Here's looking at a L&G 'classic' - the Aura Pendant, our very first lamp.   Designed in 2012, it was designed as a pure expression of artificial light beginning with the light bulb as the essential unit.  From this, a simple gesture - the brass ring -acts to highlight the act of illumination exposing a delicate glowing halo surrounding the luminaire. 

In our minds, nothing more was required to celebrate the wonder of modern lighting.


Image by  KAAREM

Image by KAAREM


We believe our responsibility as designers is to highlight the simple ingredients that make the mundane magnificent.  After all, the very idea of artificial light is a modern marvel we take for granted everyday.

Getting down to the essentials is the most challenging and rewarding part of a design exploration.  We believe reductionism is one way to discover honest answers about an object's function, form, and soul.  Aura is a celebration of this approach but also ushered in our long-standing fascination with light, shadow, and texture.


aura moodboard 3.png


The Aura collection is available in a variety of finishes and configurations from small pendants to large clusters.  Each provides simple, light fixtures to accent surrounding spaces. 
See more from our Aura Collection by clicking the link below. 

La Sirena restaurant in NYC, by TPG Architecture

La Sirena restaurant in NYC, by TPG Architecture