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L&G Interview on Sight Unseen

We're so thrilled to be on Sight Unseen's UP & COMING column!! SU is hands down one of our fav design blogs! Bith Jill & Monica has such a keen eye in spotting the current & upcoing trends whether it be art, craft or design.  

For the column, Monica asked us quite a few hard hitting questions about L&G over the phone and patiently listened to us as Dylan & I struggled to sound like we know what we're doing. This is probably one of the most in-depth interviews we've done thus far and we learned more about oursevels more than ever! 

We shared all sorts of things about ourselves such as how we met & started, where we find our inspirations, who our design hero is, things we created as a kid, things we have around our house, and how somtimes people think we're an escort service....which in all honesty, we probably would be financially better off if we had taken that route. :P

We're so happy that we've came this far to be on Sight Unseen!

Also here are some photo outtake:

Our design hero, Enzo Mari. 

Inspirational findings whenever we go on nature walks.

Our collection of vintage houseware on our kitchen shelves.

Our collection of thrifted glass jars we've collected over the years.


Jean's collection of random office supplies in the office.


Some of our best thrifted finds in our living room: Knoll couch, Hans Wagner rocking chairs, unknown vintage woven rugs, and the jade plant.

Thanks Jill & Monica! XOXO  



L&G Makin' Some Rounds this Holiday

It's that time of the year to celebrate the holiday and shop for gifts!!! (....and we still can't believe it almost the end of year!)
But boy, are we excited for this joyful season and for getting into some holiday gift guides!
Check em' out!
Here's our Ovis Hanging Chair front & center on Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

Our Aura lights was also featured in the latest issue of Gray Magazine (also Seattle based magazine)
Here's our lil' chalk piggy bank made it in to Cool Hunting's Gift guide!

Here's our Superior Servers in RealSimple's roundup of serving utensils.

AND our servers is also featured in November issue of ALASKA AIRLINE magazine (pg76)!!....oh how I love flying on Alaska Air especially on their small jets (i.e. Seattle to Portland) where I get to down a glass of complimentary wine in 15min. It's awesome....


And through FAB, our chalk piggy bank also made it into NY Post's holiday gift guide...along with the insanely famous FURBY and NIKKI MANAJ..... perfume. No joke.  Here's the printed version...and be prepared to be blown away by this collection!!! 

I think the only way we can ever beat Furby or Nicki is to make a new version of chalk piggy bank that talks like a creep and wears bright pink wigs...then we're gonna pitch this to Shark Tank and make BANK!



Sneak Peak Process Shots on Sight Unseen

We love process shots and apparently so does Sight Unseen!

They shared a nice post sharing some pics of our chairs in collaboration with Ashley for Noho Design District.

We've been pretty active on posting our process almost daily on our tumblr & Instagram (jeanLGstudio), so you can see more there, too!

Also the Sight Unseen post shows more sneak peak process shots of other talented friends from Iacoli & McAllister and Fort Standard... plus others talents we hope to meet like Caitlin MociunMakers & Brothers, Bec Brittain and more...more...more!!!

Just awesomness all around!



LG Tumbles to Tumblr

We're excited to start a tumblr page ( to share more visuals of our process, findings, and inspirations...and more frequently!

Lately I've been bad about posting on the blog only because of how time consuming it is for me! And yes...guilty as charged, I've had my share of back posting!! :P

So I think using tumblr will be really good since it'll force me to do short & sweet updates!

But for those who likes to read more in general, we'll still continue to post on website our blog especially for times when sharing just one sentence or one photo doesn't do justice on the subject....or for when I absolutely need to ramble and share all my nonsense. :)

And in case you didn't know, we also have our Facebook page! So follow us to see more udpates.

But I have to say I'm one of those people who still can't come around in using twitter....sorry, twitter users. I can only handle managing so many sites... :P



L&G get's a CUTE mention on D*S!

We can't help but get a little giddy whenever Grace Bonney says anything nice about us!! Especially this nice mention about our Terra Cotta piggy, shakers, and S&P Pawz. On top of that we're also happy to announce that Grace herself have given us an official stamp of approval for bring back the "z" in place of "es"!  YESSSSSS!

Does that mean we can start bringing back using "X's" in place of "EX"again??

Because only god knows I've been dying to start say things like, "Why yes pleaZ, I would be Xtremely delighted for some some Xtra pepper on my salad, thank you very much"



L&G interview with Rena Tom

I had the pleasure to meet Rena Tom when I went to Meg Mateo Ilasco's "Crafting A Meaningful Home Book" launch party at Rare Device last fall.

Rena is the co-owner of Rare Device and a multi-talented lady with a well-rounded set of skills and knowledge especially when it comes to being a creative entrepreneur.

Her blog, focusing on ways to strategize for creative retail business, is a place where I regularly check out to get helpful tips and honest perspectives from the buyers/retail store owners point of view.

We were honored when Rena asked us to be part of her Profile column on her blog where she regularly interviews creative designers/artists!

You can read the interview here!

Thanks Rena!




