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"Crafting A Meaningful Home" Book Party Report!


I had a total blast helping Meg set up the show for her book  launching party at Rare Device for Crafting a Meaningful Home! Meg & Kate had the idea to cover up  the gallery area in the shop with all cardboard sheets. We were cutting,  glue, stapling cardboard sheets like mad. It totally felt like school  again....ooh how I miss that adrenalin rush fearing that things aren't not gonna  turn out or that we'd have enough time to finish.... and the delirious feeling from  working so intensely and then have anxiety dreams the very night. Oh! How I miss all that!


Perhaps that's the workaholic side of me talking....

But to be honest, there IS something fun about working with bunch  people and doing hands on work like that!  We managed to pull it off in 2  days and even sucked my cousin in to help! Thanks cuz! :D

CMH projects 6.jpg
CMH projects 7.jpg

Here's what the cardboard covered space  looked like after we finished!  They even made cardboard side tables,  mantles, coffee cups and a typewriter! Super cute!

CMH projects 5.jpg
CMH projects 4.jpg

Below are the projects displayed from the book:

CMH projects 2.jpg

From Left to right:   Wood Burned Family Crest by Chika Eustace & I / Vintage Fabric  Display by Cathy Callahan / Rockite Bottle Vases by Anna Corpron &  Sean Auyeung / Locker Hook Rug by Christine Schmidt / Family Banner by  Samantha Hahn / Family Teepee by Billie Lopez & Tootie Maldonado.

CMH projects 1.jpg

From Left to right:   Printed Folklore chair by Diana Fayt / Needlepoint Racquets by Amy  Holbrook / Filipino Folk Art Replica by Meg Mateo & Marvin Ilasco /  Wallpaper Luminarias by Chrstiana Coop & Aimee Lagos / Gold leafed  lamp by Joy Deangdeelert Cho / Jewelry Tree by Carolina Saxl /  Decoupaged Plates by Lisa Congdon /Braided Rag Vessels by Sian Keegan /  Travel A-Z poster by Anh-Minh Le.

CMH projects 3.jpg

Upper Left: a table full of treats that I almost O.D.-ed on.  Upper center: Lisa Wong Jackson from Good On Paper design & Joy from Oh Joy! Bottom left:Meg, Meg's extra super helper Dianne, & I. Bottom center: Rena Tom who runs Rare Device with Lisa Congdon. Bottom Right: Lorena of Petit Collage's little one doing what I was doing....hovering over the food table with food shoved in my mouth.  


Here's me by my (mini version of) Mega-Doily  rug...I had to make a smaller one so it'd fit the space better. And if I may say  so myself... I think the mini version actually looks pretty cute!! :)

You can see the rest of photos from the book party here!



L&G on Dwell!

L&G is totally stoked to be in April issue of Dwell! ...we're actually in there twice! First feature is of the piggy bank along with other neat items...

here's piggy the Dwell website.

...and the second feature is of my Mega-Doily rug project under Meg's "Crafting a Meaningful Home" book!

Yay! Double awesomeness.



Fireworks Studies

This amazing book by Pierre Le Hors' 'Firework Studies' has pages after pages of beautiful black & white photos of varying moments of fireworks in the sky.

It's just amazing to look at even in a book.

I can never get sick of watching fireworks....which means that I can see myself never getting sick of looking at this book.
I suppose that's why people are willing to spend millions just for 30 minutes of entertainment....that's freedom for ya!

Happy America Weekend!!




A Great Big Mess..For A Great New Start

We've been doing some MAJOR spring cleaning, purging, and re-organizing....and pretty much turning our house upside-down! This was the state of our house shuffling everything around before we had the L&G Spring Vintage Sale! EEEEK!!

Who would have thought that we had this much stuff! (...actually probably everyone else knew except US!) ....we were THIS close on becoming hoarders buried alive...So part of the reason...besides the fact that we had hoarding issues....we also decided to do this purge so we can create a designated working space for L&G!!
This is especially important since Dylan is now OFFICIALLY working on L&G FULL TIME!!
We're gonna take L&G to the next level...make & design more things full time without killing each other!
It's been totally liberating to let go of the things we had. But mostly we're SO excited for all the new changes & the things we'll get to do for ourselves and for L&G!!

