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Wind Chime Collaboration Pre-Sale!

We're just a day away from tomorrow's Reclaim NYC x 2 opening partyBut check out the online pre-sale first and to get first dibs!

We couldn't be happier with the result of these wind chimes in collaboration with Nicholas Nyland!  Nicholas made some really special ceramic chime pieces with various shapes, textures, and glazes. So every chime is one-of-a-kind!  

Below are some of process late night shots  and the finished chimes!

We'll also have a whole array of chimes for sale at Noho Next in these 3 styles amongst our Aura lights! The chime ranges from $95-$175

We will eventually put them on our website for sale, but for now, you'll have to come see/shop them in person...and come say hello!



New Collaboration Brewing

We're really excited to be working with our dear friend/artist, Nicholas Nyland in creating a whole collection of wind chimes which we'll launch in mid-May!

We've been posting some process shots on our EXPLORATION page  and we'll be sharing them next week and will be exhibiting them at New York Designweek along with other new works from MAY 17-20 at Reclaim NYC and Noho Design District. (Details TBA) 

We've been a long-time fan of Nicholas' work and been wanting to work with him for years now! We love his fun & uninhibited way wanting to work with him for years now!  We love his uninhibited ceramic pieces and his use of  fun colors and  textures.

Needless to say it's going to be an exciting collaboration and we think it'll yield a really interesting result contrasted with our simple forms and material pallet!

Here are some photos from our brainstorming  session with Nicholas and at his lovely home!




New Excitement at Frye Art Museum

Something awesome is brewing at the Frye Art Museum. Charlie Schuck at Object totally transformed the museum shop with works from 50+ local designers and artists, and we're excited to be part of it all!

We're also working with Charlie & The Frye on some winter events which will coincide with Frye's current exhibit, Moment Magnitude-A cross-platform project of visual art, performances, readings, concerts, dance, rehearsals, and specially designed arts engagement programs.

The Frye is hands down one of our favorite 'secret' Seattle spots. It's beautifully understated and tucked away on First Hill with a great mix of traditional & contemporary artwork...and on top of it all, its free! Every time we go, we're always amazed by the place.

The shop & exhibit will be up through Mid-January, so go check it out! 



Fantastic Formafantasma

A Couple months ago I randomly saw on Dezeen job listing that these guys from Formafantasma were looking for interns....and we (mostly Jean) are TOTALLY kicking ourselves for not just packing up, sell everything we have, and move to Amsterdam to just work with these amazing Italian duos!!! (....we're still scheming ways to figure out how to move there!)

They're work straddles the line of art, design, and most importantly craft. All the pieces are beautifully detailed using the most interesting mix of natural materials. Sometime you wonder how functional their work are...but really....who says beautiful things that doesn't get used, but can be appreciated isn't functional enough.  

They just recently launched an impressive line of work for the coming Miami Art Basel, and I'm sure they're gonna knock everyone's socks (and underwares)off.





Wild Things


We went to a really fun opening for Stacy Rozich's show at Flatcolor Gallery yesterday.

All her colorful and intricate water-colored prints are filled with humorous and rich narratives of the strangest-looking folklore creatures doing random things and acting like ironic hipsters....standing around nonchalant....smoking, drinking Rainer, playing music, cards, or causing some sort of mischief.



They look wild and crazy and all the while incredibly endearing at the same time....each carrying their own personality.

I couldn't help but to create mini conversations (with different voices and all) in my head as I looked at every print.......

Rabbit guy: " I'm a little worried....I think fluffy is not feeling very well...."

Pipe guy: (playing music) " what?... you said something?"

Rabbit guy: "oh...nothing, I mean....I was just trying to say that fluffy looks a little looks like she's loosing a lot of weight...."

Pipe guy: (inhale pipe and puff out smoke) "uh...hmmm...its probably the dogs stealing her food or whatever"  

Rabbit guy: "ohmygawd...really??  you think they'd do that?!"

Pipe guy: "uh, yeah. they're dogs....they'd eat anything."  (resume to playing his music)

Dogs: "grrrr...."


Tree guy: "gawd....why da hell did you make me steal this tree from your neighbor's yard?"

Gun guy: "cuz she always up in my biznezz and wouldn't shut up about everything I do"

Tree guy: " you steal her tree?...what's the point exactly?"

Gun guy: "I don't know...just so she'll learn to not F with...wait a minute....I didn't kidnap you so you can ask me all these damn questions!" (spit)

Tree guy: "all right...fine."

Bug: (in little voice) "heeey!! get back here! You guys have no rights to move the tree, I was living under there! It says here on my lease that I have every right to sue you guys! I'm a bug lawyer and I can get you guys thrown in jail!!...uh....guys..did you hear what i say!!"

Birds: "KAAAAH!"


Big guy: "WOOOO!!!!   NO HANDS MOTHERF*#%ER!!" 

Little green guys: (with tiny high voices from left to right) 

"heeeeeell yeeeeah...rager paarrrtaaaay!!"

"ah maaaan...think i'm out of beer..."


"damn it! give me back my cigarette!! stop hogging it!!"

