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Summer Rides

I've been meaning to put together a road bike that I have...

I took it apart 3 years ago wanting to re-coat the frame, get color tires, leather handles & seats along with some vintage Cinelli & Campagnolo parts..and what do you know?...the frame is still there with all the parts are still in a box! Wah-wuh...

I was especially a bit discourage when I saw that I can get a custom single speed or track bike from Republic Bike for $399! You can customize the color from the frame, to the seat, the wheel, the tires, down to the chain and gears!! And it would take them less time to build a bike from scratch than me putting it back together and have it be not even rideable...what in the what was I thinking?

Just so convenient that they have a feature on their website where you can custom build a bike to see what you like...and of f course I HAD to start playing around with it!! 

Started our with something like this...

... classic/unisex feel with yellow, black, and white.

....then something soft and bold at the same time...

or it could be any of these....

..Too many options...I can't decide!!!

But then again...I hate to give up on my poor torn apart bike's SO tempting to want to just get something shiny and new!! But instead of surrendering to my irresponsible desire for compulsive consumption...I'm making a commitment to work on my bike!!

Because nothing can replace the sense of accomplishment of doing something from start to finish...even if it means that it'll take me 4+ years to complete it...right? God...I sure hope so....




New design bag series on R.E.Load

I've just got featured on R.E.Load as one of their custom designers! Theres's a funny photo of me cross-legged! But I'm actually glad they used that photo versus the ones of me standing....where I looked like I had super short if they're not already short enough! I didn't think they would post it on the main page. Luckily it's not permanent. Phew! I just can't stand being so famous! ugh!
....heh. :P
So, I've been working for R.E.Load bags for 2 and half years or so doing countless custom designs of my own and custom graphic upon people's request. R.E. Load is the messenger bag company that sells awesome build-your-own bike messenger bags and they're all handmade in Seattle & Philadelphia. You can read their blog about what I do there and the whole fixed gear/track bike culture that's exploding in every major city nowadays.
I'm not a total bike geek, but definitely has an appreciation for it and find this particular subculture really interesting. But apparently my Diagonal graphic is a big hit in Japan! It's pretty exciting. I think it's because of the hot pink and electric purple combo. They just LOVE crazy colors!
As you can see in the photo below with our dear friends and distributer in Japan, Seiya and his ADORABLE family in BRIGHT cheerful colors! We got to hang out with them at one of the major bike races in Philly and they're just the cutest family ever! I wanted to steal little Aika and Yume from their parents...but decided not to, since their parents would be sad.
Hope to visit them at some point. it's been more than 3 years since I've last took a trip to Japan. I miss it there. gotta save up!