments is that you can keep them up beyond the holiday season especially for someone like me who never get around to do much holiday stuff! Who really has time to put up lights in & outside of the house, decorate trees, go gift shopping, wrap the gifts, send out Christmas cards, AND bake holiday treats?...oh I guess that's most people, huh?

With the little time I have to do the fun holiday activities that most people gets to little terrarium ornament is a nice little added festivity in our boxes-stacked-and-shipping supplies filled house!

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L&G Sneak Preview for UCU!

L&G is gearing up for this weekend's UCU show. We're totally excited (and delirious from lack of sleep) since this will be our first time showing all our own things. We've been having fun figuring out our displays and and playing shop!

Besides our staple Chalk Piggy Bank & Superior Servers, we're also preparing lots of other exciting things! Some vintage finds, some holiday goods, and one-offs that we'll all be debuting this weekend!
We're taking this opportunity to try new things by making limited runs and see how they go!

Here are some photos of what we'll have

We're playing around with some small slip cast things....
like these ceramic gems...and these salt & pepper creature paws.
Vintage MINI Superior Servers....which is pretty much regular flatware...calling it mini just sounds cuter.

Vintage repurposed Daily Affirmation Mirrors.
And remember this?? I did a guest post on Poppytalk back in 2008. Besides this "Booh-Yah!" doilie, there will be other ones, too!
Vintage wallpaper ornaments & gift tags on wood.
Phew!! Didn't expect the list to be this long!!
I think that's it?.....oh how can I forget....there will be some treats, too at our booth if you come by!!



L&G at Seattle UCU show this Dec 4/5th

Along with R&L goods, L&G will be at the winter Urban Craft Uprising show in Seattle this weekend!

This will be L&G's first show where we'll get to display all our goods!! And boy are we excited about all the new one-off items we'll have! Like our Daily Affirmation vintage mirrors!!

Date: Dec. 4-5th, Saturday/Sunday
Time: 11am-5pm
Location: Seattle Exhibition hall

Please go to this post and leave a comment for a L&G givaway of this 7" x 7" "You Can Do This" Daily Affirmation mirrors!
Hope to see some of you there!

More sneaky peaks tomorrow!