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L&G in 3 Magazines in June!

We're totally stoked that we made it in to 3 magazines for June! Not sure how the month went by so fast already..but hey...that seems to be always the case now these days. :P

Sunset Magazine:

Thanks to lovely Jess Chamberlain from Sunset, she wrote story on JOIN Design Seattle and got us a whole group feature!!

Jami & Brian who started JOIN got a great full page shot of them in their studio...perhaps a centerfold next time? ...Jamie I know you love it... :)

The spread of things from designers who are part of JOIN: Design Seattle..with I&M frame lights, L&G servers, Grain rings, Blk Pine backpack, Erich's vase, & Chelsea's bow tie!

 Anthology Magazine: This was a pleasant surprise when I got this issue in the mail and saw that our servers are in there since they featured the product through one of our stores, Michele Varian based in NY.

Seattle Homes Magazine: Featuring the Mega-Doily rug in Meg's "Crafting A Meaningful Home" book.

Happy weekend!




Getting Our Hunger On for Portland!

I'm hoping that with any downtime before & after the Remodelista Market that we'd just eat our way through Portland....

I just saw on Remodelista mentioning Olympic Provisions where they make homemade cured meat & etc all that goodness:
All this also got me thinking that I should really try Tasty n Sons. My friend have been telling me about this place since they opened last year...and every time she talks about the all the dishes she tried for dinner & brunch there, we both would start to get hungry again.... all the while we're talking about this over dinner....
And THEN there's Le Pigeon ... for the past 4 years since I saw this place, I've made several attempts where it all failed since they're either closed for vacation or we just went at the wrong time. :(
would love to try their amazing looking dishes one of these days!!!
On top of all this, even at the day of the Remodelista Market there will be food by Koi Fusion, Oregon Ice Works, coffee by Ristretto Roasters and Bakeshop by Kim Boyce!!

I'm getting a food coma just looking and thinking about all this food...
I'm thinking that I need to come up with some major plan to hit all these places, and perhaps even do back to back meals...
So don't be surprised if you see a person lying on the side of the road in Portland at some point this weekend...most likely that will be me passed out from all the food that I'll be consuming....and there's no need to call 911....just stay calm and walk away....simply walk away....