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We're stoked to get a copy of the new publication our friend, Charlie, just launched.


Simple and beautifully highlighting a handful of great emerging photographers from the NW and beyond.


Seeing some of the photos makes me really appreciate the soft glooming light we get in the NW 75% of the year. There's just something about the light that makes everything seem more mysterious and dream-like...




Wild Things


We went to a really fun opening for Stacy Rozich's show at Flatcolor Gallery yesterday.

All her colorful and intricate water-colored prints are filled with humorous and rich narratives of the strangest-looking folklore creatures doing random things and acting like ironic hipsters....standing around nonchalant....smoking, drinking Rainer, playing music, cards, or causing some sort of mischief.



They look wild and crazy and all the while incredibly endearing at the same time....each carrying their own personality.

I couldn't help but to create mini conversations (with different voices and all) in my head as I looked at every print.......

Rabbit guy: " I'm a little worried....I think fluffy is not feeling very well...."

Pipe guy: (playing music) " what?... you said something?"

Rabbit guy: "oh...nothing, I mean....I was just trying to say that fluffy looks a little looks like she's loosing a lot of weight...."

Pipe guy: (inhale pipe and puff out smoke) "uh...hmmm...its probably the dogs stealing her food or whatever"  

Rabbit guy: "ohmygawd...really??  you think they'd do that?!"

Pipe guy: "uh, yeah. they're dogs....they'd eat anything."  (resume to playing his music)

Dogs: "grrrr...."


Tree guy: "gawd....why da hell did you make me steal this tree from your neighbor's yard?"

Gun guy: "cuz she always up in my biznezz and wouldn't shut up about everything I do"

Tree guy: " you steal her tree?...what's the point exactly?"

Gun guy: "I don't know...just so she'll learn to not F with...wait a minute....I didn't kidnap you so you can ask me all these damn questions!" (spit)

Tree guy: "all right...fine."

Bug: (in little voice) "heeey!! get back here! You guys have no rights to move the tree, I was living under there! It says here on my lease that I have every right to sue you guys! I'm a bug lawyer and I can get you guys thrown in jail!!...uh....guys..did you hear what i say!!"

Birds: "KAAAAH!"


Big guy: "WOOOO!!!!   NO HANDS MOTHERF*#%ER!!" 

Little green guys: (with tiny high voices from left to right) 

"heeeeeell yeeeeah...rager paarrrtaaaay!!"

"ah maaaan...think i'm out of beer..."


"damn it! give me back my cigarette!! stop hogging it!!"

"what, you mean this? what? you want it or something?? I thought you said you're quitting? really shouldn't smoke, you know...especially if you want kids and all"

"damn it, shut up, and just give me the damn cigarette!"

___________(The End)______________ a little carried a way....maybe I'm crazier than all those creatures combined...

anyways...moving on....

MUST SEE this amazing stop-motion illustrated by her for Fleet Fox that totally made my heart stop... I even teared up a bit at the end.

It's insanely beautiful and magical.... it's almost like the song and the animation were made for each other.



The Secret Unfolds

Saw these great paper manipulated works by London Artist, Abigail Reynolds recently and just love the simplicity of its concept, and yet how she's able to create such a captivating result.Besides the captivating layers with its well-sculpted folds, if taken with a closer look, you'll see that some photos are of the same place or building taken at different times....tricky, tricky...
It's almost like looking at those secret 3D images where you cross your eyes long enough where its borderline dangerous... and then you'll see this awesome image of bunch dolphins in 3D!!  Yeah...I know this is not nearly as cool as those 3D dolphins....that's why I said it's ALMOST like it. Duh.  Via Anthology



List Making

I'm still letting the new year sinking in a little....and still thinking about some plans & resolution for the new year!
My sister showed me this inspirational book "Lists: To-dos, Illustrated Inventories, Collected Thoughts, and Other Artists' Enumerations from the Collections of the Smithsonian Museum"
The long title says it's pretty much a beautiful visual documentation of all sorts of creative artists' various sketches/mind maps/lists/ideas.
It's so neat to see the various ways of how each person organizes their thoughts and ways of documenting that on paper.... all of which are works of art in itself.

I love this list by Adolf Konrad where he drew out all the things he was packing for a trip....including himself. How lovely...
By Oscar Bluemner: list of works of art.

Beautiful sketches, one of which by Alexander Calder on top left.
Some neat looking charts & visual lists
This got me looking at all the notebooks I have. And instead of keeping journals (which I'm never diligent about!), I always keep my handy dandy R&L notebook with me so I can always write down notes & sketch out ideas wherever. I've kept all my used Moleskine notebooks, and it works well for me as my journal since all the little notes, sketches, and scribbles is a direct documentation of my thought process at that moment in time.

Here are some of my lists from 2010:
Some tabs of keeping our servers

some sketches for styling our servers/ drawings of our chalk piggy bank

Sketches of product post cards for JOIN/ some ideas for our kitchen

You can call my old-fashioned...but I believe that even with the most high-tech electronic pads out there, there are none that can ever replace the satisfying tangible quality of a real paper notebook with the warmth of hand-drawn sketches, and the richness of coffee stained pages or the softly warn covers....
...and now....I need to get started on my 2011 list (s)!!



Festivities All Year Round!

Here's to the new year! Seeing all these fun photos on The Selby of the duo from Confetti System reminded me that we should try to make every work day feel like this!!
The duo started the company solely creating modern party pinatas & garlands to for the most amazing companies & people doing installations, events & performances.
I'm imagining their work days is like having a fun party everyday...partying like it's 1999.....except in 2011.
What a life!
I can't wait to party everyday....I mean, work.
Here's to another exciting New Year!!