Here's what we got planned:

Turn what was previously our bedroom to L&G office:
-Expand our Dansk desk so can be usable on both sides
-Closet will become shipping & supplies area.
-Put a WHOLE wall of shelving with these CHEAP Ikea shelving system.
-Have desk lamps!

Turn what was previously our office/storage to a minimal & cozy bedroom:
-Colors: white, black, natural
-Materials: cheap pine sheets & cynder blocks for shelving, ropes & metal tubes for open hanging racks.
-plants & hanging plants!

Our main source of inspiration for our new spaces...The House Book 1974 by Terence Conran:
This book is one of our favorite go-to book for ideas when we need inspirations for our space...

Love the feel of this photo for our bedroom!!
It would be a total dream come true to have just simple open shelves like this in our office for books, stereo and things...
ahh....more storage ideas...

yah...I'd be perfectly happy if I can just live in this book...



Fun Remodelista Market

Last Saturday's Remodelista Seattle Market went super well! We're so excited to be part of it, and meet all the talented people...and lovely ladies, Sarah & Allison of Remodelista! It was such a nice to spend the Saturday....hang out & catch up with peeps from I&M, yummy coffee & treats from Christa of Cafe Weekend....met lovely Heidi Swanson and got her new book...and then got REAL hungry looking at all the beautiful photos her book....
Below are some photos from Michael Jardine, since I still need to edit mine. heh...

We were in the Henrybuilt production space, thus explains the vinyl strips behind Dylan.
And there's him selling some our goods.Christina of Studio Patro
Mato Creative (amazing denim/indigo dyed accessories!)
Hattie Bird
Amy & Katy Carson of Bitters Co.
For those who couldn't make it to the market, don't get too bummed. Starting today, Remodelista is doing a 48hr special online sale with some sort of discount on all the things that were there (10-15% off or free shipping)
there you don't have to feel so sad for missing it!

Also we're hoping to do the next one in Portland beginning of June!! Can't wait!
photos from Michael



Japan Sight / Taste / Find: 3/7

Day 2: Woke up and saw this...

SIGHT: Snow in March?!

Lunch & a lovely dessert set at a close by Japanese-Italian restaurant in 市川 Ichikawa where they made their own desserts.


Got couple of vintage  暮らしの手帖 Kurashi No Techo lifestyle magazine at Seiya & Mami's friends vintage book shop, Smoke Books. They had a whole shelf of them from the 70's & 80's filled with the best photos of everyday delights!



L&G Goods In Japan and Soon...US!

So we got some DOUBLE exciting news for L&G and for us!

We currently have some L&G goodies & hand selected vintage items at our friends' shop in Japan called Depot Cycle & Recycle. It's a charming family run bike & lifestyle shop in Ichikawa owned by THE MOST adorable, loving, & happy people we know!!
For the past month, We've been sending some fun things from L&G, R&L goods, and Piano Nobile goodies for their house & lifestyle area of the shop. They just sent me the photo of what it looks like and I'm already in love with all the things, the colors, and just the charming aesthetic of their shop!! I Especially love all these beautifully made ceramic ware.
Here is a photo of the lovely Minato Family. Seiya & Mami & their 3 adorable kids, Aika, Yume and Yuni!! ( I'd like to adopt all of them....yes please...) This is pretty much what they look like ALL the time....always happy and joke.
The Minato family visited us in Seattle last summer at our duplex and between Dylan, Chika, Jared and I, we had such a blast with them hanging out around Seattle, Ballard and Guemes Island to show them the great NW.
It was especially fun experiencing everything through their eyes since pretty much wherever they go...birds would sing, people would smile, flowers would bloom, babies would laugh, and even total strangers would go up and talked to them and be compelled to be their BFFs...
It sounds like I'm making it up...but I am not exaggerating.

So in about a week, Dylan & I are actually going to Japan to visit them!!
We'll actually get to really see and experience what its really like to live like one of the happy Minatos!

