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L&G Makin' Some Rounds this Holiday

It's that time of the year to celebrate the holiday and shop for gifts!!! (....and we still can't believe it almost the end of year!)
But boy, are we excited for this joyful season and for getting into some holiday gift guides!
Check em' out!
Here's our Ovis Hanging Chair front & center on Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

Our Aura lights was also featured in the latest issue of Gray Magazine (also Seattle based magazine)
Here's our lil' chalk piggy bank made it in to Cool Hunting's Gift guide!

Here's our Superior Servers in RealSimple's roundup of serving utensils.

AND our servers is also featured in November issue of ALASKA AIRLINE magazine (pg76)!!....oh how I love flying on Alaska Air especially on their small jets (i.e. Seattle to Portland) where I get to down a glass of complimentary wine in 15min. It's awesome....


And through FAB, our chalk piggy bank also made it into NY Post's holiday gift guide...along with the insanely famous FURBY and NIKKI MANAJ..... perfume. No joke.  Here's the printed version...and be prepared to be blown away by this collection!!! 

I think the only way we can ever beat Furby or Nicki is to make a new version of chalk piggy bank that talks like a creep and wears bright pink wigs...then we're gonna pitch this to Shark Tank and make BANK!



L&G on Dwell!

L&G is totally stoked to be in April issue of Dwell! ...we're actually in there twice! First feature is of the piggy bank along with other neat items...

here's piggy the Dwell website.

...and the second feature is of my Mega-Doily rug project under Meg's "Crafting a Meaningful Home" book!

Yay! Double awesomeness.



L&G in Monocole Magazine!!!!!

Sorry to have to play favorites , BUT this one deserves a few EXTRA exclamation mark!!!! 


We LOVE this awesome UK magazine and was more than stoked to have BOTH our Chalk Piggy bank AND Perimeter Tray be featured in the April issue!!

Reading this magazine is like having THE BEST worldly European friend with phenomenal taste to hang out with you.....I just automatically feel a bit more awesome and well-informed about all the current events around the world. 

On top of all that, I get to meet the most amazing people, see the most incredible spaces and places, AND learn about  the best places to eat & shop!!! 

Now if ONLY that friend was REAL.....

BUT since I don't have a real friend like that,  that's where Monocle comes in! 

Hurray! my life is saved again!  Monocle, you're the BEST!! We're gonna be BFFs for, like, ever.




Black Friday: 25% off on L&G items!

It's BlkFriday! and we gots some sales goin' up in here!
We're offering 25% off of $50+ total purchase starting now till NOV 28th sunday (ends 11:59pm PST) 1st. ENTER PROMO CODE: BLACKFRIDAY25
Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!


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Piggy Mention on Mmminal Blog

Recently came across this awesome blog called Mmminal, and then end up seeing our Chalk Piggy mentioned on there!

It's always so exciting to find a blog we like and realize there's a mutual admiration of each others work!

Another reason why the inter-connected-web is so awesome...

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Fresh molds

Getting ready for the first pour on a new crisp set of pig molds for CITM piggy v4.0. More on him soon!



Piggy's New Home

Got this delightful email from a customer the other day.....

- - - - - - -

This morning, in the office:

-oink- -oink- -oooooink-

Hey you! Hey! Come here!!! Go back!! Don't run!

I've goooot it!! I've goooooot iiiiit!!

Simply amazing :D Nice proportions, perfect choice of materials and excellently protected for the trip. This will be his new home.

- - - - - - -

This totally put a smile on my face. :)

Looks like the piggy will be enjoying his new home in SPAIN! (I'm actually jealous of the chalk piggy!)

Also Diego has a graphic design studio, Clay, and a really awesome blog.

Thanks Deigo!



L&G and JOIN friends at NYIGF Aug13-Aug18

We can't believe it's already been a WHOLE year since we debut our work at the NYIGF last year...the year went by super fast and we don't really remember what really happened...but all I can say is that this whole experience of having our own studio so far has been more than amazing, and it's been reassuring for us that we can actually make it work!  

...and in finding the need to give ourselves a little pat on our backs, we decided to celebrate a little by getting a cake! I love that I can write off things like this as an business expense!

We even used the cake to shoot along with our new items that we'll be bring to the NYIGF this August: New pastel Superior server colors, Vintage Superior cake servers, ceramic Salt & Pepper Pawz, and Terracotta Piggy banks!

So yeah...It's been a crazy year where it felt like so much has happened yet I can barely remember it all.  Does that make sense?....and is that normal?

I think perhaps it's the fact that we're still learning the art of juggling everything and learning how to be our own bosses...and do everything be a designer, product developer, maker, project manager, blogger, photographer, sales rep,  accountant, PR, creative director, packer, shipper, and the person to wash dishes, etc.

