I'm still letting the new year sinking in a little....and still thinking about some plans & resolution for the new year!
My sister showed me this inspirational book "Lists: To-dos, Illustrated Inventories, Collected Thoughts, and Other Artists' Enumerations from the Collections of the Smithsonian Museum"
The long title says it all..it's pretty much a beautiful visual documentation of all sorts of creative artists' various sketches/mind maps/lists/ideas.
It's so neat to see the various ways of how each person organizes their thoughts and ways of documenting that on paper.... all of which are works of art in itself.

I love this list by Adolf Konrad where he drew out all the things he was packing for a trip....including himself. How lovely...
By Oscar Bluemner: list of works of art.

Beautiful sketches, one of which by Alexander Calder on top left.
Some neat looking charts & visual lists
This got me looking at all the notebooks I have. And instead of keeping journals (which I'm never diligent about!), I always keep my handy dandy R&L notebook with me so I can always write down notes & sketch out ideas wherever. I've kept all my used Moleskine notebooks, and it works well for me as my journal since all the little notes, sketches, and scribbles is a direct documentation of my thought process at that moment in time.

Here are some of my lists from 2010:
Some tabs of keeping our servers

some sketches for styling our servers/ drawings of our chalk piggy bank

Sketches of product post cards for JOIN/ some ideas for our kitchen

You can call my old-fashioned...but I believe that even with the most high-tech electronic pads out there, there are none that can ever replace the satisfying tangible quality of a real paper notebook with the warmth of hand-drawn sketches, and the richness of coffee stained pages or the softly warn covers....
...and now....I need to get started on my 2011 list (s)!!