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Sight Unseen / FEB / 2016

Check out our NY studio featured on Sight Unseen!

We can't believe it's already been 9 months since we moved from Seattle to NY.  Never did we expect to have everything work out so perfectly...but it did.  With lots of good people & luck on our side, we found our dream studio space (thanks to our pals from Calico Wallpaper! ) in Redhook, Brooklyn last May.  



L&G Makin' Some Rounds this Holiday

It's that time of the year to celebrate the holiday and shop for gifts!!! (....and we still can't believe it almost the end of year!)
But boy, are we excited for this joyful season and for getting into some holiday gift guides!
Check em' out!
Here's our Ovis Hanging Chair front & center on Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

Our Aura lights was also featured in the latest issue of Gray Magazine (also Seattle based magazine)
Here's our lil' chalk piggy bank made it in to Cool Hunting's Gift guide!

Here's our Superior Servers in RealSimple's roundup of serving utensils.

AND our servers is also featured in November issue of ALASKA AIRLINE magazine (pg76)!!....oh how I love flying on Alaska Air especially on their small jets (i.e. Seattle to Portland) where I get to down a glass of complimentary wine in 15min. It's awesome....


And through FAB, our chalk piggy bank also made it into NY Post's holiday gift guide...along with the insanely famous FURBY and NIKKI MANAJ..... perfume. No joke.  Here's the printed version...and be prepared to be blown away by this collection!!! 

I think the only way we can ever beat Furby or Nicki is to make a new version of chalk piggy bank that talks like a creep and wears bright pink wigs...then we're gonna pitch this to Shark Tank and make BANK!



NDD Report on Sight Unseen

Check out everything that Monica & Jill (from Sight Unseen) did for Noho Design District including our Ovis Chair & Aura light at Zero + Maria Cornejo.

See the full post HERE!

It was seriously amazing to see all the shows, spaces, and works they coordinate and organized for the entire neighborhood of Noho during New York Design week. I don't know how they did it all...but my suspicion is that they just don't ever sleep. Yup.



FABulous Ending To Our Sale!

We've been so excited about being on FAB!!

We got ourselves geared up for our 3-day flash sale, and now our sale ended we couldn't be happier with the result and seeing the wonderful write up they did about L&G on FAB blog...(blush)

We put out a new item... Terracotta Piggies!...I love how the peachy-orangy terracotta color that makes it look more like a pig! Looks very nice for the summer, yah?

They sold out on fab for now, but they will be available soon on our site!

We really didn't know what to expect in terms of how people will respond to our work and how the sale will go...but turns out it was more than great and we actually sold out quite a few things!!




I know lot of the stuff aren't even in our shop right now, but we're in the works to put up more! Such as the new Terracotta piggies, one-off Daily Affirmation vintage mirrors, Alphabrass tables with vintage lamp parts and more!! We're planning to have our shop updated soon totally amp up our shop!!


SHOP NOW and get 10% OFF all L&G originals!

Just Enter "GIMMIE10" at checkout!

Sale end of the day on July 4th at 11:59pm PST!!




L&G Piggy on Daily Candy

It's been a pretty crazy season for us...WAY beyond what we had ever expected. But what we really didn't expect was when lovely Jenny from {far4} forward this mention of our Chalk piggy bank on Daily Candy!

Thanks Jenny!!
Now back to me working crazy like a holiday elf!!



L&G on Desire to Inspire


We're TOTALLY stoked that L&G got a couple of mentions on Desire to Inspire's recent "Wink" (Weekend Links) Posts!
Its quite exciting to find that blogs we find inspiring are actually finding our designs to be inspring in return! That's totally exciting enough to make us raise our fists and go "hurray!"

Our first mention on their Winks (weekend links) post!

Our second Winks mention in the same month! we're jumping up and down and running around in circles like maniacs. :)


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L&G on Apartment Therapy

Our Mega-Doily rug got yet another nice write up by Seattle's AT contributor, Anne Reagan.
Anne gave a well-summarized post about L&G studio and the rug. On top of that she even provided a little wonderful history about doilies! What a great way to expand our knowledge on a daily biases, wouldn't you agree?

It's been great to see all the positive responses about my Mega-Doily rug. Thank you everyone! But with that said, there's still people with their oh-so-wonderful-but-not-so-positive comments.... I still thank them for taking the time to share their opinions....for my own amusement. Chuckle chuckle...oh they things they say...I friggin' LOVE it! :D

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Me Hungry!

For the month of October, I'll be participating in Chelsea's (from Grain) food documentation blog, called 12 Month/12 Friends/1 Meal:
Two friends share their last meal of the day. Every month a new friend is invited to join in on a month of meals. The documentation of these feasts are collected each day.

Chelsea's concept is to use everyday meals to connect with friends close to afar. Nothing better to connect people than with food, right?
The meals on the left are Chelsea's meals, and the meals on the right are mine.

I'll be in Taiwan for half of the month, so the documentation of the meals will be extra exciting since the food there is always so good! But in general, this project is totally up my alley, since I take photos of food all the time anyways!!
I've been posting all the meal photos on my flickr with details of what I ate.
Me hungry.....Munch munch want food!!!