Dylan speaking here,

It's on. It's totally on.

One month ago, I left my job at Henrybuilt ready to dive into L&G full time. Foolish move, bold step forward, game changer?? Time will tell. All I know is that it was time. The days of enduring 10 stressful hours at HB beginning with 7:30am meetings every day followed afterward by another 6-8 hours casting pigs, masking servers, growing L&G are over. It's time to be all in and it feels good.

Don't get me wrong, the years at HB were really formative and I'm so glad I got to work on such amazing work with such amazing people. They're creating something special there everyday and it's been so exciting to grow with the company and learn the value of producing good work. Thanks HB!

We started my first full day on the job with a company-wide meeting (Jean and I) bright and early where among other things, we set the priorities for L&G for the summer. These included:

  • master plans establishing studio space in the dupe ("progress"),
  • improving our accounting methods,
  • exploring new markets,
  • better production methods, and

You know, real business stuff! There's nothing like making a list to make something feel official :)

I've also gotten to roll up my sleeves and dig into some grunt work with some time down in the studio making piggies. Our talented friend Heath Bultman (new stuff and website coming from him soon) has been helping us fine tune production process and work on piggy 4.0. So good to have some professional input:

And then making the Cane & Able prototypes for the AMDC's USE ME show. Real hands-on woodworking, YES!

We're particularly looking forward to working on new projects like this. We've got a bunch of ideas stewing and can't wait to get them out to you the gracious public. More soon including our inspiration and process, I promise. I'm all in after all...