We're especially excited to see Seiya & Mami shop in person and see L & G piggy banks, servers, and doily rugs!
I made couple of Mini-Mega Doilies (One 2.5 ft diameter and the other is 2ft diameter) for them since their space is limited, but I also think they might actually do well at that size in Japan since it can also be used seating pads for the floor or on a chair....I hope they do well!
At that size... it's actually pretty cute if I may say so myself! :)

I also made a little sewn look book for them of our work.
There's something so satisfying about the combination of thread & paper...

Here's what the inside looks like...I can't explain how excited to see them & also visit Japan!! I'm getting butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it!
It's been a LONG time (7 years!) for me since I was last in Japan studying abroad there, and Dylan on the other hand has never been!
We've been talking about it for couple of years now, and it's also been a long time since the two of us have taken a long personal vacation that's not family or work related!
So it's about time! on with planning the trip......Oh boy!! Where do we even begin or stop!?!



List Making

I'm still letting the new year sinking in a little....and still thinking about some plans & resolution for the new year!
My sister showed me this inspirational book "Lists: To-dos, Illustrated Inventories, Collected Thoughts, and Other Artists' Enumerations from the Collections of the Smithsonian Museum"
The long title says it's pretty much a beautiful visual documentation of all sorts of creative artists' various sketches/mind maps/lists/ideas.
It's so neat to see the various ways of how each person organizes their thoughts and ways of documenting that on paper.... all of which are works of art in itself.

I love this list by Adolf Konrad where he drew out all the things he was packing for a trip....including himself. How lovely...
By Oscar Bluemner: list of works of art.

Beautiful sketches, one of which by Alexander Calder on top left.
Some neat looking charts & visual lists
This got me looking at all the notebooks I have. And instead of keeping journals (which I'm never diligent about!), I always keep my handy dandy R&L notebook with me so I can always write down notes & sketch out ideas wherever. I've kept all my used Moleskine notebooks, and it works well for me as my journal since all the little notes, sketches, and scribbles is a direct documentation of my thought process at that moment in time.

Here are some of my lists from 2010:
Some tabs of keeping our servers

some sketches for styling our servers/ drawings of our chalk piggy bank

Sketches of product post cards for JOIN/ some ideas for our kitchen

You can call my old-fashioned...but I believe that even with the most high-tech electronic pads out there, there are none that can ever replace the satisfying tangible quality of a real paper notebook with the warmth of hand-drawn sketches, and the richness of coffee stained pages or the softly warn covers....
...and now....I need to get started on my 2011 list (s)!!



Crafting a meaningful home book par-tay!!

I'm totally stoked about the opening book launch party this Thursday, Oct, 21st at Rare Device! And I was more than surprised to see the Mega Doily on their flyer!! Woo Hoo!!
I'll be there to show the projects that Chika & I did...the Mega-Doily rug from Ladies & Gentlemen and also a Coat of Arms project from R&L.

Bunch of other talanted contributers will be there in person and showing some of their projects! I'm super excited that I'll actually be there to meet everyone and also help Meg and Kate Pruitt (DIY editor at Design*Sponge) do some of the installation for this event! All I know is that we're doing something with cardboard....which I can only imagine between the Meg & Kate, the place is gonna look totally amazing!

Come check out the projects and see the book in person, and of course..come say hello!

Rare Device
1845 Market Street ( at Guererro)
San Francisco, CA, 94103
October 21st, 7-9 pm



"Crafting A Meaniful Home" Out Now!

FINALLY the book that we've all been waiting for!! (Or at least I have!)
I seem like only yesterday when we first met Meg and got the opportunity to be in her book!
We got our copy of Meg's "Crafting A Meaningful Home" book recently and was totally blown away by the quality of it all. The beautiful cover, all the lovely colorful photos, and 27 seven amazing project by all amazing designers/artists/crafters!

Here's a little sneak peak!!
Meg and her husband.
I'm on the first page! Crazy!L&G's Mega-Doily!
R&L's wood burned coat of arms for the Dupe!
I just love this photo...
Here are all the project & the people in the book
About the book
As the second decade of the 21st century begins, we’re more compelled than ever to find refuge in our homes and personalize our living spaces with DIY projects that celebrate who we are and where we’ve been. In Crafting a Meaningful Home, Meg Mateo Ilasco shares 27 projects that tell personal stories and celebrate heritage, all easily created on a budget. Learn how to decoupage a plate with photos of a best friend; silkscreen upholstery with folk motifs; artfully display love notes; sew a teepee from a vintage quilt top; or create family silhouettes for a festive banner. Contributed by a hip cast of well known designers from across the country, the projects are, at once, nostalgic, sentimental, and modern. Clear instruc­tions are easy to follow, even for beginning crafters.