Summer Drink Recpie for D*S Behind the Bar

We love Ryan & Alissa from one of our favorite online shop, Horne, who also carries our Superior Servers on their shop!

We couldn't be more thrilled, when Ryan asked me to write something for their Behind The Bar column for Design* Sponge.

I've always loved having picnics (especially an impromptu picnic that I did for this post!). And lately I've been really into using cucumbers...even just in water! So I came up with the this Summer Cucumber Lemon Vodka drink!  You can read the entire post HERE.


The best part of doing all this was that after taking the photos, Dylan & I got to enjoy the drinks with some friends for a real picnic! is rough.....


Have a great weekend!!




Few Recent L&G Blog Mentions

Both our servers & piggy bank got on Azure!! We were SUPER stoked to see that!

on SVPPLY....that site is absolutely dangerous since I get totally sucked into it too easily.
Servers on Poppytalk. Thanks Jan!

Servers in the editor's pick on House Beautiful
Paper Tastebuds


A random mix of things...our piggy partying it up with  some sexy lingerie and leopard printed wellies on Josie Natori.

I really hope the piggies don't turn all B.Spear or P.Hilton on me....



L&G on Desire to Inspire


We're TOTALLY stoked that L&G got a couple of mentions on Desire to Inspire's recent "Wink" (Weekend Links) Posts!
Its quite exciting to find that blogs we find inspiring are actually finding our designs to be inspring in return! That's totally exciting enough to make us raise our fists and go "hurray!"

Our first mention on their Winks (weekend links) post!

Our second Winks mention in the same month! we're jumping up and down and running around in circles like maniacs. :)


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Stalking Stockholm

My new favorite blog, Emmas Designblogg, its about design in Stockholm and everything awesome. This is where I like to go and pretend that I actually live there...this is as good as it gets for now.
Emmas mentioned this nice exciting new restaurant with a lovely space, called Restaurang Bar. I don't know much about the food from that country. But everything I've seen makes me suspect that they know what the hell they're doing...and is doing it very well.
What crisp, chic, and classy interior...all that and with a feel of a classy French bistro.The food looks amazingly simple and fresh...Here's a menu says...something something Pommes Frites...and then bunch of something else...then something really exciting at the end!

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World's Smallest Fashionista

Chika recently informed me about this little delightful blogger, Tavi Gevinson....This is one of them successful blogger-stories you wished you never heard....Like everyone else, Tavi started a blog, Style Rookie, about something she's passionate this case, it's fashion. Tavi shares her own thoughts, inspirations, and fashion sense. Her readership grew and grew and now have gotten a whole world following her and is now consider a fashion trend setter...the twist? She only 13 years old!!
Her success has allowed her to travel to Paris & NYC fashion week, watched numerous runway shows, gotten to meet big name designer and has even inspired them to create clothes based on her style......pretty much she's making the the whole fashion industry go crazy over her.
I'm going crazy already...feeling crazy lame that is...
But seriously though....she's pretty amazing.

Everything about her style is so uninhibited that's truly inspiring and refreshing to see. I especially love how she mixes extreme high-end fashion pieces with ripped up mix-matched tights, and shoes from the thrift stores. She layers and creates color pallets that are beyond predictable and is anything but horrific. There's really no one style that can sum up what she's all about. She's sort of like an adorable French kid wearing classy grandma's clothes...or a cute little spunky Japanese kid from Harajuku with an American twist...or an edgy androgynous modern avant-garde adult inside a 13 year old body...or a nerdy hipster who wears 80's/early 90's vintage clothes as if she lived through that period and is also nostalgic of the ghetto blast ...She's all of the above!

It's almost like....she's a trash compacter, but for all fashion styles....she's a fashion compacter!
In any case....She's got the talent..and is using it well.

Here's a great photo spread below for Pop Magazine're probably feeling like the oldest, lamest person AND the biggest failure at this point, huh?'re not alone.
Just wait till little Tavi turns 14!!......We can all just kill ourselves* when that time comes...

And to top it off...she's even got her own Wikipedia page...

I googled and Wikipedia-ed myself just for the hell of it...Besides links to Lee Jeans, I also found.......

Well...guess what Tavi?? You're not gonna bring me down! You're just a KID! You can't even drive and you still need your MOMMY to drop you off at all those "parties" in NY and then have to get her to pick you up before night night at 9pm so she can tuck you in...I about embarrassing!! Plus you don't even have a high school diploma OR a college good luck getting a REAL job in the REAL WORLD! HA!
Who's the lame one now?! Don't...even respond.

* I am not responsible for any deaths hereafter for anyone who have read this post.


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American Designs are JOINing in!

OMG! I'm LOLing w/ X-citement and IDK why!! This new Core 77 article just came out highlighting the US design club movement and guess who they're featuring: JOIN Design Seattle and it's bff Brite Collective. The article basically prophesizes that design awesomeness is on its way to the USA on the wings of design clubs like JOIN sprouting up around the country. Read for yourself to find out the full scoop including profiles of Chicago's Object Design League and Brooklyn's American Design Club and efforts to get the government more involved in supporting independant design. Thanks Core 77! So great to see the momentum building! Everybody now: U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!...

