Well...I went to this awesome sale last Thursday and have to say that I did REALLY well and did not end up buying EVERYTHING...but boy was it hard!

...if only I haven't been a hoarder of things already, I would have gotten everything she had there in a heartbeat!

In any case, I'm still super happy with I went home with... 2 japanese lifestyle  magazines, vintage silk dress, a bronze pebble necklace and a macrame plant hanger both made by Ashley herself.

Ah...Japan. How I miss you so...

I just love the color and the material of this dress. It's so simple and versatile pieces where I can easily layer with cardigans or blazers and/or add belts to accessorize with.

Apprently these rocks are casted from real ones Ashley had found at some beach in San Francisco. The original rocks even had the holes where she said it was some sort of insect that was eating it away....quite amazing. really.

I'm super excited to add the plant hanger especially now being able to add a fern plant by our bedroom window. I love looking at these plants first thing in the morning.

Oh ...also here are some shots of her place below.  I couldn't help it....Ashley has such an elegant and warm sensibility that is incredibly unique and her space just feels like a gallery! I totally admire how she can keep things so minimal.

It's a total talent to be able to edit things down in having all the right perfect pieces to complete a whole space. Check out her space on D*S so you know what I mean!

I am definitely still in the process of learning how to do that.... edit, purge, edit, purge!