You can get your copy here!



The Selby Book

One of my favorite online place for inspirations, The Selby, is coming out with a book, 'The Selby-Is in your place' on April joke! Although they could easily do that since it would be April Fool's day....but I think they have better things to do than play pranks like that...Todd Selby's photographs creative & artistic individuals from all aspects in their space, whether it be some totally outrageously fancy loft or the less than perfect overly crammed tiny apartments, Selby's honest no-filter approach is all about documenting the creative individual's lifestyle that's simply inspiring to see.



'My Things'...Except not mine

'My things' by Gabriel Grundler.
This could be a fun way to document our own lifestyle. The things we own and cherish can say so much about who we are.  This is much more pleasant to look at, and much MUCH less humiliating than looking at old awkward teen photos with giant glasses, braces and horrible outfits.  Goosebumps.....

via itis edition



L&G on Lucky Magazine!

Okay...take deep breath...
So get this...our Mega Doily Rug got featured on Lucky Magazine! This is our very first time getting our designs featured in a printed magazine! Kind of a big deal for us, since all the past mentions of L&G were all viral, (which I'm more than grateful for all the kind mentions!), but for some reason getting an actual feature in an editorial magazine makes it feel so official!

I knew before that the rug would be featured on the March issue...but totally forgot that the issue comes out a month all this still caught me by surprised when I found out that the issue came out this last weekend!

But on another SUPER exciting note for L&G is that I'll also be contributing to Meg Mateo Illasco's new book "Crafting a Meaningful Home"  (STC Craft/Melanie Falick Books).

I had the honor to meet Meg in person last year at the Renegade Craft Fair when she was doing some book signing for her book, Craft Inc. Through some casual conversation and me getting her autographed book, we ended up talking about her new book. One thing lead to another and the next thing I know, both Chika and I were talking about projects to propose for her book and dates for a photoshoot in SF! I swear, no one was drunk when all this happened!

But this is even BIGGER deal! Don't get me wrong, blogs & magazines...I'm not making it sound like this a competition nor am I playing favorites, but I'm saying it's a bigger deal because I realized how much work goes into putting a book together from both ends.  Turns out publishing a book isn't so easy...who would of thought, right?
There was so much back and forth of editing and re-editing that goes on and really made me wonder how people did this before the world wide inter-web came about...

In anyhow, the book will come out this Fall and we'll be able to share more in beginning of this summer!!  I'm trying really hard not too say too much, but I'm totally excited knowing what I know and knowing how awesome this book is gonna be!

Stay tuned for more updates!!



L&G/Chikabird in Meg Mateo Illasco's New Book!

So around last August we briefly mentioned that Meg Mateo Illasco is working on some home decor book....but we forgot to mention that both Chika & I are also gonna be her book!!

Ok, you totally want to hear the whole story, right?
Well...let me tell you! It was a total serendipitous thing.....
It all happened on lovely mid-July day in San Francisco when Chika & I traveled there to sell our goods at the Renegade Craft Fair......But this particular day was more than any other craft show days we worked at. We had the pleasure to meet Meg for the first time that day when she was doing book signing for her book "Craft Inc."
I decided to get a copy of her book to have her autograph it since I'm a big fan of her work and I love the book and wanted to get it for a friend..but instead of acting like my normal self....I some how turned into a giant dork too shy to say much besides looking awkward and mumbling some less than significant words like "uh..your books is, uh, really cool...yeah...I like how you talk about business...and stuff...but for crafters....uh...that's pretty cool...yeah, totally."
Well...those weren't the exact words..but I'm sure it was pretty close. :P

But of course, Meg was totally cool and SUPER friendly and just started asking me what I do...and as it turned out, Meg actually knew about our work!! AWESOME!

