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The Golden Day!!!

So....this is sorta kinda a big deal....well, not as big of a deal compare to the golden year...BUT still...this year, 2012, this month, March, tomorrow, the gonna be my golden birthday!!!!

Damn right.. I'll be turning 30 on the 30th!

But I'm WAAAAAAY more excited about the GOLDEN part than some silly insignificant number!

For anyone who knows me, I'm not the type of person to make a big deal out of my birthdays...(except when it involves kareoke) 

Dylan is being a TOTAL sweetheart and is planning the event, and all I know is that we'll be having an nice group community dinner at Belle Clementine, which I can't wait!!!

So all I have to worry about is how I can make myself look golden for my big day!

Yah... I know...I sound like I'm 16, but it's been awhile.  :)

(Gold image and tassels above from Confetti System)

I'm not one to go all out and cover myself gold from head to toe like getting some fancy gold evening gown, sexy gold heels, and flashy gold tooth (they all go hand in hand, right?)

...BUT I'm always up for some tasteful gold accessories!

I was looking for a button up shirt with gold accents of some sort and ended up finding THIS gold collar necklace!....that's not available anymore! Bummer!!

But I think I can make something up by sewing a gold collar to go on a simple white dress shirt to classy it up!

I also really want gold polka dots tights, but can't find it anywhere!...I guess that means I'll need to make my own polka dots on my black leggings!! :D

Of course....I would need some solid dancing like THIS pair of amazing gold & black stripped shoes from Totokaelo. DROOOOOL!

Also would love this classy Gold Cambridge Satchel (and the neon yellow,too!)

I've also been wanting a gold casio calculator watch for years now.....and I ended up finding THIS 70's vintage Casio on ebay going for about $600!'s unbelievably awesome....

Aaaaaand while we're at it, I might as well add THIS special edition Gold Hasselblad camera going for $5,000+ to the of all the things on my list on how to look golden. Why not?

Well...actually I can think of more than a doezon of reason why I shouldn't get all that! But hey...a girl can dream right?!

But, hopefully I'll be able to get at least one of those things before the NEXT golden birthday of 50!


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L&G Storytime No.5: Capture This!

Today on L&G's storytime segment for Poppytalk, we would like to share with you this wonderful book, "The Camera" one of Time-Life Book series. We found this book and it totally fuels us to get even more excited about cameras and photography!
Both Dylan and I are a little obsessed with cameras these days and recently found a twin lens Rolleicord V camera to add our collection of vintage cameras.
This beautiful book contains captivating historical and artful photos as well as informative instructions on how manual cameras work.We simply love the graphic illustrations and all the striking black & white photos.
I think our next camera experiment is to get a microscope camera! Just imagine all the amazing things you can capture...a fly..crystallization of vitamin C! Remember looking at onion peels during science lab? I'm always the one hogging the microscope!This crazy revolver is actually a camera invented in the late 1800's. Hmm, not sure why ANYONE would invent something like this. What was the objective?!...whatever it is, I think it's a cruel joke! Imagine using that and pointing it at people you know and shouting "say cheese!!"....You'd wonder why everyone in your photos looks horrified. I would definitely add this to my list of 'really useless inventions' along with Roomba and The Jonas Brothers. (sorry!)

But this is a book filled with visual inspirations that will get anyone to pick up a camera...or if you're like us, you'll end up picking up ten cameras!


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Picture me Rollein'

I'm so excited. I just picked up a classic Rolleicord V twin lens medium format camera today on Craigslist! It's from the mid '50s but has (according to the owner) had less than 10 rolls of film shot on it EVER. It shows too. It's absolutely clean right down to inner workings and the near-perfect leather case.

The best part: it was only $125!

I can't wait to get out there and take my first shots! In the meantime I'll just oogle over my latest find.




Can You Handle This?

Video By Hine Mizushima, Titled "Can Camera camera case walk?"

Yet another post about CAMERAS...well not entirely. But even if you're not camera crazy like us, you will still fall in love with this incredibly adorable stop-motion video, by a talented Japanese plush artist and stop-motion animator, Hine Mizushima.
The word "adorable" doesn't even do justice in describing her work. Hine has the power to make Care Bears look like bunch of assholes, to make Strawberry Shortcake look like a whore, and can tell Hello Kitty to shut the hell up....well...not in those words exactly...It's almost as if she collected all the good & happy thoughts in the world....a child's laughter, some fairy dust, a bunch of hugs and kisses, tons of puppies and kittens, all the rainbows and sunshine, millions of baby pandas rolling around, and infinite amounts of delicious french macarons...she takes ALL of the above....compresses it... and spits out little happy creations of miniature felt puppets, plush dolls, and colorful stage sets...simply...just for fun.
The concentrated dose of all that goodness was so intense that I was literally having internal seizures from all the cuteness. I must warn can try to fight it, but you'll soon realize that you just have to succumb and surrender to these feelings...of...happiness...and joy.

So be prepared....

Video By Hine Mizushima, Titled "The Secret Life of Six?", Music by TMBG

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!

Hine's Flickr site is even more unbearable!! And if you want to get one the camera cases go to her Etsy shop!



Say Chee..Is that For Reals?!

I was browsing on abbytrysagain's flickr. She takes fantastic dreamy photos with her talented camera eye and I always end up spending way too much time just admiring her photos and her blog. There, I saw the MOST beautiful camera...a vintage Falcon compact camera. Look at this beauty. Isn't it stunning?! The rich green, the sleek form, the art deco graphic lines, the proportion....everything! It's an art piece in itself!
via sh--4--rk
Then I startedd looking for vintage cameras and I found this RIDICULOUSLY adorable mini spycam, and it EVEN comes with a leather case!! SHUT UP!! FOR REALS?!
It's through this ebay-seller who sells lots of other beautiful antique cameras. But THIS by far is the coolist little camera I've ever seen. But I think I'm more in love with molded leather case than the camera itself.