Happy Monday!

L&G's is so excited to be featured on fab.com today for an epic 3 day flash sale!

They're providing our products at ridiculously pleasant prices and also featuring some fab.com-only special products...

Like $65 (normally $95) for our "Daily Affirmation" mirrors. Each one is a unique vintage guilded mirror frame etched with a message of hope:


Or our special limited run of terracotta piggy banks for $55 ($85 retail):


Two Cane & Able Stools (the first two ever made!):


Or opt for discounted L&G classics: 30% off megadoiley, 40% off superior servers, 35% off alphabrass, 40% off gem necklaces:



The sale runs through Wednesday, so go to fab.com and get while the gettin's good!