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Sight Unseen / Aug / 2013

We can't believe that L&G Studio got selected as one of the top 25 studios to make it in the Sight Unseen's American Design Hot List for 2013 as well as mentioned in one of the story they contributed on L’Arcobaleno

We've been a HUGE fan of Sight Unseen blog ever since Jill & Monica started the design blog in 2009. They have been an integral part of the establishing the American design scene in while cultivating  up & coming design talents.  

So we couldn't be more honored to be recognized as one of  the design studios on their top 25 list! Thank you Jill & Monica! 



Dupe Home Tour on Apartment Therapy

You may or may not know that Dylan & I live and share a duplex with our good friends, Jared & Chika, and baby Lisle!   We were lucky enough to be chosen by Andie Powers ( co-owns Assemble )  to have both of our  place featured on Aparment Therapy recently.

LG on Apartment Therapy6.jpg

We share a 1960's duplex  in Ballard, Seattle.  Under this one roof, there are two units,  two couples (Chika & Jared on the left, Jean & Dylan on the right) , two studios (

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and R&L goods), and two babies ( C&J's precious baby name Lisle and J&D's whiny cat, Pudding).  

Here's Jared, Chika & Lisle's colorful inviting home. We admire their brave use of bright fun colors throughout their space. They also have the best collection of coveted artworks, heirloom items and furniture.  

Check out the rest of their lovely abode on AT, HERE!

Our side on the other hand is all about floating open shelves...It's not entirely untrue to say that we just don't know how to edit down. For us, the shelves really functions as our 3 dimensional inspiration board where we can be reminded of all the things that inspires us whether it be things that our friends make, vintage treasures we found or material swatches. 

You can see the rest of the home tour with some of our trade secrets on AT, HERE!



L&G Interview on Sight Unseen

We're so thrilled to be on Sight Unseen's UP & COMING column!! SU is hands down one of our fav design blogs! Bith Jill & Monica has such a keen eye in spotting the current & upcoing trends whether it be art, craft or design.  

For the column, Monica asked us quite a few hard hitting questions about L&G over the phone and patiently listened to us as Dylan & I struggled to sound like we know what we're doing. This is probably one of the most in-depth interviews we've done thus far and we learned more about oursevels more than ever! 

We shared all sorts of things about ourselves such as how we met & started, where we find our inspirations, who our design hero is, things we created as a kid, things we have around our house, and how somtimes people think we're an escort service....which in all honesty, we probably would be financially better off if we had taken that route. :P

We're so happy that we've came this far to be on Sight Unseen!

Also here are some photo outtake:

Our design hero, Enzo Mari. 

Inspirational findings whenever we go on nature walks.

Our collection of vintage houseware on our kitchen shelves.

Our collection of thrifted glass jars we've collected over the years.


Jean's collection of random office supplies in the office.


Some of our best thrifted finds in our living room: Knoll couch, Hans Wagner rocking chairs, unknown vintage woven rugs, and the jade plant.

Thanks Jill & Monica! XOXO  


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L&G and Anthology getting festive!

Anthology just launched their lovely online Holiday issue and we're excited to be one of the contributers for them for the first time!!

For this issue, Meg (the editor) asked us to make a special holiday wreath for the "Holiday Hang Ups!" (pg 43) section featuring various handmade wreaths! I never make one before and thought "OK, why not!"

My vision was to make something that's simple, not too holiday-ey but still warm & cozy all at the same time. I was a bit worried that it would look too boring....but thanks to Anthology team who styled & shot everything so well that they made it feel extra nice & festive!  

Check out the rest of the Holiday issue  and get in on the festivities!

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Americans Unite!

We've been lucky to know the awesome people behind the American Design Club since we started showing at the NYIGF back in 2010. We all seem like such babies back then....and boy have we all came a long way!!

Especially for AmDC, they've now established themselves as one of the main portal for many of the talented up & coming American desginers to be part of the greater design community.

Besides organizing & curating various design shows, they've just recently launched their online shop just to kick things up a notch!  

And already...they got this great mention on the NYT online....with our servers in there, too!!! 

....AND printed in the real deal!



Red Hot Pigs!

We did a custom batch of red piggies upon Bradford's (founder of request for their upcoming popup shop during NY Design Week starting MAY 17th!

We're so thrilled to be part of all this as well other awesome events like AmDC's Raw + Unfiltered show, and Noho Design District.

Metropolis magazine mentioned both Raw + Unfiltered and FAB's popup shop as one of the destinations to check out during NY Design Week! How exciting!

We've only made a limited quantity of these babies just for the popup so get 'em while they last!



Sneak Peak Process Shots on Sight Unseen

We love process shots and apparently so does Sight Unseen!

They shared a nice post sharing some pics of our chairs in collaboration with Ashley for Noho Design District.

We've been pretty active on posting our process almost daily on our tumblr & Instagram (jeanLGstudio), so you can see more there, too!

Also the Sight Unseen post shows more sneak peak process shots of other talented friends from Iacoli & McAllister and Fort Standard... plus others talents we hope to meet like Caitlin MociunMakers & Brothers, Bec Brittain and more...more...more!!!

Just awesomness all around!



LG Tumbles to Tumblr

We're excited to start a tumblr page ( to share more visuals of our process, findings, and inspirations...and more frequently!

Lately I've been bad about posting on the blog only because of how time consuming it is for me! And yes...guilty as charged, I've had my share of back posting!! :P

So I think using tumblr will be really good since it'll force me to do short & sweet updates!

