Ladies & Gentlemen Studio  (yup! that's us!) 

L&G is frantically gearing up to head over to NY for the upcoming New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF) this August 15-19th. Part of the main reason we're even able to do this is because JOIN:Design Seattle!
We'll be debuting our original items for the first time along with 9 other wonderful studios from the Northwest and represent! Woot! Woot!
Everyone's products will be in booth #3912 in Accent on Design section, and we'll be there looking pretty and excited to share our new stuff!

On top of all this, we were able to get our amazingly talented photographer friend Kyle Johnson to do wonderful portrait shots of each studio for the press release & JOIN catalogue.
Check them out! I just love seeing everyone's spaces and how Kyle really captured every personalities. Pat on the back for Kyle!

Iacoli & McAllister (and Mies!...that white furry ball of cuteness on Jamie's lap!)

Grain ( we're still jealous of their studio/home on Bainbridge!)
R&L Goods (aka randL/Chikabird....yay! no more name confusion! Chika & a clone of myself.)

BlkPine Workshop (also owners of Maiden Noir, Cafe Weekend, and too many other things)
Erich Ginder (and his new adorable little baby girl!)
 plainMADE (excited that I just ordered one her amazing silk scarves!)
Urbancase (Just look at them amazing wood he uses for his furniture...)

Free Time Industries (I just love the colors of this entire photo and their outfits!)

Can this get any more exciting?? Actually I think exciting doesn't quite cut it.....this is gonna be EPIC!