On top of what was already an exciting interaction with Meg, things just escalated from there. Next thing I know she was in our booth checking out our stuff and chatting with us as if we're already friends (I love friends!)...and JUST when I was thinking that things can't get any awesome-er..Meg all of a sudden says to me "Hey, I'm working on a home decor book and is looking for people to submit some creative projects with a personal story, you guys wanna do it?"
I looked at her like a deer in the headlight....then looked at Chika who also had the same look as me......I looked back at Meg and thought "Could this be real?!"....then realized I should provide some sort of response since she asked me a question....then finally I responded with great confidence "......yesssss?????"
I totally thought it was too good to be true and thought maybe she just wanted to feel it out and so I was prepared that at some point we'll get an email from Meg saying that she found someone better with a better project or for whatever reason.....but everything fell into place....and we realized it was truly official when both Chika & I went back in SF 2 weeks after we met Meg, and found ourselves hanging out at Lisa Wong Jackson's lovely mid-century modern house doing a photo shoot with Meg, Lisa, Joy, and Joanna with Thayer Alllyson Gowdy the photographer for the book. Everything happened so fast I couldn't even register it all!!!
The book will consist of of 25+ other well-known designers/artists/crafters each with a DIY home decor project that has their personal stories or memories. We were thrilled when Meg told us all the awesome people like Joy from Oh Joy!, Lauren & Derek of The Curiosity Shoppe, Lisa Congdon, Lisa of Good on Paper, Cathy Callahan of Cathy of California, Tootie of ReForm School and more were all contributing to the book!
With a power group like that, I don't even have to know what sort of projects they are doing for me to just KNOW that this book will amazing!

Here's some photos from the shoot. I want to live in Lisa's house!
Lisa & Virginia (Meg's lovely assistant) in their matching striped shirt watching the photo shoot take place.
Below are the projects that got shot that day....
My Mega-Doily Rug....Oh how I wish my living room looked like looks much better than my long skinny coffee table sitting on top of it...
For Chikabird, we made a Coat of Arms for the Dupe with all the graphic icons that represented us and then we wood burned them!
Joy's beautiful gold leaf glass lamp
Joanna's lovely stamped door curtainAn here's everyone sitting down for a nice lunch break. It's amazing how exhausting styling a shoot is! There were lots of moving objects back and forth going on, standing back to look at it, framing the shot with our hands, tilting our heads, squinting, and then repeat....
Yum yum almond croissants from my FAVORITE SF bakery, Tartine!!
I still couldn't really believe that this whole book thing is actually happening even after several months in when we already done the photo shoot and submitted the instructions and story...for some reason I just feared (and was trying to prepare myself) that there would still be a chance that we could get edited out.....for simply looking stupid in our photos or something like that...but they decided to keep our project! Even though I wouldn't argue one bit that I probably do look a little stupid in the photos... :P

I'm just more than excited the fact that not only will this be our FIRST time getting published in a's gonna be in a book by Meg along with an amazing group of people that we've always found inspiring, too!
There's just too much awesomeness all around! Can't stand it!
The real book is plan to launch this early fall!
Stay tuned! 



L&G Storytime No.10: To All The Wonderful Moms!

I have the perfect Mother's day book for L&G storytime! This is the most adorable and sweet little book titled "For a Wonderful MOM." Here's a shout out to all the wonderful mom's out there!
The book itself is covered in colorful flower printed fabric, and the illustration inside is even more ridiculously cute!
Moms are there to give us hugs....awww. Shut up!
Moms always know to keep us out of trouble! Moms are always there to teach us things
Moms are always there to tell us we're okay....or oaky-doke! Eh? Get it? Oak..Oaky-Doke!Sniff sniff...This book is seriously unbearable!!
I'm getting all teary eyed and warm and fuzzy inside! Moms are awesome...

Have a wonderful day on Mother's day!