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F U Animals...

I found this HILARIOUS blog called F U Penguin. Where the writer, Matthew Gasteier tells cute animals what's what.
He simply finds photos of animals of all types and makes commentary on them that are simply ingenious. This Matthew guy is so good that he's even coming out with a whole book on what he wrote on the blog....seriously f-ed up.
This is a perfect blog to read on a Friday when you feel like taking an extra long lunch break...
But just to warn you...there's no holding back in his writing styles...he shows no mercy on these poor animals...he simply curses the crap out of them.

Here are some of the posts I to read the actual posts.

The Beaver is clearly up to something
Desperate otters turn to cute-based crime in the struggling economy
Moose are the biggest dorks ever
No one wants to hang out with eels
The Tibetan Fox Thinks He's Better Than You.



JOIN on Cool Hunting!

The folks at CoolHunting did a review of the Ctrl+Alt+Design show. They even included L&G's Alphabrass lamps and bench!How exciting!




Playing and Designing With Food

Awhile back I read about Tricia's secret supper and her eating-design projects via Chelsea's Village Mews blog....who found her via Abby Try Again. (small world...and another point for how awesome Portlanders are....)
Since I started reading about Tricia's work, I've been totally fascinated by the philosophy of eating-design and how food and design all relates...yum yum. But it's more than just talking about food and making it....Tricia approaches food the same way we connect with people by communicating through stories, memories, associations, and all of our senses. Ultimately, she sees how foods can connect to one another and how people can create meanings and memories through the common forum of food... Tricia creates dishes and eating experiences as a segue to challenge thinking on design and its greater connection to the world. Intrigued??....How can you not be?!
"The tastes and textures in your mouth, the act of chewing or feeding, the sights, sounds, smells and colors of the foods as they spread before us while we eat are all integral to what I consider and play upon in my designs. It is through these sensory experiences that I am weaving a story
or a message into what it is we are eating and how we are eating it."

She's done so many projects that its hard to keep up, especially they're all so different and captivating to read about. But some the bigger-scale projects she's done are: Uprooted, a dinner surrounding the concept of sharing in a history of uprootedness and how the feel of being home always comes back to people and food.
Pietopia, a contest to bake a pie that describes one's state of mind and mood. The 2009 contest just started if you're in Portland! I wanna go down for the actual pie tasting event!
and Secret Supper: a meal that was designed to incite conversation and create interactions between people. She used half plates with different food on each side with everyone having different things on the plate. So in order for the guests to complete their meals, they had to interact, communicate, and share to get everything that was served.

I haven't even shared half of what she's done and I'm already having a tough time keeping this post this point, I've already given up!
Tricia is finishing up her MFA thesis at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. For her thesis, she designed a beautiful book titled, "Eating Design" and it's all about the eating-design projects she has done with great visuals and layout! You can see more pages and even get a copy, here!
There's so much that Tricia shares on her blog, Eating is Art, and her eating-design studio, Taste Matters. It totally keeps me glued to the screen wanting read and see more beautiful photos of the food and thoughtful meal arrangements and designs she creates! Definitely allow some time to read all the work she's done, the food she made, her thought process, even the designs she made and the way she's connecting people through the universal forum of food.
I love food and the the type of rituals one can have with food. It's so interesting to look at food from an intellectual and design perspective. Especially because it's so easy to take food for granted and eat something with little awareness. It's fun to think about why something is made the way they are or taste the way they do...or analyze the types of associations people have with a particular food whether they're from social, cultural or environmental influences....super fascinating.

I'm hoping to get Tricia to come up to Seattle at some point and do some fun eating-design project!!




Abby Done It Again

Photographer and blogger, Abby, from Abby try again last year opened her online shop selling her beautiful photographs taken with film cameras. And since beginning of the year she started a collaborating with Chelsea from Arugala Press...Their new project, Print + Press, is where each month one photograph (by Abby) and one art print (by Chelsea) will be produced and sold as a set in limited edition.
Each month they focus on a theme that correlates with the season, the mood, or things that they did that month. Each Print+Press pack is only $20. Visit their shop, here! Make sure to read about their process! You'll appreciate the thoughtfulness and the care they put 100 times more. I've been looking at them repeatedly and still, I can't decided on which to go with...since I want them all! (My natural tendencies is that I want everything!)
Seeing such talented people creating such wonderful work together makes me very envious of life in Portland! Having to have grown up in Eugene, OR, I appreciate the even more laid back lifestyle. I think it's really what makes Portland so unique as a city. They're a small city with big ideas. Their openness to new ideas allow lots of great things to happen. I think it's the fact that most people there seem to be more uninhibited, and there's a general honesty and distinctive charm in their work whether it be art, fashion, food, design, or lifestyle. Perhaps one day collaborating between Portlanders and Seattleites can happen...until then, I just gotta decide which Print+Press pack to get!