"what, you mean this? what? you want it or something?? I thought you said you're quitting? really shouldn't smoke, you know...especially if you want kids and all"

"damn it, shut up, and just give me the damn cigarette!"

___________(The End)______________ a little carried a way....maybe I'm crazier than all those creatures combined...

anyways...moving on....

MUST SEE this amazing stop-motion illustrated by her for Fleet Fox that totally made my heart stop... I even teared up a bit at the end.

It's insanely beautiful and magical.... it's almost like the song and the animation were made for each other.



Happy 2012!

This is what I want for 2012!!
Integrate this early century dance routine as a workout 3 times a week and of course, integrate more magic in general.
Uh...hell YAH I believe in MAGIC! Why would you even ask such a silly question?

Happy New Year!





OBJECT Opening 11.11.11

This is a super exciting news for Seattle.

Charlie Schuck, the mastermind behind OBJECT, which first started off more as  concept popup shops is now becoming a real brick and mortar store in Charlies' new studio in Belletown neighborhood (next to Suyama!)

The opening is today, Novemeber, 11, 2011. Starting at 630pm. L&G will have some selective items in there as well!

..and here's the first OBJECT newsletter!

 Check out full event details HERE!



T Time

A more epic time than your typical tea time...

Santigold and Spankrock....having hella of a good time in Alexander Wang's  T collection. Dang.



Sssss(Blended) Plates

I love these splendid pieces by Amsterdam-based artist, Maxime Ansiau, reinterpreting traditional plates by simply conjoining & repeating the artwork of the plates.

Could be an interesting experience to eat out of the 6 blended plates as a group!




Wooden Automatons

Check out these amazing handmade automatons by by Japanese artist, Kazu Harada. Besides the fact that each one looks beautifully on its own, the mechanism & the action makes them even more wonderfully magical. I can play with these all day and never get tired it. Especially this Duck one!!
Also I love the sound of this Matryoshka.
How does this work?? It's KIIIIILING me!!
Hope you have a happy & unproductive weekend watching all of Kazu's videos!



Sprout of a Great Idea

After a long day of work doing our L&G Spring Sale, we had the pleasure to go to one of the Sprout dinners! Sprout is a local Seattle non-profit organization where they organize dinners in support of local artists, designers, or performers and their creative endeavors through a voting process over a meal. The idea: Attendees pay $20 for a full deliciously homemade 3 course meal. A list of 4-6 Artists/designers presents their project to the audience as they dine. At the end of the meal, everyone votes for their favorite project. Then the winner gets the money collected from the event to pursue their dream!! I just love how simple and straight forward this format is in getting people from the community to participate and support something collectively. It was a totally enriching experience to see and hear about all the interesting projects and help support someone and their ideas...and all the while eating amazing food and drinking wine & local brewed beer....pretty amazing. What was served: Home made pickled beets & string beans. Toasted quinoa with goat cheese. Simple penne pasta dish with saute chard & fresh tomatoes. Rhubarb crisp with homemade caramel & ice cream....HEAVEN!! I like it when Seattle makes awesomeness like this. :) I already can't wait for the next event! Watch this great video about Sprout:



Peace & Serenity 24/7

I would DREAM to have Mary Temple paint one of her beautiful nature shadow-like paintings in my house someday....
I like feeling like sun shining into our windows all year round even when it's actually miserablly rainy or cloudy out.So beautifully real...
via My Love For You



The Not-so-little "Little Winter Market"

When I heard from Abby (of Abbytrysagain) who's co-organizing with Chelsea (of Frolic!) this amazing looking "Little Winter Market" I was more than excited and impressed. Especially when you put two super talented gals together in making it all know that even with them calling it little, the result is going be mind blowing!  This "Little" market is beyond little when you see the quality of work from the 20+ artist/craftpeople who will be participating!

November 6th 11am-6pm
November 7th 11am-5pm

The Cleaners at The Ace Hotel SW 10th and Stark, Portland, ORI can't wait! We're actually gonna take a little road trip there to hang out in Portland, eat good food and check out this lovely looking market ......
I can already tell that I'll be drooling over, things, people, name it. 
There's no stopping me.



Boom. Done. Arist Helped Artisans

So excited to see that Tanya Aguiniga was able to raise $8000+ to accomplish her Artist Helping Artisan (AHA) project over the summer!! I mentioned her project and donated some back in early spring, and it's just amazing that she was able to achieve her goal and make it all happen...just like that!!

I was stoked to receive a lovely package from Tanya with an original print and a charming handmade doll for help fund the project with a little bit that I had to contribute. I'm just inspired to see that all this can happen when someone has a mission, to get support, and then actually making it happen. I really I hope to do something as amazing as that someday.
Pompom hat, and a little baby on her back! It's simply too cute!
I'd love to see these wonderful handmade animals, too!

Also there's a great article about Tanya and her trip to Chiapas on Sight Unseen sharing some photos taken from her trip and even her LA studio!
Ahhh. My favorite pieces of jewelry that I own are those dipped dyed rope bracelets & necklaces!