Totally stoked that our Superior Servers got some attention along with Be-YON-ce~ in the Fall issue of InStyle that weighs at least 5lb.

Although a little dissapointed that we didn't get a 8 page spread of us in fancy glam outfits nor an interview about my perspective on success, love & family like I thought we'd get...we're still pretty darn happy that our feature is at the back end of Beyonce! Hell yes.

Then us in Bon Appetit! 

Just look at the juicy cover....Me huuuungry....

Then I spotted us in Small Magazine by accident! I'm totally excited when I saw this since I love looking at everything in there with their cute kids and cute photoshoots, clothes and everything! Something about things, people, and animals in smaller forms that simply makes them automatically cuter....except baby insects & reptiles....eew, gross.

Servers on Page 74!

I especially love the wooden poached egg!