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L&G Spring Vintage Sale this WKND!

Hey there Seattle area readers. Scoot your butts over to Ballard this weekend for our first ever L&G Studio Vintage Sale.

May 21st-22nd. At the L&G studio/homestead at 2430 NW 62nd st, Seattle

Our addiction to raiding thrift stores and estate sales has gotten the best of us and before we end up on the show "Hoarding: Buried Alive" we thought we'd do some much overdue spring purging.

Our wonderful assortment includes (see more pics):

  • Classic design brands (Dansk, Hornsea, Braun, Catherine Holm, Alessi, Stelton)
  • Antique Curiosities (globes, housewares, tchotchkes, handmade ceramics)
  • Obsolete technology (typewriters, reel to reel decks, film cameras)
  • Vintage design, craft, and kids books
  • L&G original seconds, samples, and one-offs

MAY 21st, SATURDAY: Come for the choice finds! MAY 22nd, SUNDAY: get 50% off (items will be discounted all day)!



It will be hard to see the treasures we fought so hard to find leave our hands, but we know they'll be going to appreciative new homes and that just makes us feel so warm and cozy.

Excited to see you there!





Dream Vintage Shop

I just spent WAY too much time browsing on this online Vintage shop, Modern 50 with an INSANE amount of vintage-antique furniture, things, and random finds that are all to die for!!
Not only are the stuff cool, all the shots are totally well stylized...I can only imagine what the rest of the space looks like. So, even if you're not serious about buying anything (like me), it's worth a look simply for some good inspirations!
Although I have to warn you..... you might end up like me....where you'll be feeling miserable and depressed after looking at everything because you'lI want everything but can't afford most of it.
......unless you're actually rich..then you probably won't be feeling so miserable or depressed. But I guess in that case, then you should be a philanthropist and share the wealth so we can all be happy. :)