Less assure you that i'm NOT trying to brag....seriously...

Nonetheless, we're still totally psyched for this August NYIGF where 8 of us design studios under JOIN will  be next to other talented peeps from American Design Club and “A+: The Young Designers’ Platform.” We'll all going to join forces and showcase our work outside the entrance to Accent on Design in the lobby area. 

Yes...nothing like partying in the lobby at the Javits Convention Center!! Woot woot!

Check out what everyone gots to bring!

New print from  R&L goods.

Hex Opener by Iacoli & McAllister 


Hung by Grain 


Canoe Canvas Pack by Blk Pine Workshop


  Bows Scarf by PlainMADE

2012 Naturalist Almanac by Free Time Industries 

SBiR Rings by friutsuper designSBiR Rings by friutsuper design

More info:

The New York International Gift Fair ( is located at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, 655 W 34th Street in New York, and will be open 9:00 am - 6:00 pm August 14 - August 17, 2011 and Noon - 6:00 pm August 18, 2011.



FABulous Ending To Our Sale!

We've been so excited about being on FAB!!

We got ourselves geared up for our 3-day flash sale, and now our sale ended we couldn't be happier with the result and seeing the wonderful write up they did about L&G on FAB blog...(blush)

We put out a new item... Terracotta Piggies!...I love how the peachy-orangy terracotta color that makes it look more like a pig! Looks very nice for the summer, yah?

They sold out on fab for now, but they will be available soon on our site!

We really didn't know what to expect in terms of how people will respond to our work and how the sale will go...but turns out it was more than great and we actually sold out quite a few things!!




I know lot of the stuff aren't even in our shop right now, but we're in the works to put up more! Such as the new Terracotta piggies, one-off Daily Affirmation vintage mirrors, Alphabrass tables with vintage lamp parts and more!! We're planning to have our shop updated soon totally amp up our shop!!


SHOP NOW and get 10% OFF all L&G originals!

Just Enter "GIMMIE10" at checkout!

Sale end of the day on July 4th at 11:59pm PST!!




L&G Chalk Piggies at Crewcuts!!

So....we had to keep this hush hush until recently...and we can't wait to share this exciting news!! Our Chalk Piggies are available on Crewcuts online HERE for all the stylish & adorable kids! Like this lil' adorable girl!We've been excited about this ever since one of the buyer from J.Crew first contacted us after purchasing a piggy after the holidays!This is our first time working with a big company such as J.Crew and we were more than happy that everything went as planned and now they're actually in one of the Crewcut store in NY and online! This is totally what I envisioned where the piggies would end up... to be with stylish kids & parents and be part of both of their worlds!

I think I'll be visiting our piggies at the Crewcut store when I head to NY this coming August!
Can't wait!



Fun Remodelista Market

Last Saturday's Remodelista Seattle Market went super well! We're so excited to be part of it, and meet all the talented people...and lovely ladies, Sarah & Allison of Remodelista! It was such a nice to spend the Saturday....hang out & catch up with peeps from I&M, yummy coffee & treats from Christa of Cafe Weekend....met lovely Heidi Swanson and got her new book...and then got REAL hungry looking at all the beautiful photos her book....
Below are some photos from Michael Jardine, since I still need to edit mine. heh...

We were in the Henrybuilt production space, thus explains the vinyl strips behind Dylan.
And there's him selling some our goods.Christina of Studio Patro
Mato Creative (amazing denim/indigo dyed accessories!)
Hattie Bird
Amy & Katy Carson of Bitters Co.
For those who couldn't make it to the market, don't get too bummed. Starting today, Remodelista is doing a 48hr special online sale with some sort of discount on all the things that were there (10-15% off or free shipping)
there you don't have to feel so sad for missing it!

Also we're hoping to do the next one in Portland beginning of June!! Can't wait!
photos from Michael



Drumroll....Announcing the Winners

So Thanks to everyone's contributions and efforts in participating in our little event to raise fund for Japan, we raised a total of $931. Yay! It's something! Thanks everyone for taking part of this!!

We drew 1 winner for every $500 raised. Since its pretty close to $1000, we figured we should draw 2 piggies!!
We did it the Japanese way (like getting a fortune at temples & shrines) and put everyone's tickets in the piggies, and shook it until the first names that came out...
...and the winners are Christen Coomer & Jennifer Fisher!! Congratulations!!

We didn't quite raise enough to do the drawing as planned, so we'll be giving other piggies to other relief events around. They'll be going to a good place no matter what. :)

One coming up: Seattleites Help Japan-Relief Event Part2
This Thursday April 14th 6-9pm
There's a suggested donation of $25 with 15 types of sake tasting, appetizers & desserts.
Japanese Koto Performance and silent auction. All money will be give to Peace Winds.
Please go to above link for event details.





