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Brite's Take Out Take Off

As we did ourselves out of a's a little glimpse at our very first official event in the new Brite space on Jackson and 7th here in Seattle.

Our goal was to introduce people to our new neighborhood in a fun, engaging way. Quick, what's the most fun, engaging thing you can think of?... If you said "FOOD!" you're 100% correct!

Here's how it worked:

Our lucky guests got to mingle and draw maps of the area from memory. Everyone's knowledge varied a lot...just what we were hoping for.

After mapping, we divided everyone into teams of 3-4 members and assigned them a two block section of the International District. People then each picked two adjectives from a hat.

The mission: go to your area and find a single dish that can be described by the two adjectives.

The stores in the area ranged from restaurants, grocery stores, medicine shops, to bakeries...

After finding their dishes, everyone brought their take-out back to the Brite space, where everyone shared stories from their part of the neighborhood and gorged on the buffet of delicious treats. What a way to kick off the Brite space?

For more, check out the Brite blog and flickr


See the rest of the photos of the event HERE!



Brite Space In Progress

Brite crew: Dylan, Jean, Christa, Nin

Here's what we've done to the Brite space so far....Just so you's a work in progress...and also our budget is limited (i.e. no budget)
But between finding materials from Dylan's work, collecting crates from the ID, and bringing random things we have around our house, we're pretty happy with what we've been able to do so far for the space!
A coffee table made with stacked pallets.
the wall of crates are all scavenged from the ID since there's such an abundance of Asian produce shops! Nin impressively put that up in mere couple of hours!

We even got a coffee & tea station! Thanks to Caffé Vita for always supporting our endeavor!
Nothing like some take out Chinese food after working some late hours at Brite...That's one thing that we don't have to worry about...that there's always food available in the International District!
Curious people passer bysBrite's theme for this month, to explore the concept of "space Available" and what it means to use space in a creative way.



SOIL Art Auction this Friday 10/15

Dylan & I have been volunteering for this event every year for the past 5 years now, and it's always an awesome event that we look forward in being be part of. This year is no exception!

All SOILS Day | 2010 Art Auction

Top ten reasons you'll should attend:

1. Fabulous art
2. Delicious food
3. Devilish drinks
4.Try your luck at our La Loteria stand to win one-of-a-kind prizes from Soil Members
5. Support SOIL and it's mission to bring experimental art and media to Seattle
6. Choose from a stellar lineup of auctioned pieces: Whiting Tennis, Gala Bent, Jeffry Mitchell, Kristen Ramirez, yours truly, and so many more.
7. Dress in your best Calaveras (skeleton) makeup and rub elbow bones with some of Seattle's best artists.
8. Free parking
9. I will love you for it (and I will too)
10. All for $10!!!
 If you buy your ticket at Brown Paper Tickets before 6 pm Thursday!

Tickets: $10 presale, $20 door

Click here to see a preview of the works in the auction.

Auction Date:
Friday, October 15 | 6-10 pm
Seattle Design Center
5701 6th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108
Enter on Orcas between 5th and 6th



A BRITE Opportunity

So we all know that summer is officially over, and that this year has definitely gone by WAY too fast. But we're happy to share a great exciting news for BRITE Collective where we have been given a store front spaces for the next 3 months as a temporary residency in the Seattle International District!

What does this mean?
This means that we get to use this space to host creative events and activities as a platform that can foster individuals to create, connect and leave inspired. Also this will give us an opportunity to connect with local groups/designers/artists/businesses and collaborate to do something fun and out of the ordinary!

Here's a preview of our space and the rough set up. ...
How did this happen?'s because of our current unfortunate state of the economy.... But all this is a total blessing in disguise! I see it as a new Renaissance way of living where people, whether they like it or not, have to keep an open mind for things that more temporary, flexible, and unpredictable....and I think all of us are learning to adjust to this new way and trying to embrace the concept of "living in the moment" by taking advantage of the resources & opportunities that are all around us. Just within the past year I've seen so many interesting new food cart/truck business popping up, met new people doing super interesting projects, or new groups coming together to gain forces to do something great...I think we all are looking to make the best out of the worst.

And his is exactly what the Seattle Store Front project is all about. The idea formed when all these vacant/for lease spaces are popping up and dramatically changing the dynamic & the feel of the area. It's never appealing to see or walk through places where you see that every turn you take. So various local Seattle organizations formed this project to encourage creative individuals/groups of all realm to utilize existing vacant store fronts as an opportunity to experiment and bring something positive to the neighborhood as well as help building a stronger sense of community and arts in the area. So despite the unfortunate existence of these vacant spaces around town, this is totally a perfect creative way to put a positive spin on it all.

Brite is really looking forward to take full advantage of such opportunity and is planning on teaming up with local groups, artists, designers, musicians, you name it!
We got a ton of ideas to host variety of workshops, installations, music and film related events, holiday parties and more!!
For the first small event, we invited couple of guys who organizes the annual PARK(ing) Day for Seattle, where they get people to set up parks in what would normally be parking spots or vacant gravel lots for one day simply for the goal to get people to see & use existing spaces differently.
We participated in last year's PARK(ing) day, and this year the timing worked out that we got the space around they same time that PARK(ing) day was happening. So we decided to set up temporary park-like elements in our vacant space as a way to get some fun activities happeing there to start!
Our set up of an indoor picnic with some ARCADE magazines....
Four Square = four times the fun! So much space (1300 sq/ft much of it!), so many ideas, and so little time!....It's going to be an action packed winter because we got LOADS of ideas/plans which will be taking place really soon!
Stay tuned! 


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Lend a Helping Hand

A great project presented by Tanya Aguiñiga.Tanya Aguiñiga is an LA base artist/designer whose been an active participant in the art/design community in bridging the world of design, art, and craft focused on the Latino community. She recently launched the project, Artists Helping Artisans (AHA), to raise money to work in the highlands of Chiapas with Mayan women in hopes to empower the people and preserve traditional & cultural arts and craft.
"...Artists Helping Artisans (AHA), will focus on helping artisans in marginalized communities whose craft traditions or livelihoods are at risk. With the current economic crisis, and tourism dwindling, many of these craft communities are in dire need of help."

It's really admirable and inspiring to see that even designers & artists can find ways to foster a better place by giving back to the people. This definilty makes me realize that even as designers we can make responsible contributions or actions that can improve people's lives beyond creating consumable tangible products.

So let's help Tanya help others... You can lend a helping hand and help Tanya to get her project in Chiapas going...and it's true...Evey contribution helps.

Donations can be made in increments of $10, $25, $50, and up to $2000 if you're feeling really generous! And with every donation, Tanya will even send something special made from her or from the artisans!
Donate $50 and receive a hand felted bird by Tanya.Donate $100 and receive a small Chiapas artisan made work and Limited Edition 11x14” print made by Tanya.

Read the full project description and make donations here.
Besides sharing the AHA project, it's also important to share Tanya's work! I first discovered her when I had the pleasure to meet Tanya at a craft show in SF back last December. Seeing her stuff was a total highlight of my trip! Not only does she creates beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade design furniture pieces, she also creates these beautiful dipped dyed rope jewelery that were more than amazing. I was literally hovering over her booth for an hour looking and trying everything on!

Dipped dyed bracelets with bright saturated colors.... I had to get the teal one! I realized that this bracelet was mentioned along with my doily rug back when Meg Mateo guest blogged on D*S!
Yeah...I couldn't help it..but I had to get one of these dipped dyed rope necklaces, too!
Check out her shop!
and yes.... she's hand-felt these folding chairs... Gawwwd....
I love how this chair looks like a loom.

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