FINALLY Our bloc necklace lookbook! I'v been working on the necklaces here and there for some months now and is totally excited to finally launch this whole collection!

We're super lucky to have our talented friends, Charlie Schuck who took the photos and Ashley Helvey who help us style our necklaces. It's amazing watching the pros work their magic...they got way better equpitment, way good at implementing their vision, way good at editing, and also just waaaaay faster!! I think they took all thos photos in less than 30 minutes!

If it was ME taking the would take me at least 3 times as long where I'd end up with WAAAAAY too many photos of the same thing....which then leads to me squinting and stareing at all the photos as if I'm getting my eye exam, and me going...."this one? or this one? ok again.... this one? or this one?"

In any case...check out these awesome photos!