....Pleeeeease help us help Japan and reach our goal!  READ DEATILS BELOW:WHAT WE'RE DOING: L&G would like to help raise some funds by giving away up to 5 special tribute to Japan Chalk Piggy Banks. FOR EVERY $500 RAISED, ONE PIGGY BANK WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN (AT RANDOM). Our goal is to raise at least $2500!!

WHAT YOU COULD WIN: Limited edition special tribute to Japan Chalk Piggy Banks with a red cork nose. Will also include white chalk & felt wipe cloth as well as shipping.

HOW IT WORKS: ONE drawing ticket will be given with EVERY $7 donation you give to the Japanese Red Cross. (i.e. $10=1 ticket, $21=3 tickets, $70=10 tickets....MORE tickets means HIGHER chance of winning!)

Step 1: Go to Paypal's link to Japanese Red Cross  and donate $$$.

Step 2: Email us your receipt from JRC with the amount you've donated to: .  

Step 3: We'll reply with a confirmation email, the number drawing ticket(s) we'll put your name in the drawing, and an acknowledgment to your awesomeness, generosity, and in making a difference with a virtual big thumbs up!!

Step 4: Check back on April 11th, to see who the winners are on our website blog.

DATE OF ANNOUNCEMENT:  Monday, April 11, 9pm (PST)

Winner(s) will receive separate emails from us asking for your shipping info. So please make sure our emails don't end up in your junk email because that would just be a real bummer...

Thank you to Seattle Met & Blue Ant Studio for sharing this on their site!!
We would be more than thrilled if anyone else can share this with your friends or your site, blog, facebook, twitter, etc.
Big big thank you all for your support & help!
xoxo Jean & Dylan


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Our raffle plan failed when we saw an email from Paypal today saying that it's against Paypal's policies !! :( Total raffle FAIL!!! booo.... ...BUT no fret!! We've reformatted!

Basically, go to the Japanese Red Cross site and donate directly to them (between now and April 11th).

Email us ( a copy of your receipt and for every $7 you donate, we'll put your name in a drawing for one of the five special edition banks.  Therefore the MORE you donate, the HIGHER chance of you winning a pig! For every $500 we raise, we'll draw a pig winner at random.

If you've already donated to us, no worries, we'll still donate it directly to the red cross and you'll still be in the drawing. Just don't tell paypal it's a raffle...because it's NOT!

We apologize for the inconvenience but GREATLY appreciate your willingness to work with our set up and our goal to help the people in Japan!! We can't do this without all your help!! Please comment or email us with any questions!

xoxo Jean & Dylan

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Help us help Japan Raffle! Win a special Piggy Bank!

We feel so incredibly lucky to have been safe at Depot when the earthquake hit Japan. As we felt the room shake and shake and shake beneath us that afternoon, we had no idea the toll the quake(s) were taking on other parts of the country. We were shocked, dismayed, and overcome with an eerie feeling as we watched the news later that night to find out about the incomprehensible damage just slightly north of us.

This unease persisted as we continued our trip. As we headed south to Kyoto to attempt to reconvene our travels, we couldn't help but feel like we were traveling in the wrong direction - that we should be going to North to help somehow. Unfortunately, the fears of the nuclear risks kept us away as we managed to enjoy ourselves in the south all the while feeling a bit guilty.


We vowed to do what we could to help once we returned home, so here's a start: We're producing 5 special piggy banks for our own charity raffle. These cute fellers have a vibrant red dipped nose and are individually numbered 1-5. We're hoping to raise $2000 or more for donation directly to the Japanese Red Cross for the earthquake relief.

Tickets are only $7, so we hope you and your friends, and your friend's friends will join in for a chance (or five) to win one of our special piggies. Buy now through 4/11.

Thank you for your support and

in making a difference.

xoxo Jean & Dylan




L&G and JOIN on Fast Company Blog

Check out this great write up on Fast Company blog about our friends from JOIN, us, the Design scene in Seattle....and Georgetown of all places... :P
I do have to admit that I did not expect them to talk so much about Georgetown since I did mention other areas when John interviewed us over the phone...I swear! But perhaps Georgetown stood out the most sounded more "unique" & "special"...with their summer art fests, drunk power tool-races, steam-punk trapeze schools, vegan bike powwows, and so on....
Ok....Seattle IS pretty darn special...sigh...



Wrapping up some loose ends....

Ahhh.....need to get some order out before we take off to Japan....
I'm SO ready to just get on the plane for 12 hours and do NOTHING besides sitting, eating, sleeping, catching up on all the movies I've missed this past year...aaand repeat...