Our raffle plan failed when we saw an email from Paypal today saying that it's against Paypal's policies !! :( Total raffle FAIL!!! booo.... ...BUT no fret!! We've reformatted!

Basically, go to the Japanese Red Cross site and donate directly to them (between now and April 11th).

Email us (expert@ladiesandgentlemenstudio.com) a copy of your receipt and for every $7 you donate, we'll put your name in a drawing for one of the five special edition banks.  Therefore the MORE you donate, the HIGHER chance of you winning a pig! For every $500 we raise, we'll draw a pig winner at random.

If you've already donated to us, no worries, we'll still donate it directly to the red cross and you'll still be in the drawing. Just don't tell paypal it's a raffle...because it's NOT!

We apologize for the inconvenience but GREATLY appreciate your willingness to work with our set up and our goal to help the people in Japan!! We can't do this without all your help!! Please comment or email us with any questions!

xoxo Jean & Dylan

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