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L&G in an Ukranian Magazine?!

We nearly cried when we got this in the mail! It's such a beautiful high-end design magazine...I just wish I know how to say it & read it!

 A two page spread and all!! This is the biggest feature for us EV-AH!

Also part of my amazement is actually seeing the photos we took printed in an ACTUAL magazine...especially in such nice & pretty glossy magazine paper and all!! There's something so exciting about that!!!

Most of the photos are taken by us, with the exception of our portrait by our talented friend Kyle Johnson!


Oh and ooh... how I love the stamps...

I still can't believe this amazing featuring and spread of our stuff!!

So..maybe it's NOT impossible for us to get a centerfold next time???  ;)

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Setting High Standards

I met these guys from Fort Standards for the first time at the Feburary NYIGF in the AmDC booth, and was totally psyched that I got to trade for one of their charming merit badge necklaces.

...and since then...only being about 5 months later, they've designed & launched a BUNCH of new amazing products at this year's ICFF.

I was totally psyched to see these AMAZING Elevate tables made with crazy marble tops & white oak!! Mostly love the detail of the center notch and the clean construction of the triangle legs.
and of course me being a total sucker for terrariums...I have to love this: Terra-terrarium stand...that spins!
These classy Foundation tables are made with teak & stacked marble at the base. Clean, simple and cleverly constructed as well.
MAD Aluminum stool....just handsome.
I'm just so amazed by the scope of their work...and admire their sense for great details & general sensibility.
....Way to raise the bar on that one...and make all of us look bad!



Festivities All Year Round!

Here's to the new year! Seeing all these fun photos on The Selby of the duo from Confetti System reminded me that we should try to make every work day feel like this!!
The duo started the company solely creating modern party pinatas & garlands to for the most amazing companies & people doing installations, events & performances.
I'm imagining their work days is like having a fun party everyday...partying like it's 1999.....except in 2011.
What a life!
I can't wait to party everyday....I mean, work.
Here's to another exciting New Year!! 


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Chikabird + Piano Nobile (New Friends in Ballard!)

Through a series of events and connections this Spring, we've been lucky to meet some nearby and very talented neighbors! Isabelle and Nickolas, founders of Piano Nobile are a short bike ride away from us in Ballard - and Chikabird have some exciting things brewing with them.

If you're in Ballard this Friday or Saturday, stop by Piano Nobile's home/studio for a Summer Studio Sale. Part of the City Stimulus event running all week to encourage folks to shop local - it's a great opportunity to do a little shopping and check out a stellar transformation in the Ballard industrial zone. Prepare yourself to get incredibly jealous of PN's space, talent, resources, furnishings, dog, Vanagon, and Volvo. The sale features handmade goods by some fantastic local designers and we feel flattered to be included in such a group.
Chika and I met with Isabelle last Monday. Over coffee, berries, and coffee cake - we decided to do some collaborating! Isabelle has been printing her own textiles for home and personal accessories, so her scrap bin contains a lot of high quality fabrics. The following pictures feature the various patterns and pieces she gave us, and what we did with them.

Anyone want a silk dupioni notebook? Perhaps taffeta or linen is more your style? These beauties make their debut at the Piano Nobile Studio Sale and are just the teaser for what we have in store for the Fall!
Stop by, check out their amazing space, do a little shopping, enjoy some snacks and drinks, and meet some talented people!

Piano Nobile Studio Sale
Fri & Sat July 17th&18th
11am - 6pm

908 NW 50th St
Seattle WA 98107

Unfortunately, neither Chika & I will be there, and we sincerely apologize for the fact that we're unable to be there to support and see everyone....but don't let that get to you. We'll be there in spirit while we do the Renegade craft sale in San Francisco. :)

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Open Studio at Piano Nobile

This is another exciting Seattle based design/art studio opening, Piano Nobile. I was stoked to hear from Jamie (of Iacoli & McAllister) that their studio is right in Ballard! We're coming near to our anniversary of living in our new house in Ballard, and I'm excited to learn about all the new and fun things/places/people around the neighborhood.

Piano Nobile is having their studio opening TODAY, 4-6pm. Should be fun to check out their space and day dream about having a studio collective space.Check out their shop, too!

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Star Struck by Amy Sedaris and Lotta Jansdotter

Chika and I went to Providence and NYC last weekend and went to 3 holiday craft shows (RISD alumni sale, BUST Craftacular sale, Divine Studios Craft Sale) in 2 days back to back....a total whirlwind trip. It was rough, since we had to leave the morning after our JOIN Design Seattle show opening. I was getting an average of 4 hours of sleep a day for the entire week and a half....and am now suffering from some major muscle pains and giant knots all over my back and neck. But this isn't about me.....

This is about me sharing my first hand encounters with couple of inspiring figures that I personally look up to... I got to meet the spunky, adorable and hilarious Amy Sedaris in person at her book signing event at BUST Craftacular show, AND the lovely and sweet Lotta Anderson from Lotta Jansdotter at another show at Divine Studios. This was a total highlight of our trip despite the rough week we had preparing for it.

Amy did a book signing event for her fantastic book 'I like you, Hospitality Under the Influence' at the same place we were selling our goods. Chika and I snuck away from our booth while we both lined up to get her book and her autograph!!....we were literally a foot away from her. I know...I was close enough to give her a hug...I would if I could...We were oh so close, yet so far. She was even more adorable in person. Chika and I both were so in shock and giddy that neither of us made any jokes or even said anything to her at all. Talk about making an impression....sigh. (-_-)

Then after Chika got our books signed, we get a text from our friend, Nam Kim, who was selling her stuff and ours at ANOTHER show at Divine Studios. She texted me," Lotta likes your wallpaper ornaments! She'd like to do a trade if you're interested!" It Turned out Lotta had a table right behind Nam's table!! I went to the Divine Studio Sale and met Lotta in person and actually got to trade some ornaments for one of her adorable wool bags!! I got to chat with her for a little bit, too....she said "I've never seen anything like it (the ornaments)" I'm not making this up..seriously. I'm just thinking...she's gonna decorate HER Christmas tree with MY wallpaper You thought I was cool before? Think again...

As if meeting Amy and Lotta wasn't good enough... The following day, Nam gets an email the about a sale and studio opening at Lotta Jansdotter! So Chika, Nam and I went to her beautiful studio...saw her amazing space and got some more Lotta items on sale!....I got the Japanese "Handmade Project"book (a lovely book with great photos and projects), a 2009 calander tea towel, and another tea towel. I wanted to get more stuff, since I wanted everything.
Unfortunately, we missed Lotta at her studio. :(

So, you're probably wondering where all the photos of Amy, Lotta, and Lotta's studios are...since I'm a camera freak and rarely put my camera down.... All I have to say is that...I hate myself. I didn't bring my camera with me on the trip. I got so rushed before the trip, that I didn't get to charge it and just thought that I wouldn't be needing it since I was just gonna be working most of the time.....BIG MISTAKE!! The ONE time that I decide to leave it and then all these exciting things happen....So...yeah...this is it....I have nothing to show except this blog entry and the sad lonely photos of the actual items I brought back. Yup....This is as good as it gets.



Oh Yu!

A dear friend of Chikabird Inc. (my other business with another partner, Chika) recently had a studio opening. We're lucky to tell you that this dear of ours friend is Herman Yu of beautifully designed paper goods. With Herman's uncanny sense of style, she had created a delightful studio space, which was indeed an inspiration to see. Oh, the warm sunlight filled room, the open airiness of the space, and all her nature inspired designs....I can see myself hanging out there all day....if only Herman would let me. :)
Read more about Herman's opening via Birdhouse Blog by Chika!