L&G Storytime No.9: Decorating ABC's

This L&G storytime takes up another fantastic vintage decorating book “Betty Pepis Interior Decoration A to Z”. Betty P was apparently quite the authority on decorating in her day, so let’s see what sort of alphabet she has to teach us:

A is for Accessories: who can’t help but notice these accessories’ brilliant colors?Speaking of color…you guessed it C is for COLOR! We especially like this example using shades of red, pink, orange yellow and with a dash of bright green:
F is for Fur…but we can’t help but oogle at the Fur-niture in this image:
P is for “pattern placement”:
W is for Wire. Wouldn’t you love to sit on this dandy chair couple’s laps?:
…now at this point, you’re probably thinking: What the hell is Ms. Pepis going to do at Z?…what else other than….drrumm-rolllll…. ZEBRA! Bit of a stretch don't you think Betty?




L&G Storytime No.8: Visual Feast for Two

L&G would like to share another book!! It's Betty Crocker's "Dinner For Two" Cookbook FILLED with amazing illustrations by Charley Harper. This cookbook is a total feast for the eyes especially for all of the Charley Harper fans out there.
We like how these illustrations are looser and more playfully sketched than a lot of his other work.The cookbook is also filled with recipes for American favorites such as these delights below:Roast beef, broiled hamburgers, speedy baked beans, green salad, quick brown bread, biscuits, apple pie, and strawberry shortcake. Mmmmm...
Try as they may to make the food photography look appealing, you can literally feel your arteries clogging as you look at the spreads. Thank goodness they had Charley Harper illustrations to keep the photos of shellacked roasts to a minimum.
You can see tons more images, here.





Via Reference Library
I would really REALLY like to get my hands on one of these Apartamento Magazines....they're about to release their 3rd issue on April 20th...all the way in Milan. Also they're putting together an Everyday Life Objects Shop.....UGH! it all sounds sooo cool!!! WHY do I live in Seattle and not Italy!?
Just look at the photos of the past issues (which are sold out! grrr)....what rich images, thick quality paper, great content and layout?....

Okay, can someone quit hogging it and pass that over to me please...., like NOW.
Dude, seriously.



L&G Storytime No.7: Modern Furniture, Its Design and Construction

Guess what time it is?'s storytime!! YAY
Quite possibly the number one reason to appreciate vintage is the furniture. I mean who can deny the power of minimalism, the quirkiness of organic designs, the richness of Danish teak? Furniture design truly hit its stride and this book written by Mario Dal Fabbro in 1949 was put together in the exciting early years.
The book is an incredible mix of lightly dimensioned technical drawings of design classics like Saarinen’s Womb chair and the Eames’ LCM along with do-it-yourself style projects. The book covers everything from chairs, tables, and desks to built-ins and shelving systems. All the drawings are hand done and have a consistent quality to them that is consistent throughout the book. There’s something about them that is mesmerizing and makes you want to learn to draft the old fashioned way.
We were particularly captivated by all the tricky folding designs that are throughout the book. In addition to some traditional folding furniture archetypes, there are a bunch of clever designs we’ve never seen before. Like these folding beds:
Or this sideboard with a swivel out work surface:
Or this articulating side table:
All these swiveling and fold out actions is like could turn your house into a life-size pop-up book! They certainly don’t make things like they used to, which is why it’s so great to have vintage books remind and inspire us to take use a put a little bit of past in our present.

Ta ta for now!




L&G Vintage Book Subscription

Dylan & I would like to present to you our newest project: A vintage book subscription service: L&G's Creative Literacy Bill of 2009!

We're here to provide some assistance of our own in these tough times. We decided to do our part to educate and inspire the populous through the power of vintage books. Our Creative Literacy Bill has all you need to inspire your everyday life and keep you optimistic during these hard times.

How it works: Ladies and Gentlemen hand selects each vintage book in the collection and sends one to your door each month for 6 months per subscription. For you, it's a literary surprise every month! We promise to only provide inspiring books we would want in our own collection. You promise to enjoy them. Simple, no?We offer 4 "Stimulus Programs" each with a specific theme (click for more details or to subscribe):

Operation Crafty Freedom=Craft & How To Books

Residential Beautification Act=Home Decor & Improvement Books

No Inner-Child left Behind=Children's Books

Graphical Assistance Program= Books with inspiring graphics

L&G also shares select vintage books on it's Storytime Segments for Poppytalk. You can see some examples of books we pick up and share, here.


Happy Reading!