But for those who likes to read more in general, we'll still continue to post on website our blog especially for times when sharing just one sentence or one photo doesn't do justice on the subject....or for when I absolutely need to ramble and share all my nonsense. :)

And in case you didn't know, we also have our Facebook page! So follow us to see more udpates.

But I have to say I'm one of those people who still can't come around in using twitter....sorry, twitter users. I can only handle managing so many sites... :P



L&G get's a CUTE mention on D*S!

We can't help but get a little giddy whenever Grace Bonney says anything nice about us!! Especially this nice mention about our Terra Cotta piggy, shakers, and S&P Pawz. On top of that we're also happy to announce that Grace herself have given us an official stamp of approval for bring back the "z" in place of "es"!  YESSSSSS!

Does that mean we can start bringing back using "X's" in place of "EX"again??

Because only god knows I've been dying to start say things like, "Why yes pleaZ, I would be Xtremely delighted for some some Xtra pepper on my salad, thank you very much"



Anthology Winter Gift Guide



Anthology's winter gift guide is available online

It's a beautiful compilation of all the wonderful festive parts of the holidays.


Our special holiday server set is in there, so look for them and get a special discount!


Also this recipe video of making mulled cider by Tiger in  Jar is absolutely lovely and is totally making me even more excited about the holidays! And if you like it spiked, I recommend adding honey whiskey or bourbon!


Anthology 2011 Winter Gift Guide Preview from Anthology Magazine on Vimeo.


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Piggy Mention on Mmminal Blog

Recently came across this awesome blog called Mmminal, and then end up seeing our Chalk Piggy mentioned on there!

It's always so exciting to find a blog we like and realize there's a mutual admiration of each others work!

Another reason why the inter-connected-web is so awesome...

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Some L&G Fall features

Totally stoked that our Superior Servers got some attention along with Be-YON-ce~ in the Fall issue of InStyle that weighs at least 5lb.

Although a little dissapointed that we didn't get a 8 page spread of us in fancy glam outfits nor an interview about my perspective on success, love & family like I thought we'd get...we're still pretty darn happy that our feature is at the back end of Beyonce! Hell yes.

Then us in Bon Appetit! 

Just look at the juicy cover....Me huuuungry....

Then I spotted us in Small Magazine by accident! I'm totally excited when I saw this since I love looking at everything in there with their cute kids and cute photoshoots, clothes and everything! Something about things, people, and animals in smaller forms that simply makes them automatically cuter....except baby insects & reptiles....eew, gross.

Servers on Page 74!

I especially love the wooden poached egg!



L&G interview with Rena Tom

I had the pleasure to meet Rena Tom when I went to Meg Mateo Ilasco's "Crafting A Meaningful Home Book" launch party at Rare Device last fall.

Rena is the co-owner of Rare Device and a multi-talented lady with a well-rounded set of skills and knowledge especially when it comes to being a creative entrepreneur.

Her blog, focusing on ways to strategize for creative retail business, is a place where I regularly check out to get helpful tips and honest perspectives from the buyers/retail store owners point of view.

We were honored when Rena asked us to be part of her Profile column on her blog where she regularly interviews creative designers/artists!

You can read the interview here!

Thanks Rena!




Summer Drink Recpie for D*S Behind the Bar

We love Ryan & Alissa from one of our favorite online shop, Horne, who also carries our Superior Servers on their shop!

We couldn't be more thrilled, when Ryan asked me to write something for their Behind The Bar column for Design* Sponge.

I've always loved having picnics (especially an impromptu picnic that I did for this post!). And lately I've been really into using cucumbers...even just in water! So I came up with the this Summer Cucumber Lemon Vodka drink!  You can read the entire post HERE.


The best part of doing all this was that after taking the photos, Dylan & I got to enjoy the drinks with some friends for a real picnic! is rough.....


Have a great weekend!!




Some International L&G Features!

We're so excited that we're getting some International press attention!

Our Superior Server Spoon in Annebelle : A Swiss Women's magazine with a great mix of fashion, design, art, current events and politics?...WHAT?  I thoughts its women only likes to read about fashion, , shopping & celebrities' tips on success, their favorite food, and their most embarrassing moments! I just love reading those insignificant stories that makes them seem more human...

Our Mega-Doily rug in  Mollie Makes : An UK Craft Magazine recently launched earlier this Summer.  The magazine is filled with everything that makes me smile. With bunch of how-to super adorable DIY projects and features of artist/crafters from all around the world.



Fun Remodelista Market

Last Saturday's Remodelista Seattle Market went super well! We're so excited to be part of it, and meet all the talented people...and lovely ladies, Sarah & Allison of Remodelista! It was such a nice to spend the Saturday....hang out & catch up with peeps from I&M, yummy coffee & treats from Christa of Cafe Weekend....met lovely Heidi Swanson and got her new book...and then got REAL hungry looking at all the beautiful photos her book....
Below are some photos from Michael Jardine, since I still need to edit mine. heh...

We were in the Henrybuilt production space, thus explains the vinyl strips behind Dylan.
And there's him selling some our goods.Christina of Studio Patro
Mato Creative (amazing denim/indigo dyed accessories!)
Hattie Bird
Amy & Katy Carson of Bitters Co.
For those who couldn't make it to the market, don't get too bummed. Starting today, Remodelista is doing a 48hr special online sale with some sort of discount on all the things that were there (10-15% off or free shipping)
there you don't have to feel so sad for missing it!

Also we're hoping to do the next one in Portland beginning of June!! Can't wait!
photos from Michael