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FABulous Ending To Our Sale!

We've been so excited about being on FAB!!

We got ourselves geared up for our 3-day flash sale, and now our sale ended we couldn't be happier with the result and seeing the wonderful write up they did about L&G on FAB blog...(blush)

We put out a new item... Terracotta Piggies!...I love how the peachy-orangy terracotta color that makes it look more like a pig! Looks very nice for the summer, yah?

They sold out on fab for now, but they will be available soon on our site!

We really didn't know what to expect in terms of how people will respond to our work and how the sale will go...but turns out it was more than great and we actually sold out quite a few things!!




I know lot of the stuff aren't even in our shop right now, but we're in the works to put up more! Such as the new Terracotta piggies, one-off Daily Affirmation vintage mirrors, Alphabrass tables with vintage lamp parts and more!! We're planning to have our shop updated soon totally amp up our shop!!


SHOP NOW and get 10% OFF all L&G originals!

Just Enter "GIMMIE10" at checkout!

Sale end of the day on July 4th at 11:59pm PST!!




L&G on Desire to Inspire


We're TOTALLY stoked that L&G got a couple of mentions on Desire to Inspire's recent "Wink" (Weekend Links) Posts!
Its quite exciting to find that blogs we find inspiring are actually finding our designs to be inspring in return! That's totally exciting enough to make us raise our fists and go "hurray!"

Our first mention on their Winks (weekend links) post!

Our second Winks mention in the same month! we're jumping up and down and running around in circles like maniacs. :)


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We're Big Carteling it up again and posting the AlphaBrass side tables that appeared in JOIN's Ctrl Alt Design show. The table's bases are made of modules from vintage brass table lamps. We're adding these tables to our other previous AlphaBrass lamp and bench.
Check out our new shop to buy buy buy. We'll be producing a limited run of them with Paperstone, walnut, and white oak tops. Each will have a slightly different profile and height according to available brass lamp modules. Hooray!

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JOIN Design Seattle-Call for Submission

So as you know, last Dec, Dylan and I were part of JOIN: Design Seattle show. It was at this show that the first Ladies & Gentlemen Studio pieces was born...our Alpha Brass lamps and Mega Doily rug. We're proud and honored to part of this new up & coming design collective along with other awesome Seattle designers like: Iacoli&Mcallister and Gray pants. We are combining all of our forces to build a stronger design community in Seattle showcasing North American Designs through JOIN:Design Seattle. We are excited to present our next event, and our first juried show:
JOIN and Ouch My Eye are seeking submissions for Ctrl+Alt+Design slated for June 12th, 2009. The juried show will primarily focus on showcasing work by emerging American designers working in the areas of furniture, lighting, soft goods and home accessories. You can get more details about the show and apply, here. This is a good excuse to turn that napkin sketch into a real thing. It's free, so you just gotta make it happen!

We're looking forward to see all the submissions! Remember the Deadline is MAY, 8, 2009. So feel free to apply and spread the word to any desingers out there, too!

Check out JOIN Flickr site to see photos of our past shows.
Please contact Jamie Iacoli with any questions at:
press [at] joinDesignSeattle [dot] com.


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Home Improvements!!

Check out our duplex blog, thirty-thirtytwo for some before and afters in our living room and kitchen and flickr for some more shots and details of the current affair of things in our new home. It's shaping up nicely, but still so much work to do.