With Seattle's moody PMS weather these days, it's making me wanna take off on a road trip and go somewhere where you see bright blue skies and the sun...even if I have to go Texas for it....
Now that we're on the topic of Texas (which never happens)..... I'd just have to share this great-looking trailer camp site in Marfa, TX, called El Cosmico. The owners refurbished all these vintage trailers to its original condition with few updated details.
Staying in a mobile home has never looked this good.
Great mid-century style interiors where it still seems authentic to what it used to be.
I'd love to stay in these adorable tepee as well!That bed is calling for me....
I'd love to stay in every one of them if I could...

But apparently there IS something similar in Washington!
Our friend told us about a similar place called Sou'Wester Lodge in Seaview, WA (I've never heard of this place!) ..although not nearly as polished or glamorous as El Cosmico, this place seems to have more of a charming-quirky-bohemian-hippy-vibe to it.
The owners started collecting vintage mobile homes and decided to turn it into a lodge (read their story)....or as they like to call it a B&(MYOD)B as in ‘Bed and Make Your Own Damn Breakfast!!’
Ho ho ho..you gotta love them hippies and their tirades! 
What a great mash of all the awesomeness from all the different eras...you got the 50s wood paneled walls, 60's floral curtains, 70's landscape curtain, 80's pastel couch & chair, and 90's paisley patterned carpet....all harmoniously integrated into one room...just incredible.
Besides collecting mobile homes, they also collects these creepy Cabbage Patch Dolls.....Luckily this collection isn't in any of the trailers or rooms...but you might want to check under the bed...

Photos by Lyndsay Taryn