I know I really should be banned from going to anymore estate sales...and you can see why! I somehow came back with a whole box of these vintage building blocks with amazing colors & shapes. 

Why did I get them?...I say, more like why NOT?! 

Wooden blocks is probably one of my favorite things in the world. 

It's simple, versatile,  and just an amazing medium that allows anyone at any age to tap into their creative process.

Even now as an adult playing with the blocks, I find that they're extremely useful for our design process where we can play with it to quickly create mini models,  explore forms, structures, and compositions. 

It's just amazing how entertaining they are for the fact that they're just bunch of pieces of wood...yes, I'm very easily entertained.


Although, I have yet come up with an idea on what to make with them...

Something will come of this I'm sure...but until then I'm just gonna have a party